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New to the board but been watching the PAC for years.  Saturday will not be close.  WJ will beat Thiel by more than 2 TD's.  Thiel could be lucky if they score once.  Thiel is not as powerful of an offense as last year.  Last year they had a balanced and effective offense attack with rushing and passing.  This year Minton is not putting up the numbers like last year.  They have not able to move the ball through the air consistently.  I don't know what happen the first week for WJ but they look pretty unstoppable now. 

Northwestern in definitely the favorite in the North but that doesn't mean anything because look at what happened in the Westminster/Rockford game!

GO PLATTEVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I hate to say it Norsefan, being a old Duhawk from another era, I think you might be right with Cornell getting the W.  Sources close to DuHawkLand say the injuries are definitely going to have an effect on this game and possibly two more.  It saddens me to say this but I don't see my beloved Duhawks winning a game if they don't squeek this one out.  I might start worrying about UD now!!!


What are your thoughts on this weekends showdown between MLC and Northwestern?

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: Illini-Badger Conference
« on: September 27, 2005, 11:26:38 pm »
I'm not trying to be a dick AUFB05 but i don't understand your last post.  Are you saying that CON's O is going to be up against a tough D or what?  Seriously, I'm just confused.  I think it's going to be a good game regardless of stats.  Both teams always play hard.

I would have to agree with you cwm1276.  Rockford's first challenge will be this weekend.  I am predicting a Regent win but I'm not sure if it will be tight or a blow out.  I'm curious to which Westy team will show up.  I also think the North has a big game with Northwestern and MLC.  Still picking Northwestern but think it will be close. 

Well I was 4 for 5 this week with the biggest upset coming at Blackburn.  Didn't think the Maranathanites had it in them.  Also was surprised by the MLC vs Westy score.  Thought MLC would put us some more points.  I hear the Rockford game was ugly.  I also hear that it could have been 106-0 but the starters didn't play the second half.  The big game this week will be the Rockford vs Westy game.  Whoever wins will win the South. 

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: Illini-Badger Conference
« on: September 26, 2005, 10:15:35 am »
I think that were all missing a big piece of the puzzle here with the BU discussion and that is the administration!  The don't give a **** about football and that is evident when they don't hire a football coach for 5 months.  Football is not a priority at BU.  It's not a enrollment booster or a money maker.  Like some one else said before the new athletic complex is being built by Lilse so the high school can play there and so on...  It doesn't matter who comes into that job, we could get Larry Kerhes or Lloyd Carr, they would still lose at BU because there is no support from the administration.

First, don't be so confident your going to get some conference wins!  Second, just wait till you see how bad Auggie does in the CCIW and then your going to feel worse.  So you guys had a GREAT SEASON LAST YEAR AT 6-4!!! WOW!!!  Plan on being 1-9 this year and looking for a new head coach because if EMMY doesn't get it done then he's out of there.

Here are my predictions for this weekend:

Rockford in a record setting win
Northwestern by +40
Trinity BC  NOTTT!!!!!
MLC by 21 pts
Blackburn squeeks by MBBC

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: Illini-Badger Conference
« on: September 23, 2005, 03:42:59 pm »

I will agree with you about the IBC champion getting to the playoffs and getting beat by 30 or 40 points because lets face it, the IBC is a weak conference.  Here something else that you should look at is the WIAC is supposedly the best conference in the nation but look at their track record when it comes to the playoffs.  Their champ makes it past the second round and then gets their butts kicked by the #1 seed.  It doesn't matter who playes Mt. Union, St. John's, Linfield, etc. they're going to get clobbered.  D3 is similar to NAIA; alot of good teams but when it comes to playoffs there is a major drop off from the top 5 to the rest.


I hear that Vince at UD might be in trouble this year.  The only way I think he can save his job is by beating Loras, which after hearing all the discussion about Loras sounds like it could be possible.

It's kind of dead in here!  I was surprised to see that UM Morris lost to Westy this last weekend.  I looked at the stats and UM Morris had 0 yards rushing.  Don't know what that stat indicates; either UM Morris can't run the ball and the O-Line is struggling or Westy's defense is just that good?  I don't know but I'll be interesteed to see how Westy does this week.

Not the point, PAT!!!!!  HMMMMM, lets see keep the clock running or stop the clock with dropped balls and imcomplete passes.  Pat, a little lesson for you when your beating the tar out of your opponent, hurry up and run the clock out!

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