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West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by D O.C. on Today at 01:43:59 am »
From memory, both in person and on computer:
LINFIELD has shown for 62 years it can win some games it should not have. They are prepared to capitalize on the opponent's mistakes.
IMHO, Mary Hardin Baylor has been the better team in every meeting.

In 2009 they showed up in McMinnville with Quincy in their backfield. They silenced the Catdome by jumping out 4 scores to nothing. However, they tried to play with 2 quarterbacks, one to pass and one to run. The ball bounced in the 'CATS favor without a doubt (ask Eric Hedin if he'd ever run that far with the ball). 'CATS were ready. Took 'ol Mo away from the Crusaders and embarrassed them.

2014 in Belton I will never understand the CRU on our goal line having pushed us down the field. A field goal that went amiss? Isn't that what happened? Why no run to win the game 35-31? 'CATS 31-28.

2015 in McMinnville perhaps LINFIELD was the better team leaving it all on the field 38-35 . A great deal of energy was spent to win that game and St. Thomas reaped the benefit the next week.

2016 will forever be in the minds of the 'CAT family. A deserved pre-season #1 ranking left in the Cruthederal humidity. A key 2nd half injury happens, a bad snap, and the wheels were jerked off by the true #1 team. LINFIELD had only been humiliated like that once in their football history. Finish business to earn another cooler trip to that Texas Stadium for a respectable loss. Still, an elimination so early in the playoffs?

2017 back in McMinnville for probably the last home and home meeting for awhile. Athletes on both sides of the ball. The purple and yellow ones pulled 2 great plays out of their helmet and there was no ball bouncing the WILDCAT way after that. We somehow felt a little good not giving up 62.

Much work by LINFIELD and they seem ready to leave the pines for the plains and see if the 'CRU really is the best at this time of year. Probably. They've beaten themselves before but those chinks don't seem to be in their armor any more.


IIRC, it's voted on by coaches.  St. Glenn needs to make more friends with his peers.  :P
isn't it a 9 team Horan got one or two and Fasc and GC split the rest? I believe that sju has been out worked and out coached but to have about half of your peers not respect your success must be tough to swallow. I'd love a conference championship but if I were a coach I'd like to be recognized by my peers too. Would suck to share coach of the year w a guy you beat...someone once told me that actions had consequences. #onnsidekick #fakepunt #fakextrapoints

Am I to presume you're an honest guy and didn't look at any scores yet?  ??? ;D ::)

This was posted at 10:30 AM Tuesday morning, a good 6 hours at least until any of the teams tipped off Greek, so he's definitely good:

partial entry

Paulsen - Principia vs Wash U  21st
Ekekeugbor - Baruch vs SUNY-Old Westbury  21st
Ross - Springfield vs Keene St  21st
Cook - Neb Wes vs Iowa Wes  24th
Lucas - Anderson vs UW-Whitewater  25th
Gray - Emerson vs Suffolk  21st
Cullinane - Grinnell vs Central  21st
Wildermuth - Central vs Grinnell  21st
Nixon - Greenville vs Knox  21st
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: REGULAR SEASON: One-and-Done League
« Last post by ronk on Today at 12:41:06 am »
Paulsen - Principia vs Wash U  21st
Ekekeugbor - Baruch vs SUNY-Old Westbury  21st
Ross - Springfield vs Keene St  21st
Cook - Neb Wes vs Iowa Wes  24th
Lucas - Anderson vs UW-Whitewater  25th
Gray - Emerson vs Suffolk  21st
Cullinane - Grinnell vs Central  21st
Wildermuth - Central vs Grinnell  21st
D Jeffries - Buena Vista vs Greenville 25th
Nixon - Greenville vs Knox  21st

previous week 1
Danzig - Scranton vs PSU-Berks 17th
Howard - Catholic vs TBD 19th
Light - Lebanon Valley vs TBD 18th
Federici - F&M vs Miseri 15th
Monroe - Cabrini vs Denison 18th
Echevarria - Nichols vs Lasell 18th

Am I to presume you're an honest guy and didn't look at any scores yet?  ??? ;D ::)

No, because I had entered all of them 14 hours earlier except D Jeffries game on the 25th; was just consolidating to have all my selections in one place.
Well put me down 0-3. Still into football season mode among other things.

Bridgewater state
North Central

East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Last post by Teamski on Today at 12:33:06 am »
Wesley's run offense is statistically better than Brockport's in both run efficiency and yards per play.  The Wesley defense also allows less yards per play.  This with a slightly better strength of schedule (50 vs 57).

Both of you can play for Occidental when they reform, you know.
Fill out the applications, start putting those aid packages together, and... oh yeah, tweet the OC.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« Last post by WUH on Today at 12:14:19 am »
Looking around the league, in addition to the Emory Win over Piedmont...

Chicago lost at home to North Park, 70-67.  Looking forward to hearing more about that. 

Hobart downed Rochester 72-61. 

Case Western Reserve lost to Denison, 74-69.  TJ Duckett scored 13 but only played 21 minutes.

Carnegie Mellon came from behind to beat Bethany who had a chance to take the last shot for the win or overtime, but the Tartans pulled down the rebound and were fouled with 0:04 left.

Washington University defeated Principia College, 71-57
in one of the uglier games we will see this season.  The Bears were definitely thrown off by the Principia zone and maybe the Principia gym which has nothing but miles of empty space behind each basket.  The Bears looked tentative to start and trailed 31-30 at the half.  They needed a +19 rebounding advantage and career day for Jake Knupp (25 points) to avoid the upset.

Definitely one of the uglier games as far as officiating is concerned.

