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General football / Re: Shirts, and stickers and decals oh my!
« Last post by SaintsFAN on Today at 06:03:53 am »
a Wheaton College logo'ed bus was sitting on Milk St (Financial District) in Boston on Thursday at 11:30AM. 

I wonder why that bus was in that area
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: The Undefeated and the Winless
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 04:36:18 am »
Where we stand through 1/17/19

Nebraska Wesleyan  (16 - 0)  No. 1         

Clarks Summit ( 0 - 16)
NVU-Johnson ( 0 - 15)
Finlandia ( 0 - 13)

Winless vs D3 only, with wins against a non-D3 opponent
Valley Forge

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 vs. D1/D2/NAIA/NCCAA
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 04:30:28 am »
Games of 1/17/19

Maranatha Baptist  70,  Dayspring Bible  (Other)  52
UC Santa Cruz  101,  Bethesda  (NCCAA-D1)  67
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Big games today
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 04:27:07 am »
Big Games Tonight 1/18/19

Not too many tonight, but wait til tomorrow!!!

tonight... conference leader matchups...
***   SUNYAC Oswego State H  (7 - 0) (12 - 2)       vs Plattsburgh State A  (6 - 1) (12 - 2)                     
***   NAC Husson H  (5 - 0) (9 - 5)       vs SUNY-Canton A  (5 - 1) (9 - 8)                     
***   SCAC Texas Lutheran H  (6 - 2) (11 - 6)       vs University of Dallas A  (4 - 2) (6 - 8)                  

keep your eye on the UAA
***   UAA Brandeis H  (2 - 1) (9 - 5)       vs Chicago A  (3 - 0) (10 - 4)               
***   UAA Rochester H  (1 - 2) (11 - 3)       vs Carnegie Mellon A  (3 - 0) (8 - 6)               
East Region / Re: MBB: State University of New York Athletic Conference
« Last post by magicman on Today at 04:19:52 am »
Jan. 18     Four games, all in conference action, on the slate for tonight.

New Paltz State  @  Fredonia State        6:00 PM

The Hawks are currently in a playoff position. Beating teams below them in the standings is paramount if they want to stay there. In sole possession of 6th place, at the moment, a loss tonight could drop them down to 8th. Fredonia needs a win for all of the same reasons. Currently in 8th place a win would put them in the 6th spot.

The oddsmakers have made the Hawks a 5 point road favorite in this one. Neither team has had much success over the past 5 years but New Paltz has won 6 of the past 10 matchups. I've seen both teams play and think the Hawks will win a close one. New Paltz 74 Fredonia 70. 

#15 Plattsburgh State  @  Oswego State        7:30 PM    The Featured Game of the Day

Another battle for the top spot with the winner taking over first place if only for a day. Oswego wants to keep that unblemished conference record intact, of course, as well as protect their home court. The Cardinals don't want to fall 2 games off the pace. Plattsburgh beat the Lakers 3 times last year which was a rarity as these teams usually take turns beating each other. Two years ago the Lakers took a pair from Plattsburgh by a total of 3 points. The series is equally as tight, with the Cardinals holding a slight 7-6 edge over the last 5 years. 

The oddsmakers have made Oswego a 4 point home favorite which seems logical based on their undefeated home record of 8-0 so far this year. I think the Cardinals could put an end to that streak and see a final score of 83-79 with Plattsburgh on top. 

Oneonta State  @  Buffalo State        7:30 PM

The best way to pick the winner of this game is to flip a coin. Even my crystal ball is to fogged up to see the outcome. Both teams need a win in the worst way. Both teams are coming off tough, last second losses. The Bengals have been the victims of more close games than anyone in the conference. They lost 3 games last week by a total of 8 points and their other 6 losses are by 7 points or less. I think they are the best 9 loss team in the country. The Red Dragons led Oswego for a large part of their game on Tuesday night only to come up short when the Lakers hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer.

Now the point spread favors the host Bengals by the slimmest of margins...that solitary single point...making this game the coin flip I suggested at the beginning. So that's what I did. Buffalo State called heads and won when George showed his face. The final score will be Buffalo State 87 Oneonta 84.   

