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I deleted the One and Done League as I enjoy the draft aspect of leagues.

Here, we have a 5 round weekly draft. We draft 5 players to each play one game throughout the week. So, you'll need to include who you are drafting, team they play on, opponent and date. This is key because if NCF drafts Ryan Turell from Yeshiva to play on Saturday, Osprey can also draft Turell to play on Tuesday and ronk can draft him to play on Thursday. Got all that?

If your player misses your game due to injury, postponement/cancellation of game, you can replace him with an unused player for the current week only. If you are unable to find a replacement in the current week, you lose that player.

EDIT: you can use a player that's already selected, but for a different game day, like the Turell example.

There are no adds or drops after you've drafted your player and the next poster has selected their player...except for the circumstances described above.

This is not a One and Done League, so you can draft the same player every week if you want.

The 1st week's draft order will be random and then we'll rotate the order, moving down the draft order.

We draft for the following week. We'll start next week and we will be drafting for games Monday November 29 through  Sunday December 5.

I will need confirmation of your participation so I know if we have enough players (a simple, "I'm in" will suffice). We'll need a minimum of 5 participants.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / All-Region/All-American Pool
« on: November 02, 2021, 12:53:02 pm »
Um. I guess I deleted the previous league.

So, object is to pick 10 players NOT named to any of the preseason AA teams.

You get 10 players not named to the preseason AA. Then you get an additional player for POTY (this player can already be named to the AA team, but doesn't have to) and then a ROTY.

The only exception is your pick for National Player of the Year. ONLY that player CAN be selected from the preseason list. However, if you pick a player for POTY not on the preseason AA list, you basically gain a player...although POTY rarely doesn't come from the AA list.

So if you decide to pick a player for POTY not on the AA list, pick 10 players and then an 11th for POTY.

All-Region 3rd and 4th teams - 1 pt
AR 2nd team - 2 pts
AR 1st team - 3 pts

AR POTY - 4 pts
AR ROTY - 4 pts

All-America HM - 5 pts
AA 4th team - 6 pts
AA 3rd team - 7 pts
AA 2nd team - 8 pts
AA 1st team - 9 pts

National POTY - 10 pts
National ROTY - 10 pts

DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (Giving you a full week)

You may drop and add players after this date ONLY IF HE ISN'T ON A ROSTER. The last day to do this is Sunday, November 21 as some teams don't play until the week starting Monday, November 15.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Survivor Pool: Undefeated and Winless
« on: November 01, 2021, 06:58:19 am »

Undefeated: Yeshiva
Winless: Lesley


Undefeated: Oshkosh
Winless: Finlandia

Multi-Regional Topics / Preseason Conference Polls
« on: October 26, 2021, 01:22:29 pm »
I thought it would be a good idea to post the polls for each conference to give us an idea of how things will go this season, at least in the eyes of the coaches/S.I.D.s.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / REGULAR SEASON: Team Draft League
« on: September 20, 2021, 03:06:36 pm »
New league. Basic scoring concept as a normal league. The main difference is that we will be subtracting the opponent's score from your team's score. For example, you draft Greenville and they score 200 fantasy points. However, their opponent score 190 fantasy points, so you end up with 10 points. You can get negative points as well. Greenville scores 180, but Webster scores 200, you get -20 points for that game. Possibly draft 8 teams, maybe more, depending on how many posters join.

Multi-Regional Topics / Mount Rushmore of D3 Coaches
« on: April 25, 2020, 06:26:17 pm »
Recent conversations on this with Amherst's Hixon retiring recently...

I figured I'd centralize the conversation.

I dint think anyone - and especially Hixon - is saying he’s the GOAT of D3 coaches, Dave.   But he’s certainly on Mt. Rushmore!

So who's on Mt. Rushmore? We talk total wins, but should we also talk winning %? I mean, Brett Favre was at the top for a long time for TD passes, but also was at the top (still?) in interceptions? Do you take someone else with a better TD:INT ratio or the guy with the most of something...sometimes simply because of longevity.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Conference Champions Draft League
« on: April 02, 2020, 08:30:29 am »
The object of this league is to draft teams you think will win the regular season conference championship of their respective league.

If you draft UW-Stout to win the WIAC and they do, you'll receive 5 points. If they finish 2nd, you'll get 3 points and if they end up 3rd, you'll receive 1 point. If they don't finish in the Top 3, you'll get a golf clap.

