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Re: MBB: Great Northeast Athletic Conference
« Reply #2940 on: November 21, 2017, 01:18:04 pm »
Thank you, St.Paul, you explained the inconsistency in officiating games perfectly! Now, maybe someone will listen!

Except those "touch" fouls are fouls.  They've been part of the rules for more than a decade.  It's not like some refs call them and others don't.  Each game is unique.  Players have to adjust.  Saying it's soft or weak is just living in the past.

Ryan, I disagree completely. Some refs do call every single foul and for every one of those refs there is another referee that is much more lenient. That's just a fact.

That is exactly what concerns me most when it comes to officiating. From region to region, game to game its the lack of consistency across the board that is most disturbing, not simply the number of fouls called on each team. Let hope having a national D3 referee coordinator will clean these things up.

With all this being said, I feel like I am responsibly for this back and forth because of what I said in my post game recap from Saturday night. I did not want it to come off this way. I used the word "gripe" which I think might have been misinterpreted. Again to state, I wasn't even at the game and didn't have the opportunity to watch as much as I would have like to. I just noticed that Maddredd and Walters struggled with fouls which limited them as players and obviously Albertus as a team. Like I said, were some justified? Probably so....

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Re: MBB: Great Northeast Athletic Conference
« Reply #2941 on: November 21, 2017, 02:13:26 pm »
So "touch" fouls have been the one coaches and others have wanted called tougher for several years now. We have to stop complaining about it. That is what coaches want in the rules even if they complain (which cracks me up). The NCAA doesn't make these rules, adjust them, or decide what should be emphasized. Mainly coaches do it.

Yes, refs are inconsistent... just like the strike zone in baseball, pass interference and holding in football, etc., etc., etc. Welcome to the human element. We have to stop complaining about it and understand this is how it works. We can strive towards a bit more consistency, but no two human being sees things in the exact same way every single time - especially when the refs are in different positions on the floor.

Now to your concern about region to region, game to game... my point about the new coordinator of officials should be taken to heart. Jim Haney's job is multi-faceted, but one of the items on his list is to become more consistent region to region, conference to conference, game to game. Better evaluated, educated, teach, and guide officials while also making sure they understand their job is now being looked at not only by the coaches in games, but by evaluators, and the by someone at the national level. If refs want to move up to higher divisions or get bigger paydays by coaching conference and NCAA tournament games, they will need to get more consistent and call the game the way it is expected to be called.

It isn't going to happen overnight, but I am very confident that starting this year we are starting to see a more consistent game being called. That will also mean that players, coaches, and fans are going to have to get used to things in the past being called (or not called) per the old norm. If handchecking is allowed in Conference A and wrestling is allowed in Conference B, both conferences better get used to neither being allowed in the future. It will result in more griping, but back to the point: players need to adjust, coaches need to help their teams adjust, and fans need to understand how the refs are being asked to call the games. If touch fouls, illegal screens, pushing off, grabbing, etc. are being asked to be called more stringently, we have to stop griping about when they are called.
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Re: MBB: Great Northeast Athletic Conference
« Reply #2942 on: November 21, 2017, 10:16:23 pm »
Saints shuffle the starting line up, going with four guards, and come up with a much needed win over Curry College, 76 - 70. Had a feeling the Saints might grab a win tonight, Curry has only one win in the last two years. The game was back and forth, with both teams trading 12 point runs.  Saints had a 1 point lead in the last two minutes and came up with two big defensive stops, forcing Curry turnovers.  Two sets of free throws and the game was in the bag.  Turnovers and poor shooting kept the Saints from putting this one away early.  Always nice to get that first win of the season before Christmas break.