Potsdam State  @  Cortland State        7:30 PM

The Bears sit all alone in the 5th place playoff position by a full 2 games. They haven't been that high for quite some time. They must be dizzy from the unaccustomed heights. No need to worry though, a visit to Cortland will usually bring you down to earth. In order for the Bears to truly take the next step they need to start winning against the perennial top 4 teams. They're still a few rungs of the ladder below those guys but an occasional upset is quite possible. Tough to do on the road, though, especially against Cortland.

These Red Dragons got handled pretty good by visiting Oswego last weekend so they won't want to lose a 2nd straight home game. They did get back into the win column when they traveled downstate to easily dispose of New Paltz on Tuesday. They've owned the Bears recently going 9-1 over the last 5 years, but that 1 loss was last year in Potsdam, not on their home court. Still it gives the Bears some hope, knowing they beat, basically, the same team that they will play tonight.

The oddsmakers have Cortland listed as a 10 point favorite, the Bears will be hard pressed to keep it closer, but I think they will, just not much closer.  Cortland wins this one by a final score of 81-73.       
No, you've got it backwards. In the NCAA, tranferring from D3 to D1 (or to D2) requires you to sit out a year. That rule only holds true for the two money sports, football and men's basketball.

If you transfer from D1 to D3, you're immediately eligible, regardless of sport.

It's protection for D3 schools so that the scholie institutions can't easily wave their money around and poach the best D3 players.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by SaintPaulite on Today at 01:54:08 am »
I really don't think Williams should be punished that much by a one point loss on the road in a rivalry game in which a good Amherst team shot the lights out from three.  The vast majority of Williams' games have not been close (some of the scores got a bit closer in garbage time, but it wasn't like these games were going down to the wire or anything).  The Ephs have two double-digit wins vs. a very good Wesleyan team.   They also handled solid Montclair State and Moravian teams without a ton of difficulty.  Yeshiva is also a pretty good win.  If the Ephs bounce back and beat a good Middlebury team on Saturday, which would put them at 16-1, I think the Ephs shouldn't fall below sixth (and I do think that the Ephs are very much a legit top 6 team this year).  If they lose to Midd, a different story entirely, of course.

I'm not buying much of that as quality wins. Yeshiva? Come on. Where would they be in a power league? Well we saw it early on.

No if you're even close to top whatever, those are wins you're expected to get.

Wesleyan is a pretty good win, I'll give you that one. But that's really the only one (two). Moravian and Montclair and Yeshiva just average. The rest of Williams schedule so far is not even that.

Middlebury is just decent this year (losing to teams like Keene State and Tufts, not so good) so not sure beating them at home makes up for losing when you're sitting top 5. Williams needs to drop. St. Thomas lost 1 game by 1 point and spent the whole year crawling all the way up from the non-ranked.

You don't get many real chances to evaluate eastern teams, and so they don't fall enough when they do lose bc people get starstruck by their won-lost record and don't think about that 10 of those wins were gimmies, or however many.

I wish the tournament was more nationally balanced. The west is just so much tougher.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by kiko on Today at 01:05:10 am »

Giovanine-stream!  I got nothing on that.

The marketing tagline has to be something like "Covering Double-G better than a cheap sportscoat".  I'm not sure that's exactly right, but there's definitely something to work with there...  :D
East Region / Re: MBB: State University of New York Athletic Conference
« Last post by magicman on Today at 12:56:09 am »

Good luck to your guys tomorrow!  Seems like a big game.

It's a big weekend Allstar.  Back to back games against two of the top 4, starting with first place Oswego. Then it's on to Cortland who could still end up in first place when it's all said and done. 4 decent teams at the top of the YAC and I expect it to be a battle to the final weekend between them. Those two plus Brockport will still have to come to our house though. Hoping the worst we do over the weekend is split.
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: D3 Men's National Pick Em League
« Last post by magicman on Today at 12:37:55 am »
Monday - Jan. 14th
1. Occidental @ Pomona Pitzer - 10:00PM

I agree with augie77.

Wednesday - Jan. 16th
2. Williams @ Amherst - 7:00PM
3. Mount Union @ Marietta - 7:00PM
4. St. Mary’s (MN) @ Concordia (MN) - 8:00PM

Thursday - Jan. 17th
5. SUNY-Martitime @ Merchant Marine - 7:00PM

Friday - Jan. 18th
6. Colorado College @ Schreiner - 8:30PM
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