After the draft, nothing needs to be done. I'll tally up the league standings at the end of the regular season. Standings will be based on conference tournament seeds. Conference tie-breakers will determine standings as well.

I'm guessing about 25-30 rounds with about 200 teams in contention for the top 3 spots in each conference.  We will not be using the ACAA. Be sure to check the conference changes board to make sure you are picking the right team for the right conference next season. A lot of changes.

Draft will probably start next week. As usual, we'll try to get at least 6 participants.

Here's an easy regular season league even the most casual poster could participate in. Whether you're too lazy or too busy, this might fit the bill.

We have a one-round draft each week and use those players for the rest of the year. No adds or drops. So for example, NCF drafts Connor Raridon for the 1st week. Now she has Raridon for the rest of the season. For the 2nd week, she drafts Grant Robinson. Now she has both Raridon and Robinson for the rest of the season. You add one player each week and get that player's stats for the rest of the season. Pretty simple. We'll probably take the top 225 scoring games.

Other than drafting one player a week, there is no  in-season maintenance. No adds or drops, no posting a schedule etc. All D3 games are scored. The draft would probably be conducted on Sunday for the following week.

Note: Although we draft one player a week, it's not a weekly scoring league (like the one and done league). So, you can still draft a player who doesn't play opening week or over the holidays because you still get all the player's games going forward.

Multi-Regional Topics / Conference Preseason Polls
« on: October 24, 2019, 10:46:59 am »
The season isn't too far away and most of us don't have the time to look up what teams are favored in each conference. I thought it would be a good idea to centralize all the polls.

So far we have eight teams. We'll probably do 12 rounds. Draft starts Monday, so you still have time to get your name in the hat!

Team League
Hoops Fan
The Osprey

   LEAGUE      POSTER      PLAYER      TEAM      SCORE   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Nichols      Keene St      31   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Cunningham      Nichols      27   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Green       NJCU      17   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Voelker      Platteville      16   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Bulic      Wooster      12   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Gonzalez      E. Conn      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Dix       Greenville      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Curta      Grinnell      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Delaney      JHU      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Kern      JHU      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Loggins      LeTourneau      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Coene      Roger Williams      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Earle      Springfield      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Post      Springfield      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      College      Whitworth      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Express      Lester      Whitworth      0   
   .      .      .      TOTAL      103   
   LEAGUE      POSTER      PLAYER      TEAM      SCORE   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Hewitt      Whitman      32   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Seipel      Wittenberg      29   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Carter      CNU      27   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Hinkley      MIT      26   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Bertemes      Wittenberg      25   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Williams      Emory      23   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Orange      Augustana      21   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Wittchow      Oshkosh      16   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Wallace      Marietta      15   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Harrison      Whitman      11   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Martin      Augustana      4   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Baitey      Emory      3   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Masino      Hobart      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Dodge      Stevens Point      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      O'Heron      Stevens Point      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Greek      Halpert      Yeshiva      0   
   .      .      .      TOTAL      232   
   LEAGUE      POSTER      PLAYER      TEAM      SCORE   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Fravert      Oshkosh      41   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      O'Dell      Swarthmore      38   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Cook      NWU      35   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Boots      Oshkosh      29   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Groll      Hamilton      13   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Duax      Platteville      12   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Murray      Moravian      10   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Eichelberger      Wheaton IL      6   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Kingland      Bethel      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Simonds      Bowdoin      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Dooley      ETBU      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Gardner      JHU      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      McGee      Rose-Hulman      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Levi      U of Dallas      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Hull      Whitworth      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Grizzlies      Leifer      Yeshiva      0   
   .      .      .      TOTAL      184   
   LEAGUE      POSTER      PLAYER      TEAM      SCORE   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Shafer      Swarthmore      24   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Hiller      NWU      22   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Duckett      Whitman      22   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Forsythe      MIT      18   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Fails      Hanover      17   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Scadlock      Williams      17   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Vlotho      Oshkosh      9   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Walford      St. John's       6   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      McCarthy      Amherst      5   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Summers      Brockport      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Groll      F&M      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      McGrath      F&M      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Duvivier      Gordon      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      O'Neill      IWU      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Stenglein      Nazareth      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      Hoops Fan      Christy      Whitworth      0   
   .      .      .      TOTAL      140   
   LEAGUE      POSTER      PLAYER      TEAM      SCORE   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Folger      Middlebury      34   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Bruton      Nichols      32   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Garver      NWU      32   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Stokman      St. John's       30   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Johnson      Plattsburgh St      24   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Wiley      Swarthmore      24   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Howard      Plattsburgh St      19   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Middleton      Plattsburgh St      14   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Patron      Plattsburgh St      10   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      DeAngelis      Plattsburgh St      5   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Ray      Hope      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Moore      LeTourneau      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Johnson      Mary Wash      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Burgio      Nazareth      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Miles      Roanoke      0   
   EARLYPLAYER      magicman      Walko      TCNJ      0   
   .      .      .      TOTAL      224   

