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This is the new home of MIAA discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.

 ;D Thanks Pat.  This may take awhile to get used to the new format, although I'm sure eventually everyone will get the "hang of it".

Not much to report as yet.  Albion started practice last week as they have a game on Labor Day weekend as you know.  Hope reported today; I'm sure some of our fellow MIAA posters will give us the news on the other teams.  I'll probably have some comments on Hope later next week when I've had a chance to see some prelims at practice.  In the meantime, best to you and all our fellow posters.

Flying Dutch Fan:
I read on another discussion board (mlive) that someone was reporting that Olivet had 60 freshman show up for football.  How does that number relate to the other schools?


Things are awfully quiet, especially with Albion opening up Labor Day week-end.  What's going on in the MIAA?  The L'il Giants open again against K-College, this year in Crawfordsville.  What do you think their coaching change will do for them?  Always enjoy your insights...good luck to the Hope program in '05. 

Good to hear from you and thanks for the kind comments.  Likewise, I enjoy your take on the various aspects.  Yes, I was thinking the same thing about it being quiet ???, although I'm sure the posting activity will increase soon.

Hope's final annual pre-first game scrimmage is not until next weekend Sept 3rd so I'll be able to tell you better then (they still only do an intrasquad one unlike some of the other schools that do the inter-collegiate scrimmages).  Albion has a ton of people out too (just like Hope); they are expecting big things (so is Adrian).  It will be interesting to see how they do against Butler.  As you know, Butler has not been that good as a IAA non-scholarship team of recent years, although I suspect they may be better this year.  Realistically, if they played like some of the better IAA non-sch teams, they should beat Albion handily.

K-zoo's new coach, from what I have heard (from a prof there), is well-liked and they have an optimistic attitude.  After the down year last season, however, it may be hard for them to turn it around that much.  I suspect that your LG's will not have any problem against the Hornets, especially since it is down at your place.  Nonetheless, it should be a great atmosphere down there for the opening game - always great to have a beautiful sunny Sept game opener.  The other MIAA teams - your guess is as good as mine!  Olivet is a wildcard as the others have noted.

We (Hope) open at John Carroll in Cleveland on Sept. 10.  Good luck to your Wabash and we'll keep in touch on the boards.


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