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Agreed, Wheaton over IWU by more than 40.   


Central over IWU 38-13.   IWU played poorly.  No running game at all -- Albin with 9 yards on 8 carries.  He had a nice 99 yard kick return for a TD, but that was about all.  Titans with 4 TOs, and pretty much nothing down the field.   Central played very well, with an offense that had the Titans confused and on their heels most of the day.   IWU had their left handed QB rolling right all day, throwing across his body, with little positive results.  I don't get the play calling, I have to admit. 

If IWU plays like this, yes, I could see a 3-5 win season.  They will have to improve dramatically.  And they have Wheaton next week at home.  I'd say Wheaton by 40 at this point. 

Norm got totally out-coached by one of his former assistants today.


IWU will be playing an exhibition at Northern Illinois University on November 1st, just a few days after the return to the rivalry with the Redbirds at ISU on October 29th.   


WUPHF, perhaps so.   Have to say, though, that my Dad's group at IWU in the early 40s pulled off some pretty good pranks, once getting a Model T Ford up the stairs in the old Hedding Hall on the IWU Quad -- before it burned down during my Dad's senior year.  I do wish the current cohort of students would have some more fun, pull off some creative pranks and rivalries.  We had ISU's Victory Bell stored out on a farm some miles east of Bloomington for over three weeks, before finally returning it via our cheerleaders back to the ISU cheerleaders.  It was chained to the front of Stevenson Hall for a day or two, for one of our rallies on the Quad before an ISU-IWU game.    The County Sheriff (who had been head of Security at IWU) was after us, but no one gave up the gig . . .  the main ringleader of that "gang" later became a federal narcotics agent. . .  so there you go.  The value of a liberal arts education . . .


Greg, it was 1970 -- get it right!  :)

Students these days just don't have much creativity when in comes to pranks and rivalries.  I'm not even that sure many of the current ISU or IWU students will attend these two exhibition games.  And, for a good cause, too.   

We do still know where the ISU "Victory Bell" is stored too . . . 


Greg, I told it on the women's page . . . 

Looking forward to the renewal of the rivalry -- if only an exhibition:   IWU vs. ISU on October 29th at ISU -- but not in Horton.

Should be interesting . . . 


Strong returning roster for IWU.  Plenty of talent there, esp. if all are healthy.

No Katelyn Heller . . . I thought she was returning for another year, and doing a nursing major at IWU.   Looks like she's not back.  Kelly Carlson still around, working now for the Sports Information team. 

If Powers and Knutson are healthy, Mia Smith is going to have a very good 9-10 person rotation.  Sawyer White becomes the PG, and then Powers, Palmer, Knutson and Huber.   Plenty of good bench support.  Perhaps Mahlum challenges for a starting position.   

I look forward to the ISU exhibition game on October 29th. 


IWU will play an exhibition vs.  ISU on October 29th, at 1 p.m. at ISU.  It's a double-header with the men playing ISU after . . . all for a good caused, the B/N West side development . . . and a mental health initiative between the two Universities.   See the press release on the IWU sports site now.   

I was at the last men's game in 1970 (my senior year at IWU), when Tommy Gramkow hit the winning shot with seconds to play, IWU winning that last game, 53 years ago, 68-67.  We had some fun that night . . . with a live chicken pre-game . . .  "the real Redbird" for cancelling the series.   :)  One of the great moments in IWU sports history.  Thank you Tommy Gramkow '70.   :)


Spartan, I don't think IWU will be much better this year.  Hard to beat NCC and Wheaton.  Perhaps they will finish third, but lots of uncertainties, new folks in key positions.   They lost some key guys, esp. in the receiving corps.  7-3 would be very good.  6-4 or 5-5 more likely.  IMHO.   


Congrats Greg on your HOF selection.  Well-deserved. 


Congrats to Esther Miller . . . an outstanding record on and off the field of play! 


Scottie, agreed.  Looks to be a great year in CCIW women's basketball.  :)

IWU has improved, has more depth now, losing little from last year's good squad.  Really great that Heller came back.  Of course, IWU will have to solve the Knudsen problem down at MU.  :)

I expect Powers and Palmer to come back strong . . .  and Knutsen too.  Gonna be lots of players battling for minutes.  A good depth chart for Mia Smith to play with . . .


Great schedule, Greg.  It looks more like a pre-CCIW IWU schedule.  It will be interesting to see if NPU can sustain last year's great run, great success.

Hope you are well, enjoying summer's charms.


Some important news from the transfer realm for IWU:

Ava Bardic will become a Titan.  She's transferring from U of I Springfield, coming in as a Sophomore.  She averaged 11 ppg there.  She was the starting guard on the Stevenson HS 4A Title Team in 2022.  A major recruit for the Titans.

IWU only lost senior Kelly Carlson and a few pine-sitting seniors . . . all others back, including another year for Heller.   Huber will be Huber.  :) :)  I have every expectation that Powers, Palmer, Knutsen, Balli, White and Malhum will all be back, fully healthy and improved.  Perhaps White shifts to the 2.  We may get more from Tarver, too.  Other surprises?   Time will tell . . .

The program's future looks strong and bright.  With my Titan green glasses, of course, I'm always optimistic.   In Mia Smith we trust.   :)


Thanks, RogK . . . for the schedule.

Looks like the normal, very tough pre-CCIW schedule for the Titans, likely with Hope, WI Whitewater, DePauw . . .  some others.  Let's hope IWU can get over the hump with Millikin this year.   Glad Heller is back . . . and likely Powers and Knutsen healthy again.  I expect a stronger year from Palmer . . . and some great improvement from the previous freshmen:  Balli, White and Mahlem.  Huber will be Huber!  :)

As stated earlier, I'm very optimistic.  Have no idea about the 4-5 newbies . . . or what might yet come from the transfer portal. 


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