I had several posters ask about the teams/players from these drafts we did after the tournament last year.

   LEAGUE      POSTER      PLAYER      TEAM   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      NWU      NWU   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      Wittenberg      Wittenberg   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      JHU      JHU   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      Wesleyan      Wesleyan   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      NEC      NEC   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      Whitewater      Whitewater   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      Wash U      Wash U   
   EARLYTEAM      WUPHF      Rose-Hulman      Rose-Hulman   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Oshkosh      Oshkosh   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Platteville      Platteville   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Bethel      Bethel   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Yeshiva      Yeshiva   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Wheaton IL      Wheaton IL   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      ETBU      ETBU   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Moravian      Moravian   
   EARLYTEAM      Grizzlies      Greenville      Greenville   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      Augustana      Augustana   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      Springfield      Springfield   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      Amherst      Amherst   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      St. John's       St. John's    
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      F&M      F&M   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      Hanover      Hanover   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      NCC      NCC   
   EARLYTEAM      NCF      Tufts      Tufts   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Whitman      Whitman   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Nichols      Nichols   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Stevens Point      Stevens Point   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Nazareth      Nazareth   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Ramapo      Ramapo   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Skidmore      Skidmore   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      CWR      CWR   
   EARLYTEAM      Hoops Fan      Maryville      Maryville   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      MIT      MIT   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      Marietta      Marietta   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      IWU      IWU   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      Wooster      Wooster   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      Emory      Emory   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      CNU      CNU   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      J&W RI      J&W RI   
   EARLYTEAM      Greek      Elmhurst      Elmhurst   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Swarthmore      Swarthmore   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Williams      Williams   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Loras      Loras   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Hobart      Hobart   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Rochester      Rochester   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Keene St      Keene St   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Misericordia      Misericordia   
   EARLYTEAM      Smitty      Bowdoin      Bowdoin   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      Plattsburgh St      Plattsburgh St   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      Middlebury      Middlebury   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      LeTourneau      LeTourneau   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      St. Olaf      St. Olaf   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      TCNJ      TCNJ   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      Roanoke      Roanoke   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      RMC      RMC   
   EARLYTEAM      magicman      Mary Wash      Mary Wash   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      Whitworth      Whitworth   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      Hamilton      Hamilton   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      NJCU      NJCU   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      Hope      Hope   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      PS Behrend      PS Behrend   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      Occidental      Occidental   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      Neumann      Neumann   
   EARLYTEAM      ronk      Scranton      Scranton   

Similar to the Player One and Done League

I'm thinking:

8 teams - Friday, 1st weekend
8 teams - Saturday, 1st weekend

4 teams - Sweet 16
4 teams - Elite 8

1 team - Final Four
1 team - Final

Multi-Regional Topics / 2019 NCAA Tournament
« on: October 06, 2018, 10:57:39 pm »
I booked my hotel reservations for Salem Fort Wayne today. Am I the first?  ??? :P ::) ;D. It's only 5 1/2 hours away and I got a hotel with a pool, so wife and son will be happy.

Multi-Regional Topics / The Basketball Tournament
« on: June 06, 2018, 03:26:36 pm »

Apparently this thing is real and aside from the D3 team taking on a UCLA alumni team, I checked out the pod that will be playing an hour away from me in Milwaukee. I really don't know if I'll make it down, but it would be interesting just to see how many people actually show up to watch. It does help that one of the teams is basically made up of Marquette alumni.

I'm in Big 10 country, so I checked out Big X's roster and it included Duncan Robinson and Wesleyan's Harry Rafferty.

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