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Feb. 12  <BR>Illinois C. at Grinnell...GC  <BR>Monmouth at Lake Forest...MC  <BR>Lawrence at St. Norbert...LU  <BR>Carroll at Ripon...RC  <BR> <BR>Feb. 16  <BR>Carroll at Beloit...CC  <BR>Knox at Grinnell...KC  <BR>Illinois C. at Lake Forest...LFC  <BR>Ripon at St. Norbert...RC  <BR> <BR>Siwash

jeff p:
Local talent should help feed the stands a bit. I hope it works!

101 at the lake and 106 in Muscatine when we got there at 3:30. 99 in Grinnell upon arrival at 6:00. The tar was dripping out from underneath the shingles on our farmhouse when we got home!

"that girl" tells a similar story about falling asleep on a bus and, upon awakening, finding herself in unfamiliar territory. She thought she recognized a building and started walking-11:00 at night. Wrong building, and lots of attention given to a lone 23 year old woman walking. She said she just walked as if she knew what she was doing and why she was there and emerged unscathed at a cab stand. She says she saves her sleeping for the L now-At least at night she is usually northbound, but she has made it all the way to the end of the brown line way more than once!

"The Roop":
24 hours from now and I will be signing papers on my new (to me) wheels. The OSHA Violator is dead, long live the OSHA Violator. Does anyone need an 85 Crown Victoria ? 105,000 actual miles and it rides great. You won't pass many gas stations but you will get to them very fast and in comfort. I take PayPal.

"The Roop":
JeffP - I hope you're right about local kids bringing more fans to the games. I also hope that translates into the concession stand preparing more than 5 hot dogs at a time. They always have plenty of gum and candy bars, but I don't want gum and candy bars. I want a soda, a dog (or three) and I don't want to wait 10 minutes for it and miss the start of the second half.

It will be nice to see somebody from Beloit play for BC again. Not to disregard Manuel Fergus but he moved there from Texas while in high school. I know CJ Tubbs dad, on a sort of "Hi how you doing" basis, but so does everyone in/from Beloit I think. Charlie is pretty well known there. He's about as close to a celebrity cop as you can get.

Don't know anything about the other recruits really, although getting someone from Sun Prarie (northside of Madison basically) is a real plus. Same high school conference as Beloit Memorial and there are always a number of D1 prospects in that league.

Walworth-Bigfoot always plays good competition and the Orfordville kids have the benefit of playing together already. Should be interesting in two years.

Mr. Downtown:
A question from the WIAC.

Seeing that this year, Oshkosh kicks off there season against Lawerence, how is Lawerence going look this upcoming season?

Plus, does Josh Hinz still play for Beloit? I remember back at good ole Fort High he lead my high school to State in 2000. Honestly, with how much talent he has, perhaps he should've went to a WIAC school. Oh well, perhaps those recuirts you were talking about will help him out.


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