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John McGraw:
Welcome to the Liberty League posting board.

John McGraw:
RPI is off to an 8-0 start after their spring break trip to Florida. Great start for the Engineers (yes I know it's Red Hawks, but I like Engineers better), especially after losing All-American Michael Passante to graduation. So far for RPI...

RPI 9 Salve Regina 2, RPI 3 Salve Regina 2
RPI 9 Cornell College 3
RPI 16 Husson 4
RPI 10 John Jay 3
RPI 3 St. John Fisher 2
RPI 13 Widener 3

It's the first time that RPI has gone undefeated under Karl Steffen on their spring break trip. This is Steffen's 23rd year as the head coach. No stats updated from the trip but it appears RPI's getting help from everyone. They now take a two-week break and don't play again until the end of the month.

Rochester swept a doubleheader today with wins over Daniel Webster, 19-3, and Curry College, 8-7. Their trip continues all week as they move on to the UAA championships in Sanford, FL.

Skidmore opened their spring trip today against Framingham State. No score to report from that game.

RPI played some perrenial powerhouse teams too!  Come on John, you know as well as I do that RPI plays CUPCAKES so they can get an easy regional bid.  I respect their program but I don't respect the fact that they load their schedule with virtually no prominent teams.  Simply calling a spade a spade!  That 8-0 is very soft and we'll see how good they are once playoff time comes.

John McGraw:
I agree that RPI beat on some weak sisters, there's no doubting that. The win over St. John Fisher is still impressive in terms of a regional win.

And I think they're going to be a good team. Really the only huge loss is Passante. Maybe last year if their game against Ithaca doesn't go into the wee hours of the night and they play SLU on Friday night instead of Saturday morning, they move on to play ECSU. But, that was then.

I've got no problem with padding the schedule a little bit. The Liberty League conference season has four games in a weekend against each conference opponent. Then the conference tournament to determine the AQ. Given RPI's history and relatively decent record, they're always a threat for a Pool C bid if they don't win the conference.

SLU and Clarkson are nipping at their heels IMO. So, if they want to gain some confidence by pounding poor teams, that's OK. Their real schedule will start at the end of March when they go to play Montclair State and William Paterson in New Jersey. I just wish they still had the non-conference latitude to play Cortland and Ithaca during the season. I think they may have played IC last year but I honestly don't remember.

Besides, the baseball gods have a way of working these things out.

I know this is the Liberty League page, I thought maybe a little U. of Rochester news might be appropriate.

The UAA Tournament started today with U. of Rochester losing a very well played game, 9-2 to Emory.  Yes, well played! 

Glushon started for Emory allowing no runs on 6 hits, 7 K's and no BB's through 7.  He is not over-powering, and located his pitches and changed speeds like he is known for.

Rochester's McEneaney started for Rochester giving up 4 runs on 7 hits through 6 innings.  A 2 run homer in the first by Bralver, and a solo shot in the 3rd by Molnar were McEneaney's only really problem at-bats gathering 6 K's, 2BB's and a HBP.  When the 7th started, Olsen stepped in only to be lifted in the 9th when he ran into trouble allowing 5 Emory runnners to score.  Chodak came in to finish the 9th.

Rochester - 0 errors.  Emory - 1 error.  The umpires made some questionable calls against both teams, but "that's baseball!"   


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