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I won't retype what I said on the ARC board. But Wartburg is a really intriguing matchup. They are hype-disciplined and experienced and just know how to make plays. For a team to beat NCC, they'll need to be flawless. Wart is probably the most capable team of that type of game in the field. I don't think they're the most explosive team NCC could have faced, but they are the definition of complementary and balanced. Really intrigued if they can give NCC a game into the 4th. UWL was in it, but as was stated, they never were within a score where the game felt in doubt. I'd guess that's what we see again this weekend, smart money is still on NCC. But if Wart can stay close, they've shown they can win a game that needs a whole bunch of people to make plays down the wire. I'm excited to see it play out!

I haven't watched much of Wartburg but their computer metrics on D look really impressive. Hopefully (for those of us who want to see a competitive game) they'll be more disciplined than UWL when it comes to tackling. Several plays NCC players were able to break through arm tackles (especially Saccos 80 yard TD that should have been stopped in the backfield).

Trinity struggled with the same issue.  Makes one wonder if it might be that NCC just gets into the secondary so quickly that DBs are already on their heels trying to get all the way across the field to try to make plays. 
All of the talk about how he has improved the culture and his investment in his student athletes is what impresses me.  The wins are a product of this brand of holistic coaching and mentoring.  The accolades are a product of the wins.

There are examples of this positive coaching throughout the conference (and region).  Thank you, Greg, for sharing Park's experience with coach Rooker.
Side note reaction to the rest of the Board's conversation: Would love to see a NESCAC team be able to represent the league in the D3 playoffs, but what would make the league change their mind now if they didn't do so in the past?

I think one of the recent arguments that I've heard is that it's a matter of equity/equal opportunity for football student-athletes at NESCAC schools. In the modern political climate, I could see this gaining traction.
Congratulations to Coach Jason Couch and QB Carter St. John for their selections as Region 4  Coach of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year by Pat and  his staff at
Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
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Like my dad said, “son, there’s always someone tougher than you”.

Are we entering an era where emma includes a little nugget of family wisdom with every post?? If so, I'm here for it!  ;D

:)  Wisdom is overly generous.

Hobart and JHU should be all over this kid.  I assume Hobart wouldn't be in this kid's way if he wanted to play lacrosse and football?  Would they tell this kid no?  I assume he is allowed to play both.

EDIT:  He has entered the transfer portal and wants to play lacrosse.

Saw this on ESPN. Buchner was a very highly touted Lax recruit out of CA. It will be interesting to see where he lands. I agree that the Statesmen and Blue Jays should absolutely be all over him.

Never mind it looks like he is going back to ND to play lacrosse.  Hobart should still give him a call though!
Reports say he has indeed decided to go back to ND for lacrosse. Hobart would definitely allow him to play both sports but ND lax programs is a National Championship level lacrosse program, while Hobart has struggled to win a conference title and get in to the NCAA tournament. Hopkins might have a better chance. Interesting that he has given up on football , I guess the one bad start at Alabama and the OC he followed there not encouraging him after Milroe obviously is their future, has soured Buchner on his own football future. He is an incredible athlete that would really be exciting to see play D3 football and D1.  lacrosse, but doesn't look like it's in the cards.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Championship Belt
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D3 Championship BeltTM board participants: Through being cool since 2007.
Region 1 men's basketball / Re: MBB: NESCAC
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NESCAC basketball teams are often challenged by opposing rosters sprinkled with good city game players who get to the rim or in the lane by being quick off the bounce, have some mid-range game, and are relentless on the offensive board from growing up playing "straight-up" (not required to take the ball back behind the foul line after getting a rebound) ---all characteristics gained from playground basketball. One major college coach told me at lunch last week that many of his recruiting prospects have only played outside infrequently, thus narrowly skilled from hours on indoor courts shooting from distance (no wind and commonly with mechanical aids), dependent on teammates helping them get shots, and sometimes lacking creative offensive fundamentals and tough, physical defense.

While these are general statements for which there obviously are many exceptions, the best basketball players often come from the inner city playgrounds
of New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C, Houston, Los Angeles, etc. Conversely, careful viewing of NESCAC teams over the years can reveal which players have some playground experience and those who clearly don't.

Your thoughts?
Side note reaction to the rest of the Board's conversation: Would love to see a NESCAC team be able to represent the league in the D3 playoffs, but what would make the league change their mind now if they didn't do so in the past?
Donovan Wood out of Middlebury has also entered the portal as a graduate transfer. Have to think that he will garner similar interest as Richardson given he's been a 3 time all-nescac guy to Richardson's singular selection and was much more productive over his 3 years in vt.
In would offer up this perspective in response. I would take into consideration Richardsons larger frame at 6'3 210 which would be more appealing to a recruiter than woods 6'1 205 frame. I would also add that Richardson has two years of eligibility to develop/ play which a coach would seem to be more interested in than Wood's one year. Lastly Wood entered in the portal much later than Richardson so Richardson has had more time to Garner intrest and offers but I do not know if Wood is entering as a mid-year transfer or if he will be enrolling next fall in his new school. We wish good luck to both of them as they embark on their new journey's and do the NESCAC proud.
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