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Okay, DuffMan and other SJU  posters:
I hate to be a pest, so please forgive me. However, I am going ask this one more time. Has anyone seen or heard from my friend Johnnie Red? You had mentioned you saw him once or twice at a SJU football game last fall. Yet, since his retirement as a Federal Judge in the Twin Vitu s area, I have been totally unsuccessful in attempting to contact him multiple times since last summer. His former Federal/county court people won't provide me with any forwarding contact info, for obvious/ understandable reasons. I have attempted to call him many times per his previous phone numbers, however, those must have changed as there is no messaging available. I even sent a card, however, never heard back. I am baffled. Any update or info would be appreciated, if you know.  If any of you see him at one of the games this fall, please tell him I have been trying to contact him to say hello. Thanks. I am baffled.


I hope he's OK. A number of years ago my wife and I were in Minnesota for a family wedding and he graciously took us on a tour of the St. John's campus.

I don't like the COL terminology.  Other than STO who seem in peak whinge mode, I reckon many of these schools have serious issues and legit complaints.  It's just football, remember.  The most expensive sport at a school.  It's one thing to be dominated and another to be run out of business (which I believe is a legit concern for some "COL" members).

I think that many MIAC programs feel that they are taken advantage of in football, rather than partnered with.  It's not just the fact that UST recruits a lot of players, it's the fact that recruiting is seems unfairly competitive and is at the deliberate expense of partner MIAC programs.  I suspect they feel like UST is not merely competitive but is perhaps approaches being uncollaborative, even vindictive, in football.

I suspect it's not just being thrashed on the field, but having it rubbed in the faces of their players and parents.  Anyone should take getting beat, even badly, particularly by programs committed to national competitiveness in this extremely competitive D3 era.  It's a whole 'nother thing to have it rubbed in your face.  Students, parents and alumni would have little interest in paying high fees so that their kids can be punching bags in some juvenile rivalry between coaches.

To be frank, this whole "UST and other high achieving programs are the real victims of these whinging losers" schtick is ludicrous.  The real people getting lost in the shuffle of all this whinging and big-noting are the students and parents going into debt do give themselves a leg up in life.  They don't need to put up with this bulls***t.  And as long as UST and STO and whomever keep carrying on like porkchops then UST will be on a one-way train out of here.  Because UST football success is of zero significance compared to the missions of the liberal arts institutions in Minnesota.

I'm of the strong opinion that UST should stay.  The apparent inability of UST (and the media supporters) to show even an ounce of humility is what will ensure they do not.

This was an almost frighteningly lucid, well-reasoned, and sensible post for this thread.

A pity there aren't more of them ....

There was a time, not too long ago, when St, John's v. St. Thomas comments in this room, though heated at times, were fairly innocent and sometimes even hilarious . Now it seems that things have deteriorated to downright nastiness and a middle-school level of insults. Surely you folks are better than this. At least I hope so.

Every time I think I have my better half convinced to make a journey to Oz, a story like this pops up on social media.  She immediately shoves her phone in my face to show me, and says "no way in HELL".   :o ::)

Ha!  The beloved huntsman spider.  They don't spin webs, instead they sneak around and hunt prey.  Mrs Oz absolutely hates them and if I ever want to go full Saudi Arabia then I need only show her this video and she'll never get in a car again.

I have two great huntsman stories that involve her.  In one we were driving down the freeway in a just-picked-up rental on vacation when a huntsman about 3/4's the size of the one in the video climbed up out of the vent in front of her as a passenger, scuttled across the window and climbed back down into the vent in front of me driving.  On the inside of the car.  Her fear reactions (paralysed then screaming hysterically then spasmodically trying to open the door on a freeway-bound car) were hilarious (if not a little dangerous).

The other was one that occurred when she was alone shopping at the local shops.  She's walking down the sidewalk and sees a huge (as she relays it, four inches across) huntsman slowly climbing up a shop window.  She steps forward to have a close look, thinking the glass can protect her and help her overcome her uncontrollable fear of those beasts.  As she's in tight getting a really good look she realises she's looking at the behemoth's back, not it's belly.  She claims she had her face about one foot away from the monster when she realised what was really going on.  She nearly collapsed on the spot.

I still bring both up and chuckle.  She gets pretty angry when I do.  :)

Have you ever had an encounter with some of Australia's more dangerous creatures, e.g., a  brown snake, either variety  of taipan, and Mother Nature's apparent mistake, a platypus?

A colleague in Sydney just sent a photo from his home which backs up onto some bush land. He’s got a Sydney Funnel Web spider, the world’s deadliest arachnid, making a nest in his back yard.  It’s been a summer of deadly critters this year.

