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Future of Football
« on: November 09, 2017, 03:35:29 pm »
I hate to bring up this discussion, but after reading an article yesterday it caused a deep internal thought for the future of football. I love football as much as any other person as it is my personal addiction that I block a large amount of time watching. I've been aware of all the articles published about recent research and former players/coaches advice to help the game. I have always acted under the assumption that any young son of mine would play the game after the age of 14 to reduce the risk of brain damage for precaution. These recent articles discussing the outlook of football and declining participation numbers is alarming and I can't help but think of where the game could be heading. I've come to the belief currently that the future of the sport has two roads that I'll outline below.

Scenario #1 (Best Case):
  • Children before age of 14 play flag football
  • Helmet technology and medical research unveils breakthrough treatments for any brain damage incurred

Scenario #2 (Worst Case):
  • The current nature of the game is replaced with flag football
  • Pro Flag Football replaces NFL, collegiate teams replace teams with flag as does high schools
  • Here is a link to a startup pro flag league: (might be the future of the sport)

I don't think the sport will dissolve complete, unless you consider the nature of the sport changing as so, but instead will evolve into the scenario's outlined. I believe these outcomes to be true due to the overwhelming popularity and invested financial and culture resources currently in the sport that will find a way to evolve the game before it were to dissolve. Here is the link of the article below:

What is everyone's thoughts about where the future of football will be?
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Re: Future of Football
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2017, 05:27:36 pm »
I can't imagine that the NFL (as a business) is quite that vulnerable to head injuries. It won't be brought to it's knees over this. Heck, the national anthem protests are probably causing more defections among advertisers. The NFL is taking a hit, but won't be a flag football league anytime in the foreseeable future (in my opinion).

BUT: I can easily see the NFL and the overall sport declining in popularity over the next decade - that's happening already. I can see overall participation decreasing, playing before the age of 12-14 coming to a halt, and some 'less commited' colleges (like Oxy) dropping the sport. I think D-2 Humbolt St. is folding up their team after this year.

EDIT: I tried to get a discussion going after the PBS Frontline episode a few years ago on brain injuries and the NFL cover-up. Didn't get much interest:
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