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I saw Mount Union was beating Averett 72-0 AT THE HALF.  There's just something really sick about that.  As Mount Union's coach, what do you tell your subs to do in the 2nd half? 

Looks like a good start for the ODAC so far.  Anyone have news from HSC?  I saw they were up 10-7 last check on the scoreboard.

Congrats to the Generals on winning the ODAC this year!  Enjoy the playoff experience and make the ODAC proud!

It's not often that a team starts a year off with 2 shutouts.  So I looked around a little bit to see how often it's happened in the last 5 years, and how those teams have done in the next game, and for the season.

Nice work mizzou.  If I can't find much of anything else, may I use this for my "Statistically Speaking" on my web site?  Of course I'll give credit where credit is due. :)

Absolutely Matt!  Don't feel like you need to ask about using anything I post on a public forum :-)  I'm only too happy to contribute to the!

It's not often that a team starts a year off with 2 shutouts.  So I looked around a little bit to see how often it's happened in the last 5 years, and how those teams have done in the next game, and for the season.

Currently, BC is the only D3 team this year (correct me if I'm wrong) with 2 shutouts through 2 games.  A handful of teams have only played one game and have 1 shutout.

In 2005, only Hobart started the year off with 2 shutouts (21-0 & 34-0).  In the third game of the season, they won 56-48.  They finished the season at 9-2 with a 2nd round playoff loss.

In 2004, no team started off with 2 shutouts.

In 2003, Rowan (21-0 & 30-0, third game W 25-19), Mass.-Dartmouth (20-0 & 29-0, third game W 34-13), North Central (55-0 & 21-0, third game W 17-14), and Amherst (34-0 & 21-0, third game L 17-14) started off with 2 shutouts.  Rowan finished at 7-3 and didn't make the playoffs...Mass-Dartmouth finished 9-2 and won the ECAC Div. III Northeast Championship...North Central finished 7-3 and didn't make the playoffs ...the first score Amherst gave up was on a blocked punt...they rebounded to shutout their next 2 opponents (yes, 4 of first 5 games were shutouts) before finishing the season 4-4.   

In 2002, only Tufts (20-0 & 27-0, third game W 44-13) started off with 2 shutouts.  They finished the year 3-5.

In 2001, Amherst (24-0 & 35-0, third game W 7-3) was the only team to start off the season with 2 shutouts.  Amherst only gave up 46 points on the season to finish 7-1.

As far back as I looked (2001), no D3 team has started a season off with 3 shutouts.  Each team that started with 2 shutouts won its third game except 2003's Amherst, which gave up a blocked punt for TD in a 3pt loss.  While starting off with 2 shutouts usually produced a winning season (only 2 exceptions), only 2005's Hobart made the NCAA playoffs following a 2 shutout start.

Was the BC-McDaniel score pretty indicative of how the game went? Basic domination from BC, and no threat of a comeback from McD this year?

McDaniel's coach said on the postgame show that they needed to recruit some more players, that they just aren't at the level that they have been.  It didn't sound too promising for the Terror for this season, and didn't look too promising on the field today.

Did anyone else at the BC-McDaniel game feel like we were getting a little bit of a flashback to BC 2001 on the offensive side of the ball?    The option without fumbles, a quick running QB again, a large target in Copeland downfield, and Young doing his thing in the first half (Carter not doing too shabby in the 2nd half either).  It was only one game, but I couldn't help getting a little excited watching the offense operate on McDaniel's D. 

Really, the only negative was Highfill missing badly on a half-dozen passes.  The receivers were usually open... he just overthrew 2 or 3 (including the 3rd and goal pass to a wide open receiver in the end zone), and short hopped a few of the side line passes.  That needs to be fixed by conference play, but he also made some really crisp completions too.

But sheesh... the Oline gave Highfill all day to throw the ball, and the Dline had Baer running all day.   Hard to say how good the secondary was, but I don't think they had any passes completed for over 20 yards. 

I always knew there were a lot of BC fans on this board ... but I had to see how 'bad' it was.  So here is a list of who has posted from what schools in the last month on here...

Matt Barnhart (kid)
Photos for bc

Emory & Henry
EHC Old Man
e h dad




Washington & Lee

So as you can see, Bridgewater has had 18 people post ... with the rest of the ODAC having a total of 16.  Everyone has had at least one rep, but the H-SC one has only posted once (ever).

Ok, I can't hold off any longer.  May the next 4 months of addiction commence!

Congrats Kid! 

Maybe try posting this on the Basketball board for more response?


I noticed earlier that your son was still looking at colleges to play football at.  Any decision yet?

I voted that nobody would, but only because after the first conference win, it won't be a 35-game winning streak anymore. :)

Well I guess we've got Pat's pick for the BC-HSC showdown :)

Wasn't Sangfroid the guy who wrote about young boys wanting to have sex with their mothers?
Yeah, I think you're right.  A lot of people don't know this, but Sangfroid's first cousin, Sigmund Freud, was a tight end at Catholic when a guy named Oedipus was QB back in the 1920's.  The priest coaching the Cardinals thought the QB was making too many passes at Freud, so he told him to do a couple of Hail Mary's and a crossing pattern instead.

I've got to say, you've definitely brought a unique flare to the off-season discussions :)  You should have brought some of this into the Ricca-Washington saga earlier this season!

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: January 10, 2006, 03:47:42 pm »

I just skimmed the voting part of the DNR article after reading the results that Pat posted on the blog.  I didn't notice the contradiction until later this morning when you pointed it out.  I was guessing the reporter's source was Stone, but maybe not...or maybe he got it mixed up over the phone call. 

In any case, thanks for following up and staying on top of it Pat!

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: January 10, 2006, 10:17:57 am »
An article/interview with the chairman of the President's Council, recapping some of the recent voting and some the Council's philosophy.

We others are just thinking maybe "another small chink in the armor".....small, yes even mircoscopic but maybe a place to slip in.

This past year shows how much of a difference a 'small chink' could have made, with HSC-W&L-BC all playing very competitive games to decide the top of the league.

BC may take some time to adjust, but the program is one that I believe can absorb this coaching change...similar to Mount Union this past season.

Interesting thought on what BC's offense could evolve towards if the WR coach is promoted to OC.  May depend on who the QB is (any word yet on if Lewis is coming back?).  I wouldn't be surprised to see a resurgence of the option at BC this upcoming season with Highfill and Young.

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