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Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Great Lakes Region
« Last post by Domino1195 on Today at 06:44:07 am »
What a game today.

Honestly, at times, JCU looked lost and out of it. That being said, there were other time where the team looked as if it could score at any minute. Both JCU and CMU had one shot that hit the bar. JCU also missed an open net with about 10 minutes left. This was pretty much as even as two teams could be, both keepers made some great saves as well. For a team like JCU to travel to CMU, in 90 degree heat, and get a tie is a good result for them.

CMU also looked great, particularly in the first half hour of the game. JCU couldn't really get anything started at the beginning.

Now moving on to that last play in regular time... I have never seen such a composed decision in a collegiate game before. I honestly believe that 99% of players are going to shoot the ball if it is at their feet, in the box, with 3 seconds left in the game. The one player for JCU had the composure to slide the ball over to the other side of the box to find Rozsits who put it away with 1 second left on the clock! Incredible!

JCU deserved to score, I believe they really outmatched CMU the last 10 minutes of regular time. I give credit to the coaches, they pulled out a lot of starters with 30 minutes left in the game to send them back in rested with 10 minutes left and apply pressure. JCU looked as if they would get a winner in OT until Lombardo got a (deserved) 2nd yellow. Although he got the first one from celebrating the tying goal (...dumb).

Both the teams looked great, and I expect them to compete nationally. As far as rankings go, I expect both teams to stay about the same; CMU might even rise a bit.

Great match and write-up. Being a fan and providing objectivity is appreciated. Definitely worth staying indoors on a 90 degree day to watch this evenly played game. And I agree on the final shot
- the announcer said "1" and I still wasn't sure he'd get the shot off. But this was a fair result.

Surprised at the water breaks. College obviously allows for subs whereas pros don't. I thought the Cap-TM game would employed this as well - 95 at game time, also on turf. The officials did not.
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Great Lakes Region
« Last post by Domino1195 on Today at 06:35:24 am »
Has anyone seen Depauw play?  Both Wooster and Manchester beat them this weekend.

I have not - but I've seen Manchester twice and Wooster twice. I'd tip Wooster as having a good chance to finish 4th in the NCAC - as I've said previously they are scrappy and they don't quit. They have a young coach who impresses me with his sideline demeanor, his mgmt of the team - and I think he got to them after that horrible collapse vs Baldwin Wallace. Manchester frustrated ONU for 70 minutes - not much in the way of attacking play and not exactly parking the bus. Did the same to Otterbein first half. Interested to see what happens at Heidelberg.

Going to run my Massey numbers later today but the NCAC is clearly down this year. I don't think Oberlin is a given for the post season - after OWU and Kenyon, eliminating Wittenberg - it's up for grabs.
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Centennial Conference
« Last post by Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan) on Today at 06:08:04 am »
  On my way back Wed from the MD seashore, I took a side trip to a haunt as a youth(Tolchester Beach on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay) and drove by the campus of Washington College in the process. Hadn't known before that Washington is the 10th oldest college in the US. Spared my wife the pleasure of looking at another D3 gym, though.

You didn't miss anything you couldn't have seen in a HS in 1970.

That sounds harsher than I meant it to.  It's a fine gym.  It works for them.  It's got a pretty great homecourt advantage.  It's just smaller and older.

I live in Middletown, DE - which I'm sure you passed through on the way home.  Next time we should coordinate lunch or something.

 No, it was back across the Bay Bridge for me since I live in your wife's high school area(Magruder - recalling from a previous chat board exchange). I'll keep the offer in mind if I'll be in the Middletown(DE) area in the future.

Right.  I forgot you don't live in Scranton, you just live Scranton.
This is obviously not about football but this is not the first time Oxy has had trouble dealing with some of their leadership.

This happened my senior year and I believe the coach was gone after the season (there is no history section on the Oxy website).

Whatever happens, I think the AD has set out some irreparable comments and actions.  It is too bad for the kids on the team and the parents that are spending a lot of money for their kids to get a first class education while playing a game they all love.  Hopefully everything gets figured out sooner than later.
Athletic Directors do not need to be jerks...

Whittier may have a ways to go but the direction overall is at least up with respect to supporting their athletes and athletics in general and itís nice to see.  AD Robert Coleman knows athletes in the programs by name, makes it a priority to attend games, meets, matches...and found the time to travel to Whitworth to watch the season opener.  Iíve met him and I know heís sincere about building every program onto a competitive footing.  They have an Athletic Leadership council and training group designed to help develop a winning culture.  This does not guarantee league titles, but it certainly doesnít hurt the pursuit.

On another note, my oldest son played at a school in the midwest where the team suffered a horredous conference play losing streak, they finally broke it on the last home game of his senior year.  After the game was long over, the AD ordered to scoreboard left on overnight.  When my son and the other seniors went to the field after midnight to have a beer at midfield and celebrate, after a bit of time someone walk out to the field...they figured they were going to be chased off.  Nope, it was the AD.  He cracked open a beer and toasted the day with them.  One of the best nights of my sonís college experience.
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Jack Parkman on Today at 01:41:22 am »
I was out at dinner last night and was standing outside where I saw a woman wearing a Linfield pullover jacket so I struck up a conversation with her.  She was surprised I had heard about Linfield and we chatted about the school and she told me her son had played football there.  I believe she said he graduated around 2002 and his name was Eric Krom.  Very nice family and I enjoyed talking to both of them about my visits to Linfield and they couldn't say enough great things about their experience being football parents there.  The father was an old college baseball player and we had a great conversation about that.  Always neat to see some other D3 people out in the wild and getting a chance to chat with them.
It was Cardew that got the call and he performed. Why be such a cynic?
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by D O.C. on Today at 12:40:22 am »
Hey Debbie...
Re: West Region Fan Poll
ę Reply #392 on: September 22, 2017, 12:57:38 am Ľ

I'm pleasantly surprised - not that polls mean mushrooms to a cow pie - that and you voters have graced LINFIELD with faith.

My opinion two days ago and I'm not a downer.
Williams beats Colby 24-7. The Jonathan Michaeles sh-t show continues at Colby. He should have been fired already. I'd fire over breakfast coffee tomorrow. These players and families deserve more. If you disagree you don't know sh-t about football, or coaching. Stop with the excuses already. Lack of coaching and leadership ist the problem. And the new OC s-cks as well. He had 2 winning seasons out of 10 at Catholic. That's why he got fired. Bring in some leaders and winners.

We will have some positive insights for you on the Colby coaching situation this week. Stay tuned...
Nescacman, where was the game played? My son is saying Gillette Stadium?

The game was at Wesleyan, although there were discussions about having a NESCAC double header to start the season at Gillette when there was an 8-game schedule.
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