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Any chance of a lacrosse section being formed. The game is expanding like crazy in Div III and will likely be from coast to coast in a few years.

Pat Coleman:
We had lacrosse boards that didn't do very well, but I must admit I would consider doing it again if there were interest. What conference do you follow?

NESCAC because I played there in the old days.

Commonwealth Conference because I am friends with their head coach and his staff.

Little East conference because Salem State, like Endicott, is right next door. I also used to coach with their head coach on the high school level.

I have some former players at some of the schools in the Great Northeast Conference, so I follow them pretty closely.

I believe I could reach out to other coaches from conferences in the northeast to get some information as to what is going on in their conferences.

Flying Dutch Fan:
Might get some MIAA followers too, as the league will begin varsity Lacrosse (Men and Women) for the 2012-2013 season (7 teams in each). 

CCIW schools Augustana and Elmhurst will join Carthage with lacrosse teams as well. 

Interesting with the MIAA forming their own conference, as three of those teams currently play in the Midwest Lacrosse Conference.  What would have been a 14 team conference next season (2012-2013), is already going to be down to 11 with the MIAA schools going out on their own.  This will probably be the norm as more and more schools add lacrosse to the list of varsity sports and the traditional conferences begin to sponsor it.  The Northern Athletic Conference will have four with Aurora, Benedictine, Concordia Wisconsin and MSOE. 

There are surely more to come in the next few years.


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