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Pat or anyone with knowledge on this.  

How long are the schools entering D3 in "provisional" status.  I think I read correctly that they are not eligible for NCAA tournament play for 4 seasons.  But at what point will games vs. these teams count as a regional game.  

For intance UM-Morris was provisional last season.  Bethel had them on their schedule and is going to play them again this year.  Do games like this not count until their 4 years are up or at what point will they count?

Pat Coleman:
It's the same length. When the provisional period is over, after the end of the fourth year, then all appropriate games therafter will count as regional games.

Scott Ludwig:
OK, I see several members of the UMAC listed on this site now.  Actually all but Northland College are listed.  I think that is great!

I know some of the schools were scheduled to begin their provisional status, but I am unsure about a few.

Here is when I thought schools were starting provisional status:


Crown College, Presentation College

Bethany Lutheran, Northwestern College

Martin Luther College, Northland College, St. Scholastica

Can anyone confirm this or explain?  As I understand it, these teams are not officially full D3 members or eligible for D3 postseason for 4 seasons of provisional status.

Pat Coleman:
Northland is on this site. They are in the West region with the rest of them.  

Martin Luther, Nortland and St. Scholastica actually are already NCAA Division III members. However, they are also NAIA members, and in the past they have chosen to declare for the NAIA postseason, making them ineligible for the NCAA's.

To my understanding, Martin Luther and Northland are declaring NCAA this year, but St. Scholastica is still declaring NAIA. They can change their minds up until sometime in midseason.

I see that on the regional pages, you have Northland counted as regional games but not Martin Luther.  Do you have to wait to verify what ML declares for postseason before they are counted as regional games?


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