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Region 9 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: February 04, 2006, 01:47:56 am »
Soon, the only website that is going to matter is THIS website...

Be careful what you say scottie!  ;)  Your post is like going into Walmart with a Target t-shirt on.   :-X

Region 8 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Northern Athletics Conference
« on: February 04, 2006, 01:45:03 am »
Because I'm a team player.

Lakeland's in-region schedule

9 pts-W @ Lake Forest (5-12, .294)
8 pts-W vs. Maranatha Baptist (0-12, .000)
6 pts-L vs. La Crosse (16-4, .800)
12 pts-W vs. Stevens Point (11-6, .647)
13 pts-W @ Edgewood (9-9, .500)
3 pts-L @ Wisconsin Lutheran (5-9, .357)
9 pts-W @ Marian (6-13, .316)
10 pts-W vs. Concordia (IL) (7-9, .438)
5 pts-L @ Rockford (8-8, .500)
12 pts-W vs. Edgewood (9-9, .500)
13 pts-W @ Dominican (12-9, .571)
11 pts-W @ Concordia (WI) (6-10, .375)
8 pts-W vs. Marian (6-13, .316)
10 pts-W vs. Wisconsin Lutheran (5-9, .357)
10 pts-W vs. Concordia (WI) (6-10, .375)
12 pts-W vs. Dominican (12-9, .571)
15 pts-W @ MSOE (13-4, .765)
3 pts-L @ Benedictine (7-8, .467)

QOWI is 9.388.

I think this is right! Lakeland will be rooting for their opponents to win so they keep their QOWI points or possibly improve them.  If Point gets to the .667 threshold, that win would be worth 14 points, not 12!  Getting Benedictine to get to .500 is worth another 2 points for Lakeland's loss as well.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« on: February 04, 2006, 12:54:03 am »
All I want to say is THAT was very impressive, Ralph.  Very nice work.

Region 8 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Northern Athletics Conference
« on: February 04, 2006, 12:40:39 am »

Lakeland has a solid record as iwumichigander said.  They do only have four in-region losses and that's what the NCAA looks at.  That 5th loss was to Hope and since that was not an in-region loss, it doesn't count.  The NCAA looks at teams on a national level using regional criteria.  Yeah, it's the NCAA, what do you expect?  So, if Lakeland runs the table and loses in the LMC tourney, they will only have FIVE losses.  As far as the NCAA is concerned, Lakeland is actually just 14-4, not 18-5. 

There several criteria that goes into picking Pool C teams.  In-region winning % and QOWI are just two of them.  Here is the NCAA Handbook that explains who QOWI is calculated and the other selection criteria.  If you decide to calculate Lakeland's QOWI, be sure to use just the in-region opponents and their in-region records.  Explanation starts on Page 7 with the QOWI calculations on Page 9.

The reason why Lakeland's QOWI is so low is because their opponents have really bad in-region records.  The LMC is not a very good conference!

There are several other boards in on this site that can help you out and give you an idea of what others think.  There is a Pool C board and a QOWI board.  Pat Coleman lists the QOWI on the Top 100 teams and it was last posted last month. 

Region 9 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: February 04, 2006, 12:21:01 am »
That other MWC final from tonight was St. Norbert over Illinois C., 65-47 (found it on the SNC website).

Save yourself some was on this websiteScoreboard...though the Ripon score isn't posted here yet.  ;)

P.S.- O.S  How come Swampgoon doesn't post  ???

He only has a computer at his parent's house.  Plus, I like when he doesn't post because all he does is rip on me!  >:( ;D

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« on: February 03, 2006, 11:30:52 am »
I doubt the WIAC even gets two and I also think a seven loss team will get serious consideration, if not a bid. There will be a lot of seven loss teams with good QOWI....Unless there is a huge rash of upsets in the conference tourney, seven loss teams will get a good look.

Well, we're never going to agree on this.  I don't think the WIAC will get two.  But then you think a seven loss team might get a bid.  So, how could a seven-loss WIAC team not get considered?  Come on.  Every team that has seven losses will most likely not have a very good QOWI since, at least, nearly a third of their games will be losses (we're obviously talking in-region games here).  Plus, the most points a team can have with each loss is seven points.  If it's anyone who will have a decent QOWI with seven losses, it's a WIAC team.

If you think a seven-loss team will get serious consideration, then you have to also think a WIAC team has a serious shot at getting in as a Pool C team, IMO.

I think you'll see a lot more 23-4 mediocre teams who play in weak regions considered before you see 20-7 solid teams from tough conferences (CCIW, WIAC, UAA) and regions getting in.

Well, looking forward to tomorrow' game vs. La Crosse.  I hope its a full house with the students and band back.

This year has been tough for me and I'm sure other Pointer fans.  I'm still at a loss at some of our nonconference losses, especially against Clarke and Edgewood.  Lakeland played lights out vs. us in She-Vegas and Mid-America Nazerene is a pretty good NAIA team.  I was looking up some stats on Point and according to the WIAC website, Point hadn't lost a regular season nonconference game since December of the 1999-2000 season...against Edgewood at Quandt!  So, I guess every team can have a "down year" every seven years or so!  :o  This and Point is still just a half a game out of the WIAC title.  I'm still hoping all these bumps this year will only make Point better next year.

