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This is the new home of MIAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.

Wonka--I actually have to work on saturday, but just during the afternoon.  Quitting my job has crossed my mind a few times just so I can enjoy some wild rice brats, rv beverages, and football while in the guise of the brooklyn brawler.  But I guess it's for the best to work, since I have a low tollerance and any festivities on saturday afternoon would most certainy mean trouble for carver county later that night.  We can still travel there together though.

My laptop is going crazy, so my posts will be even more sparse--not like we needed any more messages about Hamms anyway, but whatever.

Q: any current brothers play for different teams in the MIAC?  just wondering after seeing the cover story on d3.

Johnnie Red:
Our thanks to you for your efforts with getting the meat and delivering it, especially when you can't even be there. We'll make sure we do a special Kool-aid toast to you in your absence.
Good Halloween idea, too :D
And, having the Gustie boys talking about a Saturday night in Carver County...you've got to look at that as job security.

Everyone else:
Looks like we're all set. If someone has a stack of paper plates, bring 'em along. I've got 2 propane camping grills that are in the RV. So Esq., thanks but you probably don't need to bother. Duff or Veek, I forgot, did you have another one? Kool-aid dispenser is ready to go.  8)

Retired Old Rat:

--- Quote from: repete on October 19, 2005, 07:41:43 pm ---ROR --

Were you one of the Wanamaker Tornado robots? Back in the old District 16 days?

--- End quote ---

Repete, in high school I was short but slow.  But I couldn't shoot or jump.  So I had all that going for me.  Anoka, yes.  Wanamaker, terrible BB coach.  Even worse history teacher.  That is the first reference to District 16 I have heard in over 30 years, I think.

Who was your high school coach?  Let's see if I can give you the school based on that.

Finally caught up after falling 50 pages behind. 

Finsleft, I have a smokey joe weber grill that I'll bring.  I also have charcoal, Duff, but I can't remember how much. 

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.


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