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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:33:17 am »
There will certainly be as always a few NESCAC teams in the top 25 as the season evolves, but there isn't great information on who is coming back yet, at least not for the top contenders, and it's a transition year in many ways for NESCAC, with three new coaches including at two of the top-tier programs (Tufts and Amherst). 

Tufts supposedly has all its key seniors returning.  If so, Tufts (even with a coaching vacancy - the retired coach was probably better at recruiting than game management, in any event) should definitely be very highly-ranked to start the season, as it graduated only one senior from the 2019-2020 title-contender squad and returns (if rumors are correct) NESCAC POY Luke Rogers, who will be a 5th year senior and made dramatic strides every year on the court.  He is one of the most gifted big men I've seen in D3 in terms of his footwork and post moves.  That's the only NESCAC team I can imagine being a top 5-10 type of team to start the season, and maybe even the only NESCAC team in the top 25 ... at least to start the year.  But whoever the new coach is, if that senior class returns, there is enough talent on hand to contend for a national title. 

Amherst has a fantastic backcourt returning in a presumably healthy Grant Robinson (he was a shell of himself in 2020) and Garrett Day, both of whom will be fifth-year seniors and first-team all-league caliber players when healthy.  And there is plenty of talent, albeit largely unproven, around them.  But it loses its three frontcourt starters and will, of course, have a new coach.  I could see Amherst as a top 25 team eventually, a lot of perimeter talent there, but probably not to start the season.

Middlebury may have a few seniors back for a fifth year, but that is probably not enough to compensate for a very shallow pool (especially be Midd's standards) of underclass talent.  Unless all five key seniors return (and Midd fans have been quiet, but my sense is that at least a few are not), I don't see Middlebury as a top-25 team.

Colby has a lot of good young talent but probably loses too much to repeat last season's success, they will be solid but I'd be surprised to see them in the top 25. 

Williams is a big question mark but has a ton of young talent on the roster and I think should be ready to return to top 25 contention (though is likely a year away from being a top 10 type of team) after a down season.  The Ephs employed a young rotation including a great frosh class, which suffered some hard knocks with a ton of early floor time in 2019-20, but which started to come together very late in the season.  I think two years of development for the seven underclassmen who were rotation players by season's end, plus a tremendous 2024 recruiting class coming in (including three post grads, who will essentially be college juniors next years physically so should be far more ready than typical first-years) should make Williams very competitive for a top-three spot in NESCAC next year, and a powerhouse in the next few years thereafter. 

It's hard to imagine anyone else in NESCAC sniffing the top 25 next year.  Wesleyan could be a dark horse as it graduated no one of consequence and its top seniors are taking a fifth year, but losing Austin Hutcherson to transfer was such a blow to that program, and Wesleyan has a long way to rise from 2020's rough performance.  Hamilton no longer has Kena Gilmour, and no one else in the league returns a huge amount of talent. 

In sum, my VERY speculative guess at this point to start the year: Tufts is at worst a top-10 team, maybe top-5, nationally, no on else is in the top 25.  By the end of the year, at least one, maybe two, from the Amherst/Williams/Midd group cracks the top 25, but none of them warrant that type of recognition to start the season (barring Midd bringing all its seniors back, which, again, I have not heard is likely happening). 

Looking at New England more broadly, St. Joseph's is clearly a top-10 worthy team (they hung with Yeshiva despite missing their best guy due to, I presume, injury, and return either everyone or all but one guy).  I think WPI is a lock for the top 20, seem to be the class of NEWMAC headed into next year with all the guys that Springfield and Babson have lost, and WPI keeps bringing in highly-regarded recruits.  I can't think of anyone beyond those two and Tufts who are remotely within Top 25 contention to start the year, but I'm sure someone out there has two years of recruits coming in who is currently off the radar ...  perhaps Endicott could be interesting, if McDevitt (and maybe a few other seniors) is returning for a fifth year, but otherwise, not enough up front. 

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: April 06, 2021, 06:17:08 pm »
Great story, thanks Jefffan. 

Any word on whether Fru Che is getting any bites from D1 schools?  I imagine that it's a pretty tough year to try to transfer in as a graduate student, because there will be SO many student-athletes with an extra year of eligibility due to COVID. 

