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Does anyone want to take a shot at making a top 10 as far as the Pool B class of 2008.

Ralph Turner:
Without having the benefit of the first Regional Rankings, these are whom I am following.  (I am hoping that we will get the Handbook this week to confirm that there are 6 Pool B bids in 2008.)

Solid Pool B contenders:

Chapman -- West Region
Salisbury --  South Region
Piedmont -- South Region
Rochester -- New York Region  Liberty League member
St Scholastica -- Midwest Region
Ithaca     -- New York Region

Last year, we had 2 Pool B teams earn a Pool C bid.  2007 Championships

I really don't see a team that I would consider on the "Pool C" bubble at this time.  Emory's season has not been as good as last season.

Isn't Rochester in the Liberty League that has a Pool A?

Ralph Turner:

--- Quote from: BRONKO7 on April 21, 2008, 12:20:52 pm ---Isn't Rochester in the Liberty League that has a Pool A?

--- End quote ---
+1! and thanks!

Yes, and Rochester plays RPI this weekend in a four-game series.  Rochester must win 3 of 4 to win the Regular season.

(Rochester competes in the UAA in their Florida Spring Trip Tournament.)

Does that make Emory the 6th?


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