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I know I'm going out on a limb here, but are there any other D3 Golf fans out there?  If you couldn't tell by my post history, I'm a UMHB fan (mostly football, but also have interests in soccer and golf).  I'd love to chat with some people about this wonderful sport - even if your school of choice doesn't field a golf team!

Gray Fox:
Olin Brown went to Occidental.


He took up golf after his freshman year.  That means that Tiger has been playing longer. ::)

I'd love to have some chats about D3 Golf, but I really only follow it on the women's side. I'm a George Fox fan, and our women's team has had a pretty good run over the past few years. I had the chance to see them play in a tournament they hosted last weekend in Arizona, with #1, #3, #7, and #10 (I think), and they played really strong across the board.

UMHB had a fairly good season.  The Men's team won their second straight ASC title, but finished below the cut-line in the NCAA Championship.  The Women's team finished just behind UT-Tyler in the ASC race, but were snubbed from competing in the NCAA Championship.  Shame.  Still, it wasn't a total loss for the team.  They had one member of the team invited to compete in the individual portion.  With that said, congrats to McKenzie Ralston (UMHB) for winning the NCAA Division III Individual Championship in Women's Golf!

WLC Men's Golf team also qualified for this year's NCAA tournament, but missed the cut after the first 2 days.


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