Region 8 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Northern Athletics Conference
« on: February 03, 2006, 10:53:45 am »
Not to take anything away from Clarke, Lakeland or Edgewood, but the NIIC and LMC are hardly power conferences and Point has managed to lose to all three of them.  :) Yet Point is only a half game back from first place in the WIAC, the best conference in the nation year in and year out IMHO. And is it really fair to call it a down season for Point? They are still in the hunt for the league title with a few games left to play. I suppose after winning back to back national titles, anything less is a down season. But the season is still going and Point proved two years ago they don't even have to win their conference to win the national title.

Well, I realize Point's accomplishments the last two years may make everything less a "down year" but that's not really the case.  Point is now has FOUR nonconference losses.  Mid-America Nazerene is a pretty good NAIA team, but Point played like crap in that game.  Losses to Edgewood and Clarke are inexcusable, No disrespect to those two teams.  I know Edgewood beat Platteville (I think, last year), but I know Edgewood is not nearly as good has they have been in the past.  The loss to Lakeland is understandable because Lakeland was just untouchable that day.  They shot the lights out.

Maybe Point has the Lakeland syndrome where they play down to their competition.   Add those losses to wins over Stout, La Crosse and Oshkosh to name a few and it's confusing! I was looking up the stats on Point and they hadn't lost a nonconference regular season game since the 1999-2000 season.  Their lost loss, Edgewood at Point.  They split that year.  They haven't had SEVEN losses in a season since the 2000-2001 season and that's when they went 10-6 (mind you, good for first place tie) in the WIAC and lost in the WIAC tourney.  The last time they had a double-digit losing season was 98-99 when they went 15-11 and 8-8 in conference.  By the way, that' when Platteville was dominating everything DIII.

So, yeah, even without the last two National Championships, you can say Point has some pretty high standards.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« on: February 03, 2006, 01:21:43 am »
I've always contended that five losses puts teams on the proverbial bubble.  I still believe that.  I know the Pool C is expanding to 18 or whatever, up from 7 or so, but there is NO WAY a 7-loss team is getting in.  I think you might see one or two 6-loss teams.  Of course, I hope I'm wrong.  Hopefully this weekend I'll have a list, based on records, who I think still have shots at Pool C bids.  I still think conferences like the WIAC, CCIW, MIAA and UAA with 3-5 solid teams will be stuck with two (and the WIAC might not even get that)...while top-heavy  weaker conferences will get two as well, if not more.  Not to say the NESCAC is a weaker conference, but they have a shot at three because of their dumb single round robin crap! lol.  >:(

Region 8 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Northern Athletics Conference
« on: February 03, 2006, 01:05:43 am »
I'm not quite sure what to think of the loss to Benedictine.  I mean it doesn't help when one of their players goes off for 45 points or whatever.  But, what does this say about the strength of the LMC and Lakeland more specifically. 

Sure, we've all been raving about them, and they deserve it.  Not to take anything away from the Bens or even Rockford for that matter, but the NIIC is hardly a power conference and Lakeland has managed to lose to both of them.  On one hand, they beat Point (admittedly having a "down" year, though they are still 8-3 in the WIAC) and played Hope as tough as they could.  But, losing to these teams that hardly have stellar records doesn't help the LMC or Lakeland in the eyes of the other leagues, teams, fans, voters etc. 

Maybe I'm blowing this loss out of proportion or maybe I don't realize how good Benedictine or Rockford are, but I would have thought Lakeland would've been able to beat at least one of them.  Does this mean that the LMC is still that far down the conference totem pole?  Hopefully whomever represents the LMC in the NCAAs will win a game or at least come close!  :D 

Even with the loss, Lakeland still looks like the team that has the best chance to do just that.

My thoughts on Stout...

I think in the past they have played that "up tempo" game and, yeah, I think it might have hurt them a little because they were so run and gun.  I noticed at the Point game this year, they were a lot more disciplined and actually used the Nonemachers more than just on defense and as decoys.  I applaud Andrist for that.

In regards to the Stout women's team and the women's game in general.  Not to be sexist here either.  The games I've seen Point play (against Stout especially and other as well) is that they just run up and down the court as fast as they can AT TIMES.  After a rebound, even if it's not a full breakaway, they are running at such full speed that sometimes when they go up for the shot, they actually overrun the hoop and hit the bottom of the rim or the backboard! 

As my friend would like to say, "They don't know where they are going, but they're getting there in a hurry!"  Funny stuff.  So, we both appreciate it when they actually SLOW DOWN and "regroup". 

One of the first full women's games I saw was about three or four years ago and Stout was playing Point.  I swear, there were like 60 turnovers.  It was crazy.  But, I figured out that I had to attribute part of that to Stout's full court press style of play and the fact the women's game is played much faster, IMO.  To say the least, it wasn't the best first impression to a women's game that someone could have!  :D

If any of you Oshkosh or Point fans (since it's relatively close for you) are bored on Friday night, head over to Ripon and see Grinnell play (talking about run and gun)!  It's entertaining to watch.

Region 9 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: February 02, 2006, 01:02:19 pm »

You make good points regarding the tie-breaker situation.  I don't know how all that works out and I picked Grinnell and Ripon based on the schedule with the "*" being I didn't know how that stuff worked out!  ;)

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Posters' Poll
« on: February 02, 2006, 01:37:12 am »
My top 27 matched the PP top 27 - I had #26 Bates at 21, and #27 Elmhurst at 19.  I really WANTED to include both Carroll and Lincoln (and Calvin and another WIAC, though not sure which one), but couldn't find room.

I TOLD YOU to do a Top 30!  Oh, wait a minute, no I didn't.  ;)

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: February 02, 2006, 01:35:04 am »
And just think if the WIAC teams only played each other once! lol.

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