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Posted in the Big Dance thread - keeping things clean opening a separate discussion for the WC here.

Qatar just too nervous right now making juvenile mistakes. Ecuador needs to continue the press and force more poor decisions. Qatar needs to get to half and regroup

So today’s the day. Wales will play a counter-attacking style - probably a 5-3-2. They usually use 3 CB’s, forcing the attack to go wide and either break down their wing backs or (futilely) send crosses into their strength.

The monumentally unimpressive friendlies against Japan and Saudi Arabia didn’t offer much hope for US fans. We have been far too slow with the ball, especially against a team structured like Wales. I’m guessing we’ll have 60+ % possession - which won’t bother Wales.

Usually the pundits like to pick one group as the Group of Death. Based on FIFA rankings, with all four teams in group B ranked in the top 20 . . .

Stones and Maguire? Combined they’ve played about two games in the past month. Dicey.

Another Mom:
I'm watching England v. Iran right now

The Iranian "defense" is shambolic. Geez Louise.


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