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Basketball Open Dates / Re: Men's tournaments
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 02:06:43 pm »
Moved from the baseball open dates message board...

DESALES UNIVERSITY, located in Center Valley, PA is looking for two teams to complete the field for their annual Al Senavitis menís basketball tournament scheduled for December 29 & 30, 2018.

Guarantee includes:   $500
         Hotel rooms for 1 night
         Team t-shirts
         Team & individual awards

If interested, please contact Head Coach Scott Coval at or 610-282-1100 x1351.
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
« Last post by Purple Heys on Today at 01:56:09 pm »
McMurry beat Trinity 3-1 today. TU #1 James Nittoli (W-L 5-2; 9 GS and ERA 2.25) went 4.0 IP, gave up 2 runs in the first in the 1st and got the loss. Trinity went "pitching by committee" for the rest of the game.

Making his 3rd start of the year was McMurry Senior Tyler Jenkins (2-3) went got the complete game win.

Seems Trinity has been off their feed the last couple of weeks.   If you can't get more than one run in your final home game of the year off a guy with one win on the season, and who prior to last night had an ERA over 7 and hadn't lasted more than 5 1/3 innings in a start, well, that's not good.  :o

Dude...that's baseball.   8-)

A perfect game, played by imperfect people in imperfect conditions, coached by imperfect people, and officiated by imperfect people.
+1k Tom. Looks like Point is set for the next few years!

It's definitely a slow start for Point when you look at Oshkosh and La Crosse's classes.  This is a pivotal year as far as recruiting goes for the Pointers as well, which makes the slow start a little more alarming.  In a physical league, like the WIAC, it's hard to rely on multiple freshman in a rotation.  Point loses Dodge, Fredrickson, Tauber, O'Heron, M Nelson, Mootz, Songolo and quite possibly Bublitz(if he chooses not to use the extra year) after this season.  It is important to bring in a large influx of talent this coming season so they can get a year in the system before they are relied upon giving quality minutes. 

There is still a long ways to go and Point will right the recruiting ship so to speak.  Transfers normally happen late in the offseason after the college semesters are over, I still expect a couple to show up at UWSP next year.

I wonder if the NCAA investigation hanging over UWSP's head is affecting recruiting for the Pointers.
I'm certainly rooting for him.

(It helps that I have no other dog in the fight as far as the MWC is concerned.)
Men's soccer / Re: World Cup and European leagues
« Last post by truenorth on Today at 01:38:39 pm »
I generally agree with your observations Blooter.  Salah is absolutely on fire this season, has deservedly won the PFA player of the year award, and has a genuine shot at the Ballon D'or.  That said, Firmino makes many of Salah's and Mane's goals possible with his incredible work rate, and skill on and off the ball.  He is the true unsung hero of this prolific offense.

And I agree that Lovren is a maddening player.  Klopp tried to pump his tires earlier in the week by describing him as the "perfect" athletic package for a center back.  He is a good athlete, but he just doesn't have the head to play at a high level for 90 minutes.  You can't teach that...either you have or you don't...and he doesn't...  Nonetheless, Van Dijk is an absolute beast and makes Lovren better than he would be alongside anyone else.

It was a bizarre emotional rollercoaster for me yesterday.  The first 25 minutes were nervy and lacked flow.  Then Liverpool began to play long balls and got into a higher gear and I felt delirium through 80 minutes.  Then the two sloppy goals conceded in the last 10 minutes left me feeling oddly deflated and a bit muted. 

Still I still think it's highly unlikely Roma will score 3 unanswered goals at the Stadio Olympico next Wednesday...
Really happy to see Occidental will be playing football this season. It would be sad to see a long and storied tradition at a great school come to an end. Credit is deserved to everyone involved in this 🌕happening. Best of luck on the season. Hope you stay injury free and build a foundation for the years ahead. This old Purple Raider will be rooting for you from afar. Go get 'em Tigers! 🏈
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by MUC57 on Today at 01:21:35 pm »
Pat, Oline79, et al

I guess I misunderstood. Of course, NCAA records would have to be regular season only. Remember Pat, I'm old. I get mixed up and I forget things!

Jonny Utah

Right on!
Cross country booty call.  Happy for Mark and his wife, and for all the boys like my son, who had the chance to play for him.  He may not have been the winningest coach in the CAC, but the boys learned a lot of valuable life lessons from him.  In the end, discipline and accountability will serve them much better than a couple of extra W's.  We will never know how much of his record was due to Admissions (non) support, budget restrictions (inability to pay his AC's a competitive wage) or other factors. 

For the sake of future Bobcats (Bates had its Admitted Students Day this weekend) I hope new(ish) AD is up to some big time coaching recruiting in a very short time frame.  Brendan Costa is a very talented young QB, and it would be a shame to lose him and the other great young players if Fein can't land a qualified HC on very short notice.  Tough position for a young AD to be placed in.

I think your point on not being able to pay his AC's is a bigger problem than just Bates.  This is pretty much across D3.  My son is finishing up his 3rd year of being a GA for what could only be described as slave wages.  He poked around at moving on to an AC and I am glad that he ended this hunt and switched to teaching High School and coaching there.

If anyone ever investigated what some of these programs are paying, I am pretty sure there would be a case for unfair practices....

For sports information directors as well.

I think like many jobs, if you are good at it, work hard at it, and sacrifice for it, you will find success in the long run.  That being said the football coaching profession is very hard to advance in, and the competition is fierce.  You are probably going to start out making 10K a year for 5-10 years (with small benefits like housing and food for a single person).

SID's also probably only have 1 decent salary per school, and even that isn't going to be much at most d3 institutions.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty Leaouto
« Last post by Jonny Utah on Today at 01:13:23 pm »

I agree with Pat and Bartmen. Let's include all games. Mount Union would have some astronomical records because of all the playoffs they have been in. But then, it almost seems unfair to other teams with much fewer playoffs. I guess we'll talk about it. 🤔

It's your own school record, so there's no need for Mount Union to take Hobart's team records in mind when determining its own. I don't think a lot of people are sitting down with one school's record book to compare it to another.

Yea I think the numbers are what they are.  A four year starter from Mt. Union would have played 59 games compared to a Nescac 4 year starters 32 games.  Still impressive overall numbers if you add up the stats for your own schools "record book".  I mean, there are basically three categories, regular season, playoff, and combined.  The NCAA has to set their own uniform standard (which is understandable).

But I guess in regards to bombers question it probably does depend on the school.  I say go ahead and use whatever standard you want, as long as you note it.
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