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Another Easter Monday thriller against the old foe.  And another game falling just short.  Geelong just managed to hang on for a five point victory.

First Half

Second Half

One more hockey post. If you have 19 minutes this is hilarious. Especially if you ever spent time as a youth hockey parent like I did for over a decade.

The four words that get any youth hockey parent more excited than anything: OUT OF TOWN TOURNAMENT

Hockey Parent Hall of Fame :

(Oz, this adventure happened in Grand Rapids)

Man, they were lucky they didn't end up in the big house with the sheriff responding.  The Timberlake Lodge is only about five minutes from the county lockup.  (Of course, everything is only about five minutes away in Rapids)

Pretty entertaining Boys Hockey AA Championship game last night. Single A not so much. The high school league is going to have to figure out what to do with Gentry Academy or they will rout their way to the championship in that class annually.

Given all the changes this year, one classic remains: the 2021 Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team

Ha!  #1 is a crime against humanity.  That haircut got its own trial at The Hague.

Happy Easter all.  We celebrated Mass in church this year which was nice (last year on TV).  I hope you all have a good Easter weekend.

Despite their 2021 recruiting class, the Toms are going to need to start bringing in better-than-MIAC talent if their dreams have a chance at panning out.

The game itself may be good for recruiting at a D3 level, but if you're a D1 recruit, does a rivalry game with a D3 team really sweeten the deal?  That's like a Gustavus recruiter telling recruits that "we have a great rivalry with St. Peter HS".

It's only a meaningful rivalry if both sides have a chance to win.  SPSH is too strong.  That comparison is iike Hamline claiming a rivalry with SJU.

St. Cloud Orthopedics Thursday Feature: SJU Football Focuses on Getting Ready for Fall

While Fasching said there remains the possibility of scheduling a scrimmage with another team, the Johnnies intend to continue with a spring practice schedule building up to an intra-squad spring game May 1 or 2 at Clemens Stadium.

The Johnnies have already set their fall 2021 schedule, which is listed below (and linked above):

Sept. 4 vs. Aurora
Sept. 18 vs. Martin Luther
Sept. 25 vs. Bethel
Oct. 2 at Concordia
Oct. 9 vs. Augsburg (Homecoming)
Oct. 16 vs. St. Olaf (Family Weekend)
Oct. 23 at Gustavus Adolphus
Oct. 30 vs. St. Scholastica
Nov. 6 at Carleton
Nov. 13 at MIAC Championship Week

Fasching said many factors went into the decision not to play games this spring. They included the fact that a number of Saint John's players are involved in spring sports, or are seniors who are taking this semester off in order to take advantage of an NCAA ruling allowing them an extra season of eligibility next fall.

In all, he said his team is without around 40 players, including three of four projected starters on the defensive line.

He said six transfers joined the team at the semester break, including former Minnetonka (Minn.) High School quarterback Aaron Syverson, a transfer from Colorado State, and wide receiver Jimmy Buck, an Orono (Minn.) High School graduate who spent the last two seasons at Minnesota. They join several transfers who joined the team prior to the start of this school year, including former local prep standouts in running back Devin Vouk (Sartell-St. Stephen High School) and wide receiver Darian Washington (St. Cloud Apollo), who both transferred from Division II St. Cloud State when the decision was made to eliminate the football program there in late 2019.

The team also brought in 73 freshmen last fall, and the expectation is that this year's freshmen class could number around 50. Then there are a number of seniors who will be back for an extra year of eligibility.

Richmond are a good side (they are defending premiers, after all) and their backline in particular manhandled our young front line.  Regardless, the boys played well and went down with pride.  It was particularly nice to be back watching football live and in person at the MCG.  We've got a chance of putting a good season together.

For some reason the first half highlights have gone missing.

An intense first game of the year for the Hawks as they played three first-gamers against Essendon yesterday.  The last quarter was a nail-biting thrill ride.

First half highlights.

Second half highlights.

West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
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anybody have the password for tonight


Click to view.

As for the vaccine talk I get my second shot this week!  I'm still taking several of the same precautions, but I have noticed my anxiety towards the virus decrease.  I wasn't just keeping safe at times.  I was focused on keeping crazy.  I would spray Lysol on the mail and wear a mask at times when it wasn't close to being required.  I am not telling anyone to get vaccinated or not.  That is a personal decision.  I have heard several arguments on both sides that are quite laughable.  I am a skeptic towards science and medicine, but I also pay attention to data.  It took a lot of persuasion for me to choose to be vaccinated.  What convinced me was friends in medicine I trust reassuring me it was safe and a sermon about the vaccine providing hope.  One of the big reasons to get vaccinated was not for my health, but for those around me who could not get vaccinated due to prior health issues. 

I would get vaccinated even with nothing more than a saline solution at this point.  With a horse needle.  Just give it to me and go away already.

Im not fussed about a lack of spring games. Roll in fall. Letís just get back into it.

Does anyone know if normal classrooms have returned for this semester or are they still doing the one class at a time routine?

CSB/SJU made a commitment to do the one class at a time block schedule for both Fall and Spring semesters this year. They also eliminated Spring Break as well during Spring Semester. It was supposed to make contact tracing easier if there was a Covid outbreak and make it easier if students had to leave campus again. CSB/SJU have already stated that the plan will be back to the normal class schedule in the Fall of 2021.

Thanks, Bobbie. Iím glad they are going back to normal next year.

My folks have had both of theirs and have immediately taken off to Arizona for a snowcation.  Seeing photos of the old man walking around in shorts is good.

They actually got theirs off a facebook post by the Grand Rapids hospital.  My folks had been scheduled to get some at the clinic but wouldn't make the second in time for the Arizona holiday (and didn't want to catch the Covid while away from home) and were just about to cancel the trip when my mom saw a post on the hospital facebook page saying they had some spare doses and it was first come, first serve.  So they hopped in the truck and took off to town to get jabbed.  Two weeks later all was done and a week after that they were on their way to Arizona.

Im not fussed about a lack of spring games. Roll in fall. Letís just get back into it.

Does anyone know if normal classrooms have returned for this semester or are they still doing the one class at a time routine?

Football of some sort this year.  Pre-season (one game only this year but all other play back to normal) match between Hawthorn and North Melbourne on North's training ground on Arden Street.  Hawks ran fast and look good.  But North make Hamline look sharp.  Can't take a whole lot of comfort from the win.

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