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South Region / Re: South Region Rankings and Playoffs
« Last post by Ron Boerger on Today at 08:54:53 am »
UT-D and UMHB both lost to ETBU; would have to think UT-D is a lock for a pool C nonetheless.   So you definitely have

Trinity/Southwestern winner (SCAC Pool A)
UT-D (ASC Pool C)
and then what?   Does the ASC get three teams in?   If HX wins the SAA they could get bused in again.  If Oglethorpe (#1 seed) wins they could go somewhere closer to home and fly in a fourth team.

UT-D probably hosts again regardless.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by USee on Today at 08:46:38 am »
It seems to me IWU wanted NCC to win last night.  If Augie is in Pool C IWU gets to the table for sure as Augie likely goes early. Now with NCC itís unclear how quickly IWU might get to the table based on relative rankings.  Going to be a tense day for CCIW fans.
Great Lakes Region / Re: MIAA
« Last post by pointlem on Today at 08:28:40 am »
If I were OldKnight (we miss you) or TUAngola I would feel snake bit. With their fellow fans, they had good reason to believe a well-earned victory was at hand with their teams on Friday and Saturday having the lead and the ball with mere seconds to go. And yet Hope somehow managed to snatch heart stopping overtime victories from both.

Last night, Hope came from 16 points down against the #6 team and needed all of Madison Geers' five points in the final 11 seconds of regulation--the last two at the buzzer on a perfectly designed and executed long in bounds pass with 1.6 seconds left. The coach looked like a genius for drawing up the pick that freed the player, but the players had to execute with no margin for error. It was stunning.

As a long-time Hope fan, I perhaps anticipated this weekend as the portal to the NCAA tournament that follows.  In hindsight, the savoring of those two exciting victories will be a great memory of its own, regardless of what follows.

And a special congrats to Francesca Buchanan, who sat out the entire 2nd quarter with two fouls and but two points at half. . . but then played with fierce determination 23 of the ensuing 25 minutes, ending up with a game-high 21 points (and 1000+ career points).
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by jayhawk on Today at 08:26:02 am »
Give me a break
You swing an elbow and hit Schneider in the chin and deck him and Schneider gets knocked down without faking
Both teams played rough  and in general the refs allowed that for both teams so that is fine so I am not sure you call a foul when the ball is being pressured then
You do not let a flagrant foul go uncalled.
Intentional or not intentional
That is  a dangerous play
South Region / Re: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by Ron Boerger on Today at 08:22:12 am »
Going to be interesting to see what happens with the ASC in the playoffs after ETBU knocked out UTD in the semis and then defeated UMHB for the championship this weekend.   ETBU pool A, probably UTD pool C with UMHB being the odd team out.  Over in the SCAC, Austin lost unexpectedly to Southwestern in the semis which likely eliminated the SCAC's slim hopes for a second team.   UTD likely hosts in a scenario when they, ETBU, Trinity all make the playoffs. 
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by nescac1 on Today at 08:05:00 am »
It's two good story lines in today's NESCAC championship and I think the winner will produce coach of the year, deservedly. 

Wesleyan lost two key seniors from last year's team, which had a disappointing end to the season.  Then, Salim Green, who I think was headed for a big year, did not return.  Nor did valuable bench scorer Andrew Gardiner.  If you look at the contributions Wesleyan is getting this year, Bonner, O'Brien (who has missed a big chunk of the second semester), and Krill were really the only guys who were major contributors last season.  Jordan Sears has gone from a seventh man to likely DPOY in the league.  JR Bascom has really improved moving into a starting role down low.  And of course three frosh have played big roles for the Cards, especially Austin Hutcherson, who has played a key role wherever he's been needed, both at the point on the wing.  Plus a few sophomores who saw no meaningful time last year have grown into solid role players. 

Williams took a different path, as much bigger things were expected to start the season, despite the graduation of Dan Aronowitz.  But then Kyle Scadlock went down and Mike Greenman was lost for much of the second semester, and his back-up Chris Galvin missed a few games as well.  Williams has since then been carried by last year's sixth and seventh men, both of whom had to shift from role players to stars. 

Both squads are on major rolls and are very deserving of NESCAC titles.  Alas, only one can win! 

In my view all but three league awards are decided heading into today. COY, I noted above.  ROY and DPOY are locked down by Wesleyan players.

First team is Heskett/Casey/Gilmour/Pace/Daly.  If Williams wins the title I think Heskett is POY, if not, Daly probably holds on by a thread.  Second team, I think McCarthy, Riopel, Gendron, and Krill have all earned spots.  For the fifth spot, it's a toss-up between Hoffmann, Grassey, Bonner, and O'Brien.  Of that group, Grassey has been the most consistent, Bonner the best scorer, Hoffmann is I think the most talented player and after an up-and-down year has come on late with two huge NESCAC tourney games, and O'Brien is the most impactful in the minutes he did play, but arguably missed too much time.  O'Brien and Bonner have one more chance to make their cases today. 
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« Last post by Titan Q on Today at 08:02:48 am »
If Augsbrug gets knocked off tomorrow that would almost certainly launch Bethel into the regional rankings. This would mean that Augsburg would be 5-5 vRRO. I don't know if that would change where you guys have them, but that is a lot of results. Is 4-3 even better than 5-5?

Wins: (at SJU (MIAC Semi-Final), vs. Wartburg (Las Vegas), at Bethel, vs. Loras, at St. Olaf)
Loses: (at SJU, vs. SJU, vs. Bethel (MIAC Championship), vs Bethel (Regular Season), vs St Olaf)

With a loss, Augsburg would be...

* Augsburg (WE/MIAC): .714 (20-8)/.539 ish/5-5

I think they'd be in at #20 or #21.  For now, I bumped Augsburg down to #20 (had them a few spots higher) because that's where they'd be if the WP drops from .741 to .714.

I'll have to look at the full bracket picture tonight, but right now, I like Hanover in the Emory pod.

How about this Auggie recruits signing day!! Well done young man.

After this weekend the Auggies look good! Basketball takes down UST and SJU, Hockey takes down SJU. Wrestling vs SJU takes....oh never mind! You don't want to know! There is a Monkey something in there.
I may have to follow this kid on Twitter just to see him eat breakfast,take out the trash, fold laundry etc... stuff that normal people do everyday yet he finds fascinating enough that he puts on his Twitter feed. ::)
South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by 2RMCFans on Today at 08:01:41 am »
It is GREAT to see 2 teams in the ODAC Championship that we don't often see in such a big game.  What a conference.  May the best team win today... GO WASPS!!!  GO MAROONS!!!!
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