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Starting a new discussion thread--

Starting this season, Curry College is playing their home games in a new rink that opened 2 miles from where I live.  The Colonels are playing in a 3 game overseas exhibition tour, and Curry is streaming today's game vs UTE from Budapest, Hungary, on Facebook Live.  Curry is leading 4-3 in the 3rd period as I write this.

Update-- Curry defeated UTE 4-3 in a come from behind win to unofficially finish the trip with 2 wins and a draw/shootout win.

On Monday, in a game that was streamed on Youtube on HK Nitra TV's YouTube channel, Curry was leading over HK Nitra, in Nitra, Slovakia, 3-0 in the middle of the 2nd period before Nitra tied it at 3-3 at the end of regulation.  The game went to a 5 round penalty shootout, with Alex Ochterbeck scoring an amazing winning penalty shootout goal that made #3 on ESPN's Top 10 plays.  Curry won the shootout 1-0.

Curry won 9-1 over Vasas in the first game on Jan. 11.

Looks to be a successful overseas trip for Curry before they resume conference play on Jan. 24 against Wentworth at the Canton, MA Ice House.

Commonwealth Coast Conference standings--

Note as to points:

Regulation win-- 3 points
5 on 5 overtime win-- 2 points
5 on 5 overtime loss-- 1 point

(Note:  If team loses on an empty net goal in a 5 on 5 overtime period, that team loses the earned point for extending the game, and the win is treated as a regulation win for purposes of points.)

If game is tied after the 5 minute 5 on 5 OT, then game is recorded as a tie for NCAA purposes, each team gets the point for the tie, and we go to a 5 minute 3 on 3 OT for the extra conference point in the standings.

If game is still tied after the 3 on 3 OT period, the game goes to a 3 round shootout for the extra point in the conference standings.

After 8 games--

1.) University of New England-- 7 reg wins, 1 reg loss, 0 ties-- 21 points.

2.) Salve Regina-- 5 reg wins, 1 reg loss, 1 5 on 5 OT win, 1 tie (shootout loss)-- 18 points.

T3.) Curry-- 5 reg wins, 2 reg losses, 1 tie (shootout win)-- 17 points

T3.). Endicott-- 5 reg wins, 2 reg losses, 1 5 on 5 OT win-- 17 points

5.). Wentworth-- 2 reg wins, 4 reg losses, 1 5 on 5 OT loss, 1 tie (3 on 3 OT win)-- 9 points

6.). Becker-- 2 reg wins, 5 reg losses, 1 5 on 5 OT loss-- 7 points

7.). Nichols-- 1 reg win, 6 reg losses, 1 5 on 5 OT loss-- 4 points

8.). Western New England-- 0 reg wins, 6 reg losses, 1 5 on 5 OT win, 1 tie (3 on 3 OT loss)-- 3 points

Commonwealth Coast teams in USCHO poll

#9 -- Univ of New England
#12-- Salve Regina

 Games this weekend:

The top 2 teams in the standings (UNE and Salve Regina) play their home and home weekend against each other on Friday and Saturday. 

Elsewhere, Curry plays Wentworth, Endicott faces off against Becker, and Nichols plays Western New England in home and home games.

Top 6 teams in the standings after 18 games go to the conference tournament, with the top two teams getting a Feb. 26 1st round bye and home ice in the Feb. 29 semifinals

Championship game-- Saturday, March 7.

Commonwealth Coast Conference scorelines from the weekend of Jan 23-25, 2020.

Home team shown first, winner of each game in bold.

University of New England vs Salve Regina.

1.). University of New England 9,Salve Regina 0
2.). Salve Regina 0, University of New England 9

University of New England gets the whole 6 points this weekend.

Endicott vs Becker

1.). Becker 0, Endicott 5
2.). Endicott 15,Becker 0

Endicott gets the whole 6 points this weekend.

Curry vs Wentworth

1.) Curry 6, Wentworth 3
2.) Wentworth 3, Curry 4 (5 on 5 OT).

Curry gets 5 points, while Wentworth picks up a point for forcing an overtime session.

Nichols vs Western New England

1.) Western New England 1, Nichols 2
2.). Nichols 8, Western New England 1

Nichols picks up all 6 points over the weekend.

Commonwealth Coast point standings after 10 games

8 games left for each team before conference tournament

1.). University of New England-- 27 points
2.)  Endicott-- 23 points
3.). Curry-- 22 points
4.). Salve Regina-- 18 points
T5.) Wentworth-- 10 points
T5.) Nichols-- 10 points
7.) Becker-- 7 points
8.). Western New England-- 3 points.

Commonwealth Coast home and home games for the weekend of January 31 and February 1, 2020

1.). U New England vs Curry

U New England clinches a playoff spot with wins in this series; the Noreasters seem to be the favorites now to get home ice advantage throughout the conference tournament, having already played Endicott earlier this season in a home and home series.

2.). Becker vs Salve Regina
3.). Endicott vs Western New England
4.)) Nichols vs Wentworth


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