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: April 05, 2021, 01:33:41 pm »
Been awhile since an updated recruiting list.  A few additions here based on announced recruits or the schools that have posted rosters.  Now, all of this is more uncertain than usual.  For example I imagine a bunch of the 2024 guys will reclassify as 2025 players, but I have listed all of them as 2024 until that is confirmed.  And maybe some guys have dropped off with such a long gap between being recruiting and next season.  But, this should roughly give a sense of who will be new to NESCAC next season.  So far, there have been an unusually small number of guys committing in the Spring.  I'd assume that is due to fewer slots for athletes, or really anyone, across the conference due to so many gap years.  And the admissions landscape is crazy overall, with heavy reliance on waitlists expected, so I imagine some guys may trickle in VERY late, maybe even into June.  Amherst, Williams and Colby, for example, each admitted only 8 percent of applicants (pre-waitlist) for the class of 2025! 

For the schools that posted full rosters, and have recruits missing, I think it's a likely bet those recruits ended up taking a gap year ...

Bobby Sommers, 6'3 G/F, St. Marks (#49 in MA)
Mohammad Alausa, 6'4 G/F, New Hampton (#142 in New England, #26 in NH)
Noah Helmke, 6'6 F, Berkshire School (#24 in MA)
Will Scherer, 6'9 C, Gonzaga College H.S.
Jack Boyle, 6'1 G, Poly Prep (baseball recruit)
Canin Reynolds, 5'8 G, Berkshire School (#41 in D.C. area class of 2020)
Ryker Vance, 6'7 F, Community School of Naples
CJ Mitchell, 5'8 G, Hotchkiss

Trace Gotham, 6'5 F, St. Sebastianís (#58 in MA)
Stephen Ward, 6'6 F, Beaver Country Day
Simon McCormick, 5í6 G, Cony H.S.
Devin Harris, 6'7 F, Sanford School (DE)
Drew Sachs, 6'1 G, Governor's Academy

Burke Chebuha, 6'7 F, Walker H.S. (Marietta, GA)
James McGowan, 6'0 G, Westwood
Cole Hannin, 5'11 PG, Bullis (DC)
Henry Rovillard, PG/SG, 6-3, Holy Spirit (NJ) (PG year at Phelps in PA)

David Basich, 6'0 G, Green Farms Academy
Henry Westrich, 6'4 G/F, Bangor (#24 in Maine)
Liam O'Connell, 6'4 G, Bridgton Academy (#17 in Maine)
Lucas Green, 6'5 F, Princeton Day (NJ)
Eric Baier, 6í3 G, Summit (NJ)
Clay Bolster, 6'1 G, Cushing Academy
Henry Pohle, 6'6 F, New Canaan
David Stewart, 6'8 G, Mt. Zion Prep
Ben Kaczmarek, 6'4 G, St. Sebastian's
Nate Godin, 6'2 G, Central Catholic
Jack Richard, 6'4 G, Rivers School

Conn College:
Jarron Flynn, 6'3 G, Kimball Union Academy (#128 in New England, 24 in NH)
Billy Whelan, 6'0 G, Williston Northampton (#60 in MA)
Nathan Rogers, 6'10 C, Bromfield (MA) (not listed on 20-21 roster?)
Andrew Hartel, 6'9 C, Kimball Union Academy (#118 in New England, #21 in NH) (not listed on 20-21 roster?)
Ben Rice, 6í7 F, Whitman-Hanson (MA) (#106 in New England, #30 in MA)
David Murray, 6'6 C/F, Collegiate School (NYC)
Henry Fine, 6'2 G, BB&N
Cameron Lewis, 6'3 G, DePaul Prep (IL)
Kevin Baxter, 6í5 G, Choate

Julius Nagin, 6'3 G, BB&N
Ryan Michaels, 6'6 F, Berkshire School
Christian McDaniel, 6'3 G/F, Mt. Zion Baptist
Brendan Gagan, 6'7 F, Guilderland Central (NY)
Graham Robinson, 6'10 C, St. Paul's (#9 in NH)
Max Freishtat, 6'4 G, Sidwell Friends (D.C.)
Hank Morgan, 6'5 G, Berkshire School

