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It may be a bit early to get his going, but the boys are back in school and I am sure most teams are having Captain's practices.  October 27th can't get here quick enough.  Any predictions for the season?

I'll go way out on a limb and suggest Adrian and St Norbert control the NCHA...

LOL...that is a long limb.

I'm going to pick Endicott to win it all in just their third year of NCAA III hockey. The Gulls were a really strong team last year and have lost essentially no one to graduation; tons of firepower up and down that lineup. Great facility, relentless recruiting, strong coaching and a roster stuffed with D-I transfers. That's the recipe for fast-track program advancement.

Keep an eye out for Utica College as well.
Tied with Endicott 3-3 during pre-season scrimmage.
Solid newbies and good base returning including some firepower.


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