And I looked up scorpions in Australia because someone mentioned them a few pages ago and I said there weren’t any here. Turns out I was wrong. There are some but they aren’t dangerous unlike elsewhere, go figure, so no one thinks about them. I’ve never seen one so I assume they live out in the arid areas.

Is the Funnel Web more dangerous than the Red Back, a relative of the Black Widow we have in the USA?

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: December 30, 2018, 04:01:23 pm »

PS:  Bama should move to a higher division. 🤗

You mean D3?

Region 1 football (New England-ish) / Re: FB: Middle Atlantic Conference
« on: October 06, 2018, 11:50:11 am »
For the sake of sanity and civility, let us please not have political partisanship in our posts. We had more than enough of that six years ago.  :(

My favorite memory of a football win over Elmhurst is from the year before that, 1998, when the Vikings beat the 'jays at Hedstrand Field, 18-15. After the game I was walking down the Foster Avenue sidewalk back to campus amidst the clack-clack-clack of cleats on concrete, as football players from both teams trudged back to their respective locker rooms in the gym basement a block away. One Elmhurst player was walking in front of me alongside his parents, and he was practically sobbing as he said, "I can't believe this. We lost to North Park, and now I have to walk down a city sidewalk to get to my locker room."

I thought that he was a little overwrought, especially considering that both teams walked off the field with 2-4 records (en route to matching 2-7 final ledgers). You'd think that the players from both programs would've been numbed by all of the losses that they suffered in that era. But what tickled me is that he seemed even more put out by the fact that he had to walk on a city sidewalk to get back to the locker room than he was by either the loss or the fact that it had come at the hands of NPU.

Greg: do you think the player mentioned above might have been more comfortable stomping through a freshly plowed cornfield?  ::)  ;)

I suspect that insurance costs will eventually play a big role in the fate of D3 football as well, as more research is done on chronic traumatic encepalopathy.

Agreed. Brain injuries are not to be trifled with.

Anybody have interesting pre-conference games this year? ETBU has nationally ranked UW-Platteville up first, who will be an excellent first win.

UMHB opens the year in Reading, Pennsylvania against Albright. The Lion appear to be a solid team out of the MAC, have gone 8-3 the last 2 seasons and won their league in 2015. Can't say I follow the MAC or them regularly but their will be extra challenge of them having already played a game when the Cru comes to town which always makes me nervous.
When UMHB goes to Reading they can fill up with local Pennsylvania Dutch delicacies such as shoo-fly pie, chicken pot pie, scrapple, stuffed hog stomach, and Lebanon bologna.  ;)

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: July 13, 2018, 06:02:07 pm »
What is the gain for a venue to jump down from D3 to D2? Wasn't the McMurry experience warning enough for rational people? As well, consider that Westminster (PA) went from NAIA 2 to NCAA 2 and then realized that NCAA 3 was the best fit.

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:39:48 pm »
Aw shucks, Greg. I'm happy I could be of help to you.  ;D

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:44:43 pm »
Some private D3 institutions, including one I'm fairly familiar with, deliberately take in freshmen with dubious academic backgrounds, many of whom will be gone by the second semester. And we know why: they (or their parents) pay money to stick around from September till December. Some, of course, happen to be athletes, including football players.

While I understand that many of these venues have increasing need for dollars, I also have some reservations about the ethics of accepting money from students when they are being treated as what might be called the academic equivalent of cannon fodder.

Do I have a solution to this situation? No, I don't, yet I'm convinced there has to be one.

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: March 15, 2018, 07:18:52 pm »
The answer for those who didn't look it up... jousting.

Rich history of the sport and such here in Maryland, believe it or not.

Jousting. Now that's a sport for intercollegiate competition.   :P

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: March 13, 2018, 05:26:00 pm »
It would be interesting. For a combination of reasons (cost, conference affiliation, gender balance), I could see field hockey and men's lacrosse getting the ax (perhaps others as well) - and that would be a real let-down in the latter's case after the program became pretty darned solid in such a short period of time.
While there is no DII team in Maryland with lacrosse (Bowie is the only one, doesn't offer it)... I would be pretty shocked if they cut lacrosse. DII is ripe for the taking in that sport, it needs more numbers, and Frostburg has had a long history. And cutting that sport in the state of Maryland... that, too, is a tough hill to climb. That could cause a revolt. Not that they wouldn't consider it, I just don't think knowing the school, state, etc. they would get very far. (You know lacrosse is the team sport of Maryland; name me the sport of Maryland [don't look it up!] and I'll give ya karma).

Crab shucking?

"Crab shucking"? Would that be for Maryland style (steamed) or southern (boiled)? Really, we need to know.

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