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Well at least I have a clean slate as far as a posting bias if I coach at TMC again. 

I was hoping to catch up today on all the reading....from being away from computers. 

Oh well.

jeez, you go watch the new rocky balboa movie and come back to a revamped board. pat has been making waves over here.

new rocky movie, thoughts?

i like seeing rocky, but he doesn't end communism in this one and it was more nostalgic for me and that's about it. on a side note, i don't see too many 60 some year old men looking that put together. wow.

Wow!  This is a bummer.  like saintsfan, I wanted to catch up now that I'm back from visiting my folks and have nothing to do till the 8 of the new year.  Crazy stuff!

This really sucks! I only have 68 posts now.  Glad I kept my karma though.  Has anyone heard any news about Defiance's defensive coordinator?  dc70alum, jacketsfan, anyone?  By the way, Happy Holidays to everyone.


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