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Good recap and award predictions.
I can't disagree with any of your thoughts!!
West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by 108 Stitches on Today at 03:55:56 pm »
Trinity just took game one in dramatic fashion winning 10-9 in regulation.

Trinity went up 8-2 and gave the game away with sloppy play in the 8th and then came back and scored 2 to retake the lead and close it out in the 9th.

Final game with winner take all for SCAC championship in one hour or so.

Advantage has to go to Trinity in how they were so far ahead, gave up the game and then came back in the 9th and stole the game from Centenary. Should be a wild game with both teams now into their bullpens and windy conditions are favoring a high scoring game.

General football / 2017 UDFAs
« Last post by Joe Wally on Today at 03:08:23 pm »
Any D-III players being signed as undrafted free agents?

I've seen no reports of any.
National topics / Re: new programs
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 02:22:49 pm »
I will start this thread.  These are the teams that I have found:

First, the Wilson Pheonix, beginning Spring 2019 in the NEAC.
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
« Last post by TexasBB on Today at 01:55:40 pm »
UTT finished as regular season ASC champs taking 2 out of three at East Texas Baptist.  So for the regional rankings this week they are 29-6 and finished the regular season 33-6 overall.  The ASC conference tournament begins with this weekend's first round followed by the double ellimination final round the following weekend.  The winner of the tournament gets the ASC automatic regional berth.
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Rookie Keeper League
« Last post by Greek Tragedy on Today at 01:53:06 pm »
I would've posted earlier, but apparently posting during church is frowned upon.
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Rookie Keeper League
« Last post by Greek Tragedy on Today at 01:51:23 pm »

Round 1
1. WUH - Jimmy Martinelli, NYU, So
2. 7express - Ty Nichols- Keene State, Jr
3. NCF - Connor Raridon- North Central - So
4. Greek - Shea Feehan - Eureka - Jr
5. FC Grizzlies - Jake Ross - Springfield - So
6. Smitty - Aston Francis - Wheaton - Jr

Round 2
7. Smitty - Marcos Echevarria - Nichols - Jr
8. FC Grizz - Rich Ross - Wells - Jr
9. Greek - Mike Rapoza - Anna Maria - So
10. NCF - Matt Folger - Middlebury -So
11. 7express - Kyle Scadlock - Williams - Jr
12. WUH - Vinny Curta, Grinnell, Jr

Round 3
13. WUH - Michael Gutierrez, Macalester, Jr
14. 7express - Kyle Roach - Whitworth - Jr
15. NCF - Joey Hewitt - Whitman -Jr.
16. Greek - DeAnte Bruton - Nichols - So
17. FC Grizzlies - Garrisson Duvivier - Gordon - Jr
18. Smitty - Nate Schimonitz - Nebraska Wesleyan - So

Round 4
19. Smitty - David Stokman - St. John's - Jr
20. FC Grizz - Cooper Cook - Nebraska Wesleyan - Jr
21. Greek - Tim Wendel - Crown - So
22. NCF - Rasheed Bell - Pine Manor - So
23. 7express - Ben College - Whitworth  So
24. WUH - Noah Karras, Chicago, Jr

Round 5
25. WUH - Edvinas Rupkus, Skidmore, Jr
26. 7express - Carlos Gonzalez - E. Connecticut  - So
27. NCF - Doug Wallen -IWU -Fr.
28. Greek - Kevin Dennis - Morrisville St - So
29. FC Grizzlies - Joe Scibelli - Haverford - Jr
30. Smitty - Jason Saldiveri - St. Elizabeth - So

Round 6
31. Smitty - Jack Simonds - Bowdoin - Jr
32. FC Grizzlies - Rashaan Bean - Wilson - So
33. Greek - Jack Nolan - Wash U. - Fr
34. NCF -
35. 7express -
36. WUH -

Still annoyed that Saldiveri AND Bean went. I really thought Dennis would go first so I took him hoping Saldiveri would slip through. Another sophomore - to - be is on my short, but I don't think WUH's very own Jack Nolan will get by him twice. According to the UAA board, he could be a stud.
My recap (that nobody asked for) of the 2017 SCIAC season...

Player of the year is no doubt Nishioka from Pomona.  He is a no doubt AA this year.
Pitcher of the year should be Minjarez from Redlands.  He is as solid of a Friday guy as it gets.
Coach of the Year should be Matt Mark from Caltech.  Anyone who says "but Caltech went 2-22" doesn't fully understand what he has done in Pasadena.  Caltech got their first SCIAC win since 1988 and first 2-win SCIAC season since 1973!  Just 2 years ago, the Beavers were routinely getting beat by 10+ runs but they have become so much more competitive and I think that will continue.

I am not surprised by the 4 teams in the SCIAC Tourney and think it should be a pretty competitive tournament.  I'm not going to make any predictions on who is going to win it but Cal Lu is definitely rooting for Centenary right now in the SCAC title game as they do not want anyone else to fall into Pool C (in case they fail to win the SCIAC bid), especially a team that is as close to Tyler as Centenary is.

My biggest disappointment is definitely Oxy, a team that was left at home after 30+ wins last season.  I'm not really sure what happened to them but they fell apart down the stretch.  It seems like they had some injuries to some key guys as DeRaad missed a few games late and Martel(who was very good as a Freshman) didn't have a good year at all while starting 7 games and carrying a 6 ERA.  I think Oxy loses a lot of their core team but they seem to have some solid talent.

Cal Lu winning it's 5th title in a row is pretty impressive after losing what they lost from 2016.  It looks like they have some pretty solid Freshman pitchers and a lot of talent getting innings this year.

I am excited to see how the Tourney goes and look forward to seeing whoever represents the SCIAC in Tyler.
Thanks, Pat. Playoffs will not happen for NESCAC football. While the 9 game season is a desirable outcome for all of us, we shouldn't take the Presidents' vote as a move to expand football within the conference. In a way, it's just a reclassification of the current philosophy of trading another league game for a poorly organized scrimmage system.

No playoffs, no roster expansion, and no out of conference games. Great news, but no change in policy or philosophy.
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