David Brennan, 6'5 F, Roxbury Latin
Adrian Watts, 6'4 F/G, St. Andrew's (DE) (not listed on 20-21 roster?)
Lamine Cisse, 6'2 G, Success Academy (NY)
Dean Smith, 6'6 F, Delbarton (NJ)
Jaden Bobbett, 6'0 PG, Cushing Academy (#21 in MA)
Sam Stevens, 6'5 G/F, Willison Northampton (#45 in New England, #16 in MA)

Will Dorion, 6'1 G, Needham (#47 in MA) (not listed on 20-21 roster?)
Charlie Campbell, 6'2 G/F, Canterbury
Garrett Kirk, 6'2 G, Northfield Mount Herman (not listed on 20-21 roster?)
Sean Okpoebo, 6'4 G/F, Cushing Academy
Gilbert Otoo, 6'5 F, Perkiomen School (PA)
Sean Macarchuk, 6'5 G/F, St. Thomas Moore
Kualim Johnson, 6'5 F, Marianapolis Prep (#29 in CT)

Jay Dieterle, 6'4 G, Rivers School
Liam Murphy, 6'5 F, Wilbraham & Monson (#54 in MA)
Mohamud Ali, 6'3 F, Boston Latin
Quinn Cain, 6'3 G, Hinsdale Central (IL)
Makai Murray, 5'8 G, St. George's (#8 in RI)
Bobby Stewart, 6'8 C, St. Andrews (FL)

Kiran Kling, 6'9 C, Maret (D.C.)
Jared Langs, 6'8 F, Lovejoy High School (TX)
Olu Oladitan, 6'6 F, Brooks (#56 in MA)
Dylan Ward, 6'5 G, Williston Northampton
Cole Bryant, 6'4 G, St. Luke's School (#47 in New England)
Nicky Johnson, 5'9 G, The Rivers School
Shane Regan, 6'3 G, Williston Northampton
Jacob Pofsky, 6'1 G, Shalhevet H.S. (CA)

Brandon Roughley, 6'8 F, Salisbury (#103 in New England, #42 in CT)
Noah Dinkins, 6'4 G, Andover (#50 in MA)
Declan Porter, 6'6 G/F, Exeter (#116 in New England, #19 in NH)
Dan Lee, 6'1 PG, Dublin Jerome (OH)
Evan Glatzer, 6'3 PG, Friends Seminary
Charles Willmott, 6'1 G, Lincoln (OR) (football / hoops)

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: March 30, 2021, 09:46:06 am »
I always liked Gilbride as a coach.  He certainly gave Williams fits, often with much less talented teams (5-5 in last ten vs Williams during a stretch when the Ephs made two elite 8s and two final fours). He leaves a great legacy at Bowdoin. That will be a tough rebuild as for a variety of reasons the new coach will not inherit much talent at all.  But nice to start will mostly a blank slate. 

So next year in NESCAC: 50 percent of the rosters around the league mostly new; three new coaches and a fourth in his second ďrealĒ season; some schools with impact fifth-year seniors, others without; in short, there is no way to have any clue whatsoever what to expect!

Quite a game this week for Williams-bound TB Anthony Morrison, who ran for 312 yards and three TDs.  He's had a massive senior year and could (along with a few other intriguing skill position recruits in the class of 2025 who, like Morrison, appear to have a lot of speed, Jack Ledden, Mario Fischetti, Cameron Lee, all of whom look like they can motor) add some quality depth to what should be an absolutely loaded group of offensive playmakers for Williams.

Assuming all with eligibility return, and I believe they are, the Ephs will again feature Maimaron, Nicholas, Stola, Justin Nelson, Spiezio, and Dan Vaughn as big-time playmakers on offense.  Some other guys who didn't make an impact in 2019 due to the talent in front of them, but certainly have the ability to, will also be back.  Hard to remember a more loaded and experienced group of returning skill guys in recent NESCAC history.  The Ephs will have to replace three OL starters and a fantastic blocking HB, so blocking will be a big question mark (although three star-caliber offensive linemen, two of whom missed a lot of time with injury in 2019, at least give a good foundation if they have better luck with injuries), but it will be a nightmare for defenses to account for all those big play threats at once, especially if a guy like Morrison can add yet another big-time threat as a third or fourth WR.

Yeah.  Itís a bummer for the Ephs.

