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Hoops Fan:
I don't know any more about Tucker, or where he went.

I did get confirmation on the basketball playoff structure.

It's a normal 8 team tourney, 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 ,4-5, etc

So anyone got any opinions on what's going to happen second semester?  Surprise teams, etc, etc.?

Coach Kurt:
I have you rsurprise team, baby!  Lets go riv.  Miller is coming back and will surprise the conference with a new found jump shot.  He is healthy and should be really fired up due to the injury and surgery that kept him out for the whole first semester.  It's Miller Time for sure!

I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of surprises in the second half. The GNAC is wide open this year so there's not many teams left to provide shock value. Norwich, JW, Emerson, WNEC, Emmanuel, Suffolk, and maybe SVC should battle hard all semester for the 1-7 slots and should get into the tournament. Most teams in the GNAC either won important non-conference games or were very close to beating some of the top teams in New England.  

The upsets might come from the 7 or 8 seeds- two of the three remaining teams will qualify out of  DWC, Riv, and Albertus but historically the 7 and 8 seeds have been quickly dispatched in the tourney and I don't think any of these teams have a chance to upset the 1 or 2 seeds, but that's why they call them upsets!

Can someone talk about SVC? How the heck are they 0-9?  They've had close games with Williams and Keene but also lost to RPI, Curry, and Cazenovia. No rhyme or reason to that...

They might get rolling in the second half...hard to believe they've fallen so far so fast after being at the top for the last two seasons. I know they have a new coach and lost some players from last year- maybe someone from SVC can give more info.

It should be an entertaining season with a lot of close games- it's been that way so far and I don't see much changing.

Anne A:
Not so sure what is going on up in Bennington. I havent been able to get to a game yet. Looking at the roster it seems to be a fairly young team with a lot of new faces and there are some guys from last years team who are still there. They have a new coach, so I think this is just going to be a rebuilding year for them. I would love to see them win a few, and get some momentum going. Seems like they have some close ones and then it just gets away...


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