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To make the site easier to search through and help pages load faster, we're breaking the dates up into single games and tournaments.  

This page is where you should post single games. Please let us know when you have filled your postings. Do not repost the same date over and over.

Pat Coleman:
Post men's single game listings here.

Please post notice to delete listings when they are filled, or delete them yourselves if you are the poster. E-mail to info@d3hoops.com is acceptable as well.

Colorado College is looking for 2 DIII home games for our 2021-22 Schedule.

Dates will be November 20th, 21st, or 22nd 2021.
2 Games, both hosted by Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO.

Guarantee and Hotel Rooms can be negotiated, or return game (out of region is fine)

Please contact Assistant Coach Alex Hansen - ahansen@coloradocollege.edu or (775) 223-9097

Buffalo State college is looking for a single game between December 11th and December 19th 2021.  Willing to set up home and home series  over the next 2 years.  Must be within a 2 hour drive to/from Buffalo. Please contact Coach Fajri Ansari at 716- 583-7078 or email at ansarif@buffalo state.edu

Ursinus College is looking for 2021-2022 home or away games on any of the following dates (Willing to set up home and away series over next 2 years):

November 10th
November 13th
December 11th

If interested please contact Brian Rafferty, brafferty@ursinus.edu.


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