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I mean, shouldn't the Empire 8 have its own board? People that go their games to watch their teams get swept all weekend by Ithaca should at least have a place to re-live it. And I should have a place to bitch about how the Empire 8 2006 league leader in both ERA AND Batting Average doesn't win player of the year, when it happens again in 2007.

Play Ball!


any ideas for the league standings this year...?

John McGraw:
1. Ithaca
2. Everyone else

Bob Maxwell:
based on the additions Ithaca has made via the transfer route, I have to say John is 100 percent correct.

So the race is for second place...

no come on we all know that fisher is going to win the E8 and then they are going to undefeated and win the NCAA's all the while they will throw a season long perfect game, no hits no walks all season long


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