I just donít understand what the coaching staff (or even the players, although as kids they obviously get more of a pass) was thinking.  It occurred to NO ONE that this outrageously offensive rhetoric, would (rightfully!) blow up in their face?  They could not choose literally any other of the millions of words available to them for play-calling?  Utterly bizarre.

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: March 21, 2021, 08:25:54 pm »
One of the Amherst fans mentioned this months ago but confirmed that Fru Che trying to go D1: for his last year of hoops:

Heís one of the few Nescac seniors who I think who could translate because he can defend wings at a high level and shoot the ball, which are both prized commodities.  Grant Robinson, Jack Farrell, Tommy Eastman and Luke Rogers are other seniors who come to mind with that potential, but I think all may be back next year?   Robinson for sure, Rogers I believe yes, and the Midd duo, not sure?

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: March 17, 2021, 09:01:52 pm »
Nice article.  Eph fans are closely familiar with Turrelís game.  And of course there is the obligatory Duncan mention.  I gotta say I donít see him as one of the best NBA prospects Iíve seen in D3 or anything.  Heíd have to improve his three point shot to absolutely elite levels because heís not an elite athlete or anything.  But Iím rooting for him!

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: March 10, 2021, 10:12:20 am »
The fact that NESCAC is (appropriately, in my view) allowing for some form of Spring sports competition is a very, very good sign for next year, especially next fall.  Best case scenario, the number of cases continues to drop, more effective treatments are found over time, and most importantly, the vaccine is widely used and successful even at handling all the variants.  Given that the virus tends to bottom out in early fall, and that all fall sports are outdoors, I can't imagine there will be any major issues with fall 2021 sports, maybe just some limits on attendance but, let's face it, those limits are hardly necessary in NESCAC anyway :).  By winter, hopefully, life will be pretty much back to normal, unless the variants of the virus prove effective at resisting vaccines, and then all bets are off.  But fingers crossed next year is basically a normal year on NESCAC campuses, and everywhere else. 

In my view, NESCAC really did an excellent job with dealing with COVID (I know mostly about Williams, but seems like the Williams experience was fairly typical across the conference).  I haven't heard of any massive outbreaks on the NESCAC campuses or communities, nor many deaths at all from COVID.  Compare that to what is happening around the country (540,000 dead and counting, countless more fighting severe long term health consequences) and, especially for the schools that had the majority of students on campus, that is a really impressive record of success.  There were really no good options, just less-bad ones, but overall, missing one year (three seasons) of sports, and severely limiting campus life in other painful ways, but not entirely eliminating the student presence on campus, seems to have been the right way to go.  It's easy to be critical, but in the end, the NESCAC presidents seem to have done the best job that anyone could ask for balancing the costs and benefits to that approach. 

It really does suck to have missed a year of sports, but I mean, it's not like even the professional leagues with limitless resources have had ideal experiences -- look how many NBA players have missed extensive time for COVID-related reasons, and how many games have had to be cancelled.  The season has been kind of a mess, despite private planes, constant testing, and the ability to live all of life in a bubble with playing basketball the only thing on the players' agenda. 

Hopefully a lot of players will end up taking a fifth year of eligibility so they get four years of college athletic experience (for Spring sports, it's not truly four years, more like 3.5, kind of, even if they do so).  And maybe some of the really elite players will leverage that extra year into playing a year of D1 sports as a graduate student, which could be a real silver lining for a few dozen star NESCAC athletes.  Especially in sports like tennis, the top tier of NESAC athletes would be in very high demand at a wide variety of D1 schools. 

All in all, it's been a huge bummer of a year, but from NESCAC has done a tremendous job of keeping their on and immediate off-campus communities reasonably safe, and nothing could be more important than that. 

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: March 01, 2021, 04:18:10 pm »
Good catch SpringSt7!  I continue to think that Conn makes a big leap next year, and giving many of its new players a chance for a whole bunch of practice opportunities, and even some competitive game action, while everyone else is just accumulating rust, can only help. 

