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This is the new home of WIAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.

I like it Pat.  Now I've just got to figure out how to use it.  Cool...WARHAWKS,WARHAWKS, WARHAWKS[/b]  8)   

A new era is underway for the "bible" of NCAA III football and basketball fans!  While it might take awhile to adjust, I'm confident that we will all learn to use the new system, including Badger Warhawk.

The two things that I really like about the new site is the readers ability to see the number of "views" each conference site has received to date. I'm sure NWC and MIAC will have the most views in the West region.  Come on WIAC fans! 

I also like the new D3football logo. Very cool!

Something about old dogs and new things comes to mind.


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