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Yan.....I wish the heck I would have known that before my kid went to BV...because if they give the equivalent of full rides...we got screwed.  HAHA   We still had a substantial family contribution, just as we did at Simpson previous to that, and the student loans that have to be paid back are similar also.  Actually, the financial aid packages that BV and Simpson offered at that time were very similar.  I agree that BV gives the kids with the not as high ACT scores a chance to prove themselves, and I can't remember an academic casualty at BV in the time I have been a follower of the basketball program.

 I wish Wartburg would have treated there football captains and volleyball captains like they supposedly do the basketball players. I'm paying off 40k in student loans that really could have used a scholarship.

Yan....I agree that BV and Wartburg offer more than other IIAC schools, but it has nothing to do with money...I know that for a fact.  It has to do with hiring quality coaches and treating them well so they will stay.  Everyone can have an "excuse" why they aren't on the same level as BV and Wartburg, but it comes down to people.  I know the players at BV would have gone to war with VH any day and he would have done the same for them.  That  means everything in building a consistent  and solid program.  I'm sure the Wartburg people would say the same about Peth.  He's a quality person.  How many other IIAC programs could make the same claim?

Keith Parris:

That is very true, your last post. Since I played at UD, we have had 5 coaches since 1996....no way to build a programm..Hopefully McDermott stays, as he has started a foundation there. In terms of academics, UD had its share of academic failures, but I think the higher tier schools place more emphasis on getting kids eligible, and staying eligible. I know for a fact that some of the kids at UIU (when they won the IIAC) werent the best students (I was in the same juco conference as 3 of them), but they were given the needed help...nothing dirty, just helped more than others. The money thing bothers me, and part of it is because you never know who is really telling the truth ( in terms of what they received). Being from out-of-state, I got a ton of money from UD, but still left there with $20k in loans (up to $70 now with MBA!!) and I know UD wasn't the most expensive schools in the IIAC..and I got a choir scholarship!!! lol, not really

The Crowdpleaser:
I love the talk and how everyone believes that BV and Wartburg are just throwing free money around at kids and "paying" them.  Do any of you understand how financial aid works at the D-3 level?  Comparing them to a NAIA school is apples and oranges.  Does anyone know what NAIA stands for?  D-3 schools are angels compared to those guys.


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