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Yes Clark is playing some CB this year, obviously with the talent at WR and lack of depth at CB it makes sense, but should still see plenty of WR. Good point on the TE's too, Auger, Streit and a possible sleeper, Bartch a sophomore this year should really give either Alvord or Erdmann plenty of weapons to throw to

SJU should have some good options to throw the ball to. However, how are they looking on the OL? If I remember correctly, they have to replace three guys up front. Also, who's the leading RB coming into camp this season?
I'm not taking the entire summer off, but did manage to take 2 weeks for a father-son trip.  My son did his Study Abroad at University of East Anglia.  I met him at end of his semester, and we toured Normandy (he and I were both big Band of Brothers fans, so we visited the D Day beaches, 101st airborne drop zones, American Cemetery, etc.), Mont Saint-Michel, Versailles, Sedan (Maginot Line), Reims (where we drank a lot of good champagne), Bastogne and Trier, then looked for our "roots" in the Saar Valley of Germany.  A really lovely break from the routine of daily life back home, and some really nice memories.

And I can reliably report that my genealogy quest revealed that I, too, am a polyglot mutt.  No "-" for me, either, I'm afraid.

Will we finally meet in person on September 16th?  I think you have somehow gained an overly inflated opinion of my tailgate skills, so if you're going to be at Pratt for the Bobcats-Mammoths, I need to start working on my game.
Yes Clark is playing some CB this year, obviously with the talent at WR and lack of depth at CB it makes sense, but should still see plenty of WR. Good point on the TE's too, Auger, Streit and a possible sleeper, Bartch a sophomore this year should really give either Alvord or Erdmann plenty of weapons to throw to
My post directed to PolarCat was to see if he was going to take the Summer off...prior to his son's senior year at Bates.  Guess it worked! :)
By the way, the WSJ article on the impact of the Supreme Court ruling mentioned the Wash. Redskins and the Cleveland Indians....noting the differing positions between the NFL and MLB on " symbolic mascots".   It also mentioned PolarCat's school and neglected Stanford. 
As mentioned, I am in Richmond....sitting in a hotel lobby that housed the Redskins players in recent years when RGIII was the QB during pre- season training/practice.
Yes, I am an Asian....preferring to be considered an American of Asian heritage vice all the usage of the " - " labels.  My kids are Americans of multiple heritages.  They can check the block...."other" :)
Part of the $26 million in sports facilities improvements at Luther are going towards blue turf at Carlson Stadium.  The Norse way of paying homage to Boise St.  Perhaps some of that other $20+ million could go towards imitating Arkansas St with their recent stadium renovations and put in ...waterfalls ;)

Of course, Luther could do them one better...include a water slide and luxury suites!
Men's soccer / Re: College ID Camps
« Last post by Clotpoll on Today at 01:35:37 pm »
Let's be very clear what ALL NCAA soccer is. It is a soccer-like game, played in a sadistically compressed season, with insane amendments to the Laws. Its very structure precludes the chance any team can produce soccer of sustained quality. Choosing a school based on any criteria other than academics is a recipe for a disastrous experience in both sport and school. Gary Kleiban sums up the US game- at all levels- quite well:

"When it's 50/50 jungle ball soccer, results are mostly random with an edge to whoever has better players at 50/50 jungle ball soccer. Random soccer.

Applicable to every single level of the soccer pyramid, everywhere!
And particularly in the US, this is precisely the state of the game.

Think about it …

It’s not the ‘best players‘. It’s the best players for jungle ball (ie, tactics-free) soccer.

What players ‘make it’ in MLS?

Those who are among the best at 50/50 jungle ball soccer!

When it’s crunch time – when it really matters – what players are selected across the US Soccer pyramid?

Those who are among the best at 50/50 jungle ball soccer!

What coaches are considered good, or even great, across the US Soccer pyramid?

Well…those who win of course. And who generally wins most? Yep...You’ve guessed it!...those who’ve consistently gotten the best players for 50/50 random, roulette spinning, dice-rolling, jungle ball soccer!

