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Ralph Turner:
When Lesley going online with a Men's team in 2005-06, I count 11 men's teams and 13 women's teams.  St Joseph's Maine is an affiliate in Baseball.

Has the independent St Joseph's Maine submitted a bid to the NAC or been invited by the NAC to join?

The 12th men's team would allow the NAC to have divisions like the women.

Jason Sullivan:
The Men's side is going with divisional play this season. In the west will be Mount Ida, Elms, Becker, Johnson state, and Castleton State. In the east will be Lasell, Maine Maritime, Thomas, UMaine-Farmington, Husson and Thomas.  
In 2005-2006 Mount Ida will move to the east and Lasell and Lesley will be seeded into the west.  
St. Joes has not been invited to join the NAC as a full member

Ralph Turner:
Jason, Thanks!

New England BBALL:
hey sully did u guys get any recruits from Maine this year??  I heard Erskine didnt return too, what does the team look like this year?

Jason Sullivan:

Jesse has decided to....well to be honest I have no idea what Jesse was thinking. Ron is playing this year, as last year he decided not to play. We'll be okay, McGaughran is going to have a very good year. To be honest I really don't know, its been a very injury riddled first few weeks of practice. We're starting to get some of the guys back. As for incoming freshman (I still count Ron Lane as a frosh) we didn't get any from Maine. Which means I am of course working on getting some for next year


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