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Great post-up Jeff! Classic stuff.

SD bball:
Good quetions.  Both are good prospects for the NESCAC.  Golia can penetrate and has very high basketball IQ (like Olson).  Olson had to score more for his high school team.  Golia had more teammates to distribute the ball to.  Moore is a different kind of player than Cole.  Very athletic (like Cole), but probably not as quick... brings more offense to the floor.  Works as hard on defense (but we all know Jaris is one of the best on D...)  Don't get me wrong... I don't think these 2 guys alone will take Williams to the promiseland.  I was just repsonding to the earlier question regarding the San Diego recruits.  If I'm not mistaken these two know each other pretty well and played together for the same club team (Olson played for the same club team as well).  I also believe they had opportunities to commit to other schools and chose Williams because of their strong academic backgrounds (not that the other schools weren't strong academically).  I had heard they looked at a couple Ivy's as well.  They attend the top 2 academic high schools in San Diego.

Charles Stone was getting meaner and nastier this spring. Conn is bringing in some shooters and even Trinity will need both Rhotens to stop this year's co-rookie of the year...Cameltime out.

jeff williams:
Yet another two-guard is headed to Williams, Kevin Snyder from Colorado (I think someone referenced him in an earlier post):


Looks like Williams is loading up on guards this year, hopefully a few of them can contribute soon as the Ephs badly need some outside shooting to complement what should be stronger interior play.  

Any further word on rumors of that big guy transfer?

Amherst may have the deepest tesm in the NESCAC next year. Bedford, Casnocha,Olsen and Wheeler all return with significant experience. In addtion the others on the bench are improving and should provide needed depth. It is going to be a fun year.


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