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Hi All! I'm new to this board and realize this may have been discussed but haven't seen a recent thread about recruiting. My daughter is a 24 recruit, was originally looking at academic D1s - Ivies and Patriot - but has decided she would prefer the balance of a D3. She is interested in some NESCACs, NEWMACs, Liberty - primarily schools in MidAtlantic and NE. However, we live in the South so this makes it difficult. Timeline, suggestions? How important are the ID clinics? Is spring and summer too late to go to them? Can't seem to find consistent information on D3 recruiting as a whole. Thank you in advance. Any help is welcome!


I've interviewed a number of coaches who talk about this, and can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/c/AllThingsDivisionIIISoccerwithSimpleCoach/featured

Also, based on those discussions, I made a summary called "So you want to play D3 Soccer."  You can find here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TkxHbterc4&t=3s

Hopefully that helps.


A lot of the schools she is looking at are what would be considered "tier 1 colleges." In the simplest of terms, tier 1 colleges are those schools that have solid academics and a selective admissions process. Ivies, NESCAC schools, UAA schools, etc.

There is a guy that ran a website a while back and he gave a lot of advice to athletes looking at tier 1 schools. I think that he had some health issues or family matters come up and he has not updated it in some time but it might still be worth looking at. Some of the advice may be outdated but much still applies. There is also a blog section and there may be some helpful advice in some of the entries if you comb through it.

Here is the website: https://www.tier1athletics.org/ On the opening page he has the disclaimer, "This site is no longer being actively maintained. Some of the information may still be relevant, some may not."

As for ID camps and all of that, some are better than others. Some are definitely money grabs. If your kid does decide to attend one, make sure the coach knows her beforehand and that she is going to be coming. She should also introduce herself when arriving.

I'm in Chicago and Amy Reifert of the U of Chicago always has summer camps. She used to just have a 1 day camp with the option to go 2 days in a row. I think now the camps are all 2 days. I know of someone that attended the camp in the summer between junior and senior years. She impressed Reifert and got on her radar. The next year at an ECNL event, Reifert or an assistant came to all of her games. She ended up as Maroon, playing all four years. Without the camp, she may not have been noticed.

Before paying a lot of money for a lot of different camps, do some homework in advance. Don't take the shotgun approach and attend a lot of camps hoping that something pans out. Have your kid be proactive, do her homework, talk to her club coaches, etc.

My daughter was VERY indecisive and we ran the gamut with everything.  Your daughter might be at a higher level than mine, which can make a difference.  OUR experience was that travel showcase tournaments and camps at the specific school were the most useful.   I'd say a camp with multiple schools attending would be good IF you knew for sure your daughter would be a standout.   We did one of those and my daughter performed well, but still struggled to make an impression.  At single school camps she got more attention and at travel showcases she attracted attention of schools she hadn't been previously aware of. 

It IS best if she has an idea already and can target specific schools. We didn't have that level of decisiveness.

These are some great leads and very useful tips. Thank you again for taking the time to provide detailed feedback! It is very much appreciated!


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