One of Conn's highly acclaimed frosh (the highest ranked recruit), 6'9 Andrew Hartell, is taking the year off it appears.  But Jarron Flynn, Billy Whelan, Ben Rice and David Murray all seem like they are poised to be big a big part of next year's rotation (Flynn in particular is very highly touted, and Rice does seem like a long-term high-upside sort of guy).  Between those five guys and the top returnees who seem to be taking a year off, in particular Dan Draffan, Jack Zimmerman, and Ben McPherron, Conn is going to have a very different level of competitiveness next year (8-9 or more capable players, instead of basically four guys they could count on).  And Tim Sweeney's recruiting model seems to be to swoop in very late in the Spring to try to nab guys on the scholarship level / D1 border (or transfers), so there is a good chance he adds a few more high-level players between now and the end of May.  In short, do not be surprised to see Conn jump from a 4-20 team last year to a .500 or above team next year ... and they could be very competitive in NESCAC as soon as the 22-23 season ...

Do we now have a sense of which NESCAC guys at each school decided to take a year off for certain?  There really won't be ANY way to have any sort of sense of the competitive landscape next year until that info comes to light.  And even so, there will be effectively two years of entirely new recruits at each school, and every school will have a different level of preparedness for the season depending on how guys spent all that time away from campus, so it's certainly going to be an absolutely impossible to predict, wide-open NESCAC season.  Not to mention, new coaches at Tufts and Amherst, who (based on what has been speculated about who is returning vs. who is sitting out) seem likely to have the strongest groups of seniors in NESCAC, so even they will have a high degree of uncertainty despite relative (presumptive) personnel continuity. 

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: February 09, 2021, 09:33:43 pm »
Welcome back from hiatus, AmherstStudent05!  And great post.  Honestly, hard to take serious issue with any of those picks.  I think Hausman is worthy, he was just so dominant his last two years.   In fact, I'd have him as my fourth lock after Toomey, Mayer, Sharry.  The fifth spot is really hard.  Wang, Workman, Gilmour, all can make a strong case. Gilmour has the best overall career of those four, Wang the most impactful player when he was at his best, but then his back went out and he was a shadow of himself.  Workman had the best growth as a player and ended on a crazy high note.  I'll go with Gilmour.  Plus, we need SOMEONE from the last four years of the decade. 

Second team, much tougher.  I think Troy has to be on there because he was so dominant for those two years of the decade, and helped lead his team to a title game and a final four, where he played through a broken hand.  NESCAC POY, all-American, etc.  Overall, I actually think I agree with all of AmherstStudent05's picks.  Casey and Kizell are a close call, but I think Kizell gets the edge, with Casey as the first alternate on the squad. 

Here's a tougher topic to come up with: the all-never-made-an-all-NESCAC team for the decade.  For Williams, the obvious candidates are Nate Robertson (just played in a brutally competitive era for NESCAC guards) and Kyle Scadlock (solely due to injury, a shame).   Allen Williamson also comes to mind (crazy talented but only got REALLY good in the second half of his senior year).  Beyond that, I'm blanking out. 

The ďnew identityĒ seems to be receiving near-universal scorn from Ephs online.  The schoolís font change is awful, too, btw.  But word on the street is that the old purple cow may yet survive as the main logo due to all the blowback (even as is, itís an alternate, not a total replacement, thankfully).

I think Colby is clearly heading towards being a powerhouse in Nescac athletics.  You donít pour that much money into such insanely slick facilities, and hiring too, without a plan to win ... menís soccer, hoops and football have all been trending up, certainly.  And the schoolís recent rise in rankings and overall selectivity canít hurt the sales pitch.  Iíd buy Colby athletics stock.

A bunch of NESCAC guys listed here, including four going to Colby.  The Colby coaching staff clearly has a good relationship with the power NJ football programs:

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: January 21, 2021, 10:41:55 am »
While he could have easily averaged well over 40 per game if that was his goal, if winning was the goal, he probably would have ended up more like around 35-38 with maybe a dozen assists.  Teams would have been all over him on every single play, surely thrown all kinds of junk defenses at him, and that Williams team while only so-so did have some very capable open shooters on the roster (Chris Rose, Chris Shalvoy, Kevin Snyder, Casey Gibbons) who would have absolutely feasted off loads of uncontested or barely-contested 3's.  Coach Paulsen, I imagine, would rather have very good shooters taking wide open 3's and staying involved in the offense than even a guy like JJ just jacking it up on every other possession. 

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