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yah i agree with you.. anna maria is ranked probally 5th of the five finalist to get in to the gnac.    (newbury, mt. ida, lasell and st. joes of maine are the other finaist.)

there has been rumors of a new new england league starting with the following schools (newbury, lesley, daniel webster, southern vermont, albertus magnus, becker, maine presque isle, mitchell, regis college (if they go co-ed), anna maria and green mountain college (who is spearheading this action)  newbury and anna maira would only do this if they dont get into gnac.

what is everyone's thoughts on this. In two years it would give new england another AQ.

Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan):

I've been saying all year, that there will be shake-ups coming soon in most of the leagues.  I don't know what will get the ball rolling, but if this new league has any weight, this could be the beginning.

Pat Coleman:
If there are big shakeups, will anyone issue news releases? I think the schools you have mentioned have sent this site a combined total of fewer than five releases in their history.

I've got a name for the new conference.....
The SBAL:  S**t Bag Athletic League.  Could that league get any worse?  Would they be considered DIIII schools?
As a former player in the GNAC, I would not be sad to see SVC and DWC go.

yah it could get worse if they added all the NAC teams.. I bet this new league formed woud be better then the NAC.  But the whole point of this new league would be to get a league that is more competitive for all teams involved. 

over time the league would get batter though. i am sure the first year the CCC started they were awful or for just about any league for that matter.


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