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Really hope more Titan fans make the trip up to Appleton now for the Sectional, Elite 8 Final.  Should be no problem with tickets, really making it an IWU home game in the north country.  Can't take UPS lightly, especially after such a tough war with Lawrence.  Congrats to Lawrence on a special season. They certainly proved they can play with the best of the CCIW any time.

Go Titans, another step now toward Salem.

Agreed, we should all have respect for UPS.  Titans may be emotionally tired and have tired legs as well.  I'm sure it will not be an easy win tomorrow night.  Must keep the focus strong one more night to secure the Salem return.

Can't find any link on the boxscore for either sectional game just yet.  I suppose Lawrence will put it up on their website by tomorrow (Saturday US time).  Sounds like the rebounding and second half scoring by Zach Freeman was the real difference.  Our normal scorers couldn't make a shot for anything.  Thank God for Matt Arnold, Mr. Clutch.  Also, very good second half defense and key rebounding, esp. by Cory.

Congrats to the Titans -- what a great comeback.  Let's keep it going now . . . Salem calls.  Hope more and more IWU fans make the trip up for Saturday night's game.  Wish I could be there.

Augie goes down by 6.  Looks like the PS pressure got to them to some degree.  92-86.  Too bad.  A great season by Augustana.

Q, what is the radio/audio feed for the game with Lawrence, still WJBC?  Pls. advise.

Yes, time to clamp down on Mr. Josten this weekend.  :)

Congrats to the Josten winners.  Wonderful college careers on and off the court for both of them.

Hiker and Sager, yes, you guys are Kory's kids, to be sure.  Ypsi and I are of the same vintage and I can assure you it comes with gray hair or no hair.  We have very very fond memories of those runs to KC to follow our Titans and we are the ones that still remember the Fred Evans rebounding prowess, Sheldon Thompson's sky hook and sky jump shot, and, of course, the stop-on-the-dime, full court dash that Tommy Gramkow made to hit the winning shot in "the game," the final game between ISU and IWU.  A great (though long-ago, almost forgotten) era in Titan basketball.   This was all pre-Shirk, pre-Sikma -- games in the hot house of the old Fred Young Field House when fans sat on top the ticket booth to watch games sold out and packed in ways that would probably not be permitted by any reasonable fire marshall today.  

Ypsi, those trips to KC were great.  I can remember staying in churches, showering in very strange places, groups driving in car-pool style down there for 3-4 days (of course, ignoring school work!).  Also remember how folks used to bring cases of a certain brew back to Bloomington -- trunks full of it.  It's amazing to me more of us weren't killed on the roads.  Those Fred Evans, Tommy Gramkow, Sheldon Thompson teams were really great to follow, watch and support.   Several days of that tournament format were really a festival of basketball with fans from all over the place supporting their teams and enjoying the games throughout the day and into the night.

This time of year, all good teams, strong programs, so I don't think it really matters who's a favorite and who isn't.  All the chips are on the table now.  Win or go home, so it's just who happens to focus and play their best when it counts most.  I have no doubt that PSU, Larry and Augie are all very worthy Sectional teams, so let's see how it all comes out on one weekend in northern Wisconsin.  Should be a great set of games.  Go CCIW. 

The Appleton area is a really nice area -- the Sectional should be a great time up there.  I have a number of my former students from Hong Kong (both international and Hong Kong students) who work in that area, many for companies that, as you would guess, now outsource alot of their manufacturing, design and other work to China.  It's Oshkosh B'gosh country.  Good luck to all the teams in the Sectional, especially to the CCIW reps, Augie and the Titans.  I'm sure the Lawrence hosts will show everyone a good time and hopefully the CCIW fans and teams will show what a strong and loyal conference we have!

Q, on your sign re:  Augie:  "Brilliant"

devildog, you speak for me.  My green-tinted glasses are fully in place with the good reasons you aptly gave.  I hope Augie goes well and far, until we hopefully cross paths again in the round of 8.  Q, thanks for the all the matchups and data on the teams for the sectional.  Again, I appreciated your good coverage and commentary on the games during the regional. 

Lawrence's stats indicate that their home attendance average is 1329 so their Gym must be a little bigger than indicated here earlier.  Looks like a very balanced and disciplined team, though IWU appears to have a size advantage on them.

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