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This is pretty cool.  I miss the old posts though.

I guess I am no longer JK.  Now officially "capgrad"

Actually t dubs I am in school now.  Our first day was August 4. Tonight we have our third scrimmage, first for JV. My JV oline is ready to hit someone else.

On a side note, I watch film of Devan Downey's 67 point game last year here at Chester High.  Actually I just watched the 2nd quarter where he scored 32 points and hit 8 three pointers.  UC fans will love him.  But back to football.

I am still debating Cap-Witt.  The long ass drive is pretty hard to swallow.

Just curious if anyone else had to reregister.  Oh well, just one small thing to keep a nice message board up and running.  The new site looks good

 ;)  HA!  I am IN!  I had to re-register, but no matter. 

Football is less than three weeks away!


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