This is not global gold standard football. Global gold standard football is a science, it’s tactical, it’s choreographed."
General football / Re: attendance
« Last post by albatross on Today at 12:18:52 pm »
When I played at Hendrix we had a huge showing for our inaugural game. Alumni from all over the country showed up. When we miraculously won, a few even cried. Football for recent start-ups in the South like Hendrix and Berry can really reinvigorate the alumni base. Football games became a huge draw since Hendrix really only does class reunions (there is no homecoming).

I was on the SAAC (a committee of student athletes at every NCAA school that works to improve athletics, advocate for athletes, and votes on NCAA rules) and we made plans to have student athletes support each other at the very least. Sometimes this included creating a master calendar of sorts to figure out which sport viewed which match as the biggest upcoming one for them and we would go and cheer - from swimming all the way down to field hockey.

For liberal arts colleges, you have to get non-athletic allies though. Student Senate lets different groups and student organizations sign up to host tailgates, charities hold events near the baseball fields, and for rivalry games others sold shirts.
For the record:  amh63 is referring to my alma mater, where the school mascot was once the Indian.  He knows that I have an old Indian window sticker I have been saving for my 50th reunion (assuming there are still cars around in 2026).

And I personally find the term "Slants" really offensive, as my son and daughter each have multiple, lovely Asian-American friends.  I'm not very politcally correct, but that's a term I would never use.  (I believe ahm63 may be Asian American himself, so he gets a pass.  Much like it's okay for my son's African American teammates to use the N word, but it would not be okay for him to do so).

And speaking about my alma mater: my Classmate Reggie Williams (former All Pro LB for the Bengals) just donated his NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award to Dartmouth, along with footballs from his two Super Bowl appearances.  Reggie is a class act.  After retiring from the Bengals, he went to work for Disney and started the Wide World of Sports complex at Disney World.  He left Disney under trying circumstances: a nasty infection set in after one of the multiple knee surgeries he had to repair a lifetime of football injuries, and his knee swelled up to the size of a volleyball.  (The photos are not for the faint of heart).  The doctors wanted to amputate his leg, but Reggie devoted the next dozen years of his life to saving it.  Along the way he had a stroke, and open heart surgery.

Proving that good things do sometimes happen to good people, Reggie battled back from the stroke, and successfully rehabbed his knee.  He threw out the opening pitch at a baseball game recently, danced at our 40th reunion, and gave a lovely eulogy in memory of deceased members of our class.  A truly remarkable and wonderful human being.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
North Region football / Re: FB: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by Li'l Giant on Today at 11:01:04 am »
Hadn't be by here in a while but when it's time to purchase Kickoff the season is not far behind.
Men's soccer / Re: College ID Camps
« Last post by sokermom on Today at 10:58:33 am »
I echo the same sentiments as others to your question.  ID camps for a freshman is waste of money.  Son will start at a D3 school in the Fall.  He also did Future 500 ID camp and attracted a lot of D3 schools' attention.  In the end though all coaches will extend invitation to their own camp.  Even D3 recruitment is competitive mainly because very good soccer players who have strong academic pursuits go for D3 soccer.  In my view, college soccer, at all levels is more physical than technical/mental.  Grind it out kind of soccer and it can be frustrating.  Season is so short and coaches don't get to work with players much it is all games and got to win.  So can't blame coaches for trying to put winning pieces on the field instead of beautiful/creative soccer.  Regarding the money part, coaches at D3 schools work hard to get you academic money (may not be true at top ones like Amherst, Williams,...where getting into those schools itself is big deal).  These camps can be exhausting.  You go in with high hopes, spend money and time at a camp, come back and there will be silence from the coach although he said he will contact in a day or two.  So, anywhere you go, even if the coach says you are his top recruit, don't raise your hopes too high.  The only ones REALLY interested in you will keep calling and texting the player every once in a while and keeping a tab on you.  Others you are just on their list.  I appreciated Lehigh coaching staff when they were honest with my son.  They said he is in their top 20 list but towards the bottom.  So, for them to get to him the top recruits have to go elsewhere.  Knowing that we didn't invest time in that school.  But most coaches are not honest like that.  Good luck.
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