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Billy 40:
I see all the other conferences listed. What about the CUNY? No love?

Or are you guys saving them for the D4basball.com site? As bad as the conference has been, they are probably at an all time low this year, starting off the 2009 campaign 3-26 as a conference...with 2 wins coming against Yeshiva, the uncontested worst team in teh country 8 years running.

Give them a few more games, they'll soon surpass CCNY's strong 2008 campaign where they went 3-31, which was a great follow up to the 2007 season where they were a respectable 16-11.

Ralph Turner:
Welcome Billy!

The CUNYAC is a Pool B conference.

You are the first fan in 3 1/2 years.  Bring your friends!

Billy 40:
I've been here for a couple of years, I posted in a couple of teh other confernece forums as well as the NAtional. This year thry only bright spot might be CSI, they opened the season against #1 Salisbury and didn't get blown out too badly.  They should win the conference fairly easily this year, but it's not saying too much, at all.

John Jay dind't really recruit anyone. Baruch is extremely weak.  Lehman I don't know about, I'm gonna say they might be runners up. They do have a couple of good players. Mitchell is usually decent, I don't know why they are still part of the CUNY. CCNY is an absolute joke. Actually, every sport in CCNY is a joke since that woman AD took over.

with 2 wins coming against Yeshiva, the uncontested worst team in teh country 8 years running.

Not really,  look out west to Cal Tech for above honors

Billy 40:
I went and checked, they just picked up a 24-0 win, how bad could they be?



Yeshiva was 0-28 last year, which I think was their first year with a team. They are 0-2 this year, making them 0-30 all time. How bad is Cal Tech....not including Alumni games?


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