Author Topic: BB: Predictions of who will win the 2010 Division III National Championship  (Read 17410 times)

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I got Cortland and IW dropping the first two games...Johns Hopkins and Stevens Point in the winners bracket final.  Hopkins wins that game but "throws away" their next game.  A sold out crowd comes on Tuesday to cheer on the home-standers and the Point doesn't disappoint in getting to the title game.  Both teams throw the kitchen sink at each other but a big sixth inning for Hopkins gives them lead and win but not before a couple of ninth inning walks bring back bad nightmares for all Hopkins followers  :o

Final four teams are Heidelberg, Shenandoah, Johns Hopkins and Stevens Point

After reading the following on a different thread...:

I'll be there on Saturday to see some WS baseball, even though U-Dub-Dub fell short of making the trip.

...throwing the kitchen sink at each other may not be possible. It appears the KitchenSink will be appearing at Fox Cities Stadium on Saturday only  ;)  ;D  :D !!

Thats a low blow hobbsey....low blow. Think before saying some things.

You must admit though, Nut, that it hits real close.
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A walk is never as good as a hit!

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Keep your heads up JHU - hitting and pitching is there to keep you in each game.

Difference in HR's away from Homewood is large.  (2 per game @home and 1.16 away and only 1 in 6 NCAA Tourney games)