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Regarding NCAC vs PAC conference strength, here is an interesting site:

Based on a quick comparison of where each conference's schools are ranked, I would say the edge goes to the PAC with 6 teams in the top 100 vs 3 for the NCAC. Lots of interesting stats here.

I too have thought CWRU might go to NCAC  keeping CMU as a 10th game, but I don’t know what this gets them other than perhaps  saving some travel.  I have no real sense about which conference (NCAC or PAC) is stronger, although I ‘m sure CWRU moving would benefit the NCAC at the expense of the PAC. I really can’t see anyone else having a logical reason for leaving.  I have no clue what Westminster is up to unless they know something about where the PAC is going that no one else is aware of (unlikely).  I’ve always been a little concerned that one of the current schools in the conference may face some financial difficulties that could effect their athletic programs, although most PAC schools have a high percentage of their students (40% +) playing varsity sports, which makes them dependent on sports producing students.  Certainly not the case for CMU or CWRU.

The PAC has 11 teams playing football. Starting next season all games will be against conference members.

It’s a cool rainy morning in Maryville, TN so I spent some quality time with our local newspaper. In the sports section there was an AP article that focused on how inflation (particularly food and travel)was impacting college athletic budgets, particularly at the small college level. I was curious how Allegheny’s move from the NCAC to the PAC impacted their travel. I decided to take a look using one of their last NCAC schedules and their first PAC schedule. These are one way mileages.

Football - NCAC

Denison Granville OH.              217miles
Wabash Crawfordsville, IN.       453miles
Hiram, OH.                               66 miles
Wooster, OH.                          146 miles
DePauw Greencastlr, IN.          456 miles

Total.                                    1,333 miles

A couple of these would require an overnight stay

Football PAC

Thiel Greenville, PA.                    26 Miles
Westminster, New Wilmington, PA 46 miles
W&J Washington, PA.                 115 miles
Geneva, Beaver Falls.                   73 miles
Bethany, WV.                              134 miles

Total:                                       394 miles

Leave after breakfast, home for dinner!

Apply this for all the sports they play and you can see one obvious benefit to their changing conferences.

Imagine what travel budgets are like in the UAA, although they have financial resources that far exceed the typical DIII school.

Good to see you back, ExTartan. Is this just a cameo visit? We need more than  W&J  and CWRU voices in here.

I see they play this evening

Surprised to see the CWRU Grove City result. Read the recap on the CWRU site. I know how W&J did, but not Westminster or CMU. Looks like a very competitive  year in the PAC.

Watched the W&J - JCU game on the new “PAC Network.” Nice production. I notice CMU and CWRU are not participating. Understand that they are both football only. Not an issue for the CMU game this year since it is at W&J, but not clear how to access the game @ CWRU. Since this board is “dominated” by CWRU people, perhaps you can assure us (me) that we will be able to see our games hosted at CWRU, and CMU.

Also noticed that neither Grove City  or Thiel are participating.  I can understand Thiel, but Grove City?

Note on W&J vs JCU - sacks and interceptions - great W&J defense and enough of an offense.  PAC should be competitive this year.

Clarion has hired a new coach, so I guess Mike will be back next year. I expect he will be on top of what his players are doing off the field much more than in past years.

Interesting. That would leave 5 OOC games for them to schedule. That could prove challenging. Who could be potential candidates?  Do they have any contractual obligations with current conferences that could get in the way?

I read the thread on the D2 Board. Looks like the Clarion situation is pretty dire and there are several major roadblocks to turning it around. I can’t imagine this is the kind of “challenge” Mike is looking for.

Be interesting to see what happens. Mike has never had a losing season as a head coach, so this would be quite a change if it were to happen. I’m a big fan of Mike and it would be a shame to lose him, but perhaps he is looking for a new challenge. He has been mentioned in the past as a candidate for a division 2 job, but it didn’t happen.

Ditto to WRMU. Disappointing CMU is such a low seed. Guess that is the result of having two losses.

The PAC is a much stronger conference than it has been for a long time. For years it was pretty much just W&J. Then there was Thomas More and W&J.  Now there are five teams that are competitive. Winning this conference will be no cakewalk anymore. Certainly makes things more exciting!

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