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So is d3hockey.com going to be able to produce a PairWise rankings (similar to what is done for Div I) that will all but take the guesswork out of the NCAA selection process?  I still haven't decided if I think this is good or bad...

As of today
1. Geneseo
2. Stevens Point
3. Oswego
4. Williams
5. Eau-Claire
6. Mass-Boston
7. Norwich
8. St. Norbert (slides up 1)
9. Augsburg (slides up 1)
10. UCHC (replaces Wesleyan)
11. CCC (replaces Adrian)
12. MASCAC (replaces Babson)

AQs outside the top 12 muck things up a bit


This is much more fun than the smoke filled room.  Easy to imagine Wesleyan beats Williams in a NESCAC final.  Adrian beats St. Norbert in their final.  Is St. Norbert now out of the tournament? :o

Just as it is with the Div I Pairwise, it's fun to look at the standings after each night's games and see how things have changed.

Last year was crazy.  Trinity ranked 6th in nation all year, loses to Colby in NESCAC finals and doesn't get a bid. Looks like the NESCAC championship goes through Trinity as it has 3 or last 4 years!


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