As for Principia, Trevaughn Goodman played just 15 minutes after being relegated to the bench after his second foul.  Goodman was slow to get up after get knocked down on a lay-up attempt.  He was slow to get to the bench, but he would come back in until he picked up his fourth foul.  He did not return late in the game, but I did see him jog down the stairs to the locker room.  Principia turned out a small but very vocal crowd that were standing in applause until the bitter end.
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Season - National Perspective
« Last post by Gregory Sager on Today at 12:11:45 am »
Great stuff, Gregory Sager! +k for sure (adding to your massive total).  Thank you for the extensive overview of North Park.

Mr.!  You did your school proud.  An impressive and persuasive description/endorsement of NPU.

Thanks, both of you!

One further question, if you know.  All of the immigrant communities you cited as living in North Park and creating that impressively diverse zip code make sense intuitively, to me at least, except for Sweden.

Swedes don't really live there anymore, especially in working-class Albany Park south of campus. There are plenty of Swedish-Americans in the North Park neighborhood north of the campus, to be sure, but no Swedish immigrants. Sweden basically stopped losing its sons and daughters to the New World after World War One.

The children who attend the elementary school that borders NPU to the south speak 37 different languages in their various homes. Swedish isn't one of the 37.

  What were Swedes in the 1890s fleeing?  I think of Sweden as a wealthy and very attractive country to live in, and in some ways perhaps preferable to our grand USA.  Maybe that was not the case in the 1890s as I know virtually nothing about the history of Sweden, or perhaps the affiliation with that specific religious faith was the key.

Sweden was still a poor country back in the late 1800s, although not Ethiopian-famine poor, and the modern democracy that now characterizes Sweden was only beginning to emerge from the oligarchy that had traditionally run the nation since it became a constitutional monarchy during the Napoleonic era. It was also a primarily agrarian country that had a burgeoning population and a limited amount of arable land, with a relatively short growing season (Sweden's pretty far north, as the main areas that sent immigrants to the U.S. were from the same latitude as Juneau, AK, the Canadian semi-province of Labrador, and Siberia's Kamchatka Peninsula). Once word started trickling back via letters home from the earliest immigrants to the U.S. that there was abundant land to be found over here that the Americans were practically giving away, the trickle began to turn into a flood. And once major Swedish immigrant settlements began to arise in big cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle, as well as such smaller cities as Jamestown, NY, Worcester, MA, and Rockford, IL, where laborers and skilled tradesmen could find good-paying work easily through the immigrant community, the prospect of moving to America became even more attractive. Sweden did have a state church (and continued to have one until 2000), and like all countries that had state churches it was at least inconvenient and uncomfortable to be a religious dissenter, although open persecution never really existed. So that was a contributing factor as well, although the main reasons behind Swedish immigration during the peak period (roughly 1870-1910) were economic.

Did you know former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was a Kenyon grad, overlapping with yours truly (re:  the real Paul Newman)?  He wrote a senior thesis about the United Auto Workers union.  He was assassinated in Sweden in 1986...."His murder by an unapprehended assailant on a street in Stockholm on 28 February 1986 was the first of its kind in modern Swedish history, and the first assassination of a national leader since Gustav III. It had a great impact across Scandinavia.[1] Local convict and addict Christer Pettersson was convicted of the murder in the first instance court tingsrätten, but was acquitted on appeal to the Svea hovrätt." (Wikipedia)

I didn't know that Palme was a Kenyon grad, although it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that he wrote his senior thesis about the UAW. His tenure as PM in Sweden was kind of a tense time for Swedish/American relations, which I saw firsthand at North Park. Several Swedes were pretty aggressive on campus in terms of pointing fingers at us Americans and telling us how rotten and corrupt we all were, and explaining to us in a very condescending fashion how we ought to run our country. That was a long time ago, though, and Sweden is a very different -- and far less homogenous -- country now than it used to be. The vast majority of the Swedes I've met over the years have been very polite and mild-mannered, which leads me to believe that the Palmeist period was kind of an aberration that brought out the militant side of certain college-age Swedes.

RE:  U Chicago and is reputation for brutal misery.....all the more impressive that such talented soccer players can manage the rigors of the school with the commitment necessary to compete at a high level.  I think of Swarthmore and Hopkins as perhaps similar for really smart kids with perhaps a bit of a masochistic streak.

One thing's for sure at the U of C -- you play sports there for your own satisfaction and for the sake of your teammates, not because there's any sort of campus glory in it. I've met several Maroons and ex-Maroons over the years, and there's a refreshing lack of ego about them with regard to their athletic accomplishments. I suspect that toiling in anonymity at sports on a campus where excellence is measured in brainpower rather than musclepower gives you that healthy perspective about yourself as a student-athlete.
Jeez, relax over the coaching award. From the MIAC site:

Available records are incomplete, but Gagliardi received the honor that now carries his name at least 14 times in his career, most recently in 2009 after his 27th MIAC championship. He also earned the conference's Coach-of-the-Year award in 1962, 1963, 1965, 1976, 1982, 1985, 1991, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005.

Which means. Gagliardi didn't win the award when, say, he led the highest-scoring team in NCAA history to an unbeaten conference record in 1993. Didn't get it while going unbeaten in conference in 1996. Didn't get it while going unbeaten in the conference in 2002 (with a backup QB). Didn't win it in 1977 after completing a third straight unbeaten conference season. Frankly, given how superior the Tommies' athletes are -- as we've heard so often on here -- it's sort of an outrage Fasching had to share it with a guy who only beat the Johnnies by 3 points.
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