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East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by Bartman on Today at 05:45:31 am »
Huh??? aenaitice? This must be a Machiavellian (lewdogg) move to deceive and confuse us loyal Dutchmen. Pumpkinattack you're the one that brought up 1997 and suggested we "watch the post game video" of some long forgotten alleged brawl. I think your pumpkin may have rotted while still on the vine. I'm just looking for some educated banter about this year's game. Bartman, where are you to add some clarity here?  :o
Got up early today before a golf round and checked out the board. Bartman is always unhappy when ex jocks get so heated that they leave the board for awhile. I have done this myself when Frank took a cheap (IMO)shot at Hobart during a half time radio spot during the Sunday New York Times incident four years ago. The history of the Union - Hobart rivalry is long and complicated. For years Hobart was the looked down upon second class rival of Union( RPI was always the classic primary rival). Bartman hated Union , yes that’s hated because Union was always dirty in our mind. My first play from scrimmage was the old handful of dirt in the eyes trick from a Union Dlineman ( not possible with artificial turf now)with Biff like laughter from the Dutchman following the incident. The Union coaches also high fived the player when he came off the sidelines. I have no tape of this and it happened when Hobart was not competitive. This never happened in my HS days when sportsmanship was encouraged. This is a small incident of many that contribute to the lore that the other side is dirty and often used for motivation . Some of the incidents , on both sides,may have resulted in serious injuries and I am sure the stories many years later have taken on an embellished life of their own.
   Bartman is here to say that it is better to rise above the dark side and look to the beauty of hard fought competition where you shake the hand of the winner and respect the loser. I have known some great guys at Union ( as much as I hate to admit it) and proud of the Statesmen who have played with honor. There will always be ***holes in games and on boards, whether temporary or chronic,but Bartman loves the game when it is played the right way and appreciates these exchanges from fans with a common interest in football competition played by students without the commercialism found in D1 and pros. So , I try to avoid discussions from the dark side now and focus on the game and some great( although imperfectly human at times) kids that keep good old fashioned football teamwork and competition alive and shake hands at the end of the game. With that said , on 10/6 GOBART and **** Union.
   UFan and others, thank you for your indulgence, and I will resume my normal game analysis and banter on this LL season in my next post.
NESCACMAN 2018 NESCAC Weekly Power Rankings-Week #2

Welcome to the 2018 NESCAC Weekly Power Rankings for Week #2 in “the league where they pay to play”!!! Week 2 went as expected with the only upset at Tufts as they “beat” Wesleyan. The only real surprise this week occurred up in Vermont. Is Middlebury’s defense really that bad? Does Bowdoin actually have an offense? Onto this week’s rankings…

1. Hartford State (2018 record: 2-0; last week’s rank: 1-tie): All alone at the top…Another win for HS as they continue their march through the C-B-B…finally play a real game this week on the road at TTUN…For the second week in a row, a H-Stater was ‘CAC OPOTW…this week it was new starting QB Jordan Vazzano’s turn (where does HS get these QBs from…the Soprano’s?)…he threw for 353 yards, 5 TDs and ran for another…Koby Schofer and Jonathan Girard (whose brother, AJ, played at Wesleyan) both had a day with 187 yards/3 TDs and 160 yards/ 2 TDs receiving, respectively…HS put up 563 yards of total offense including 349 yards passing...HS defense only gave up 102 yards of total O and 5 first downs to the UBATES offense…longest play from scrimmage by UBates was 13 yards…HS is 5th in the country in Total Offense and 2nd in the country in total defense…bring on Mount Union…next up: at TTUN.   

2. Amhurst (2-0; LW: 3): Amhurst moves up in our rankings as a result of the Wes loss…Solid if unspectacular effort by the LMs against an over matched Continental squad….Amhurst again ran the ball almost 50 times this week for 308 yards….game manager Ollie Eberth only threw 24 passes….RB Hickey had another good day running for 115 yards and 1 TD…game was 14-7 at the half…LMs continue to struggle on third down (6 of 15)….LMs were penalized 7 times for 109 yards…they need to clean that up before they move into the difficult part of their schedule…longest pass by Eberth was 26 yards…Amhurst D played well only allowing 221 yards of total O and only 18 yards rushing by the one dimensional HAM offense…next up: at Bowdoin.

3. Tufts (2-0; LW:5-tie): Tufts lost Sat night, right?...If you look at the game stats, you would think so…Wes had more first downs (20-13), more yards from scrimmage (334-227), more time of possession: 36:34-23:26, ran 19 more plays and had 45 fewer penalty yards…looking at that, you would have said Wes would have won by two TDs….Tufts won because of 1). A botched kickoff return by Wes that gave Tufts the ball on the 11 (Tufts TD next play); 2). Failure by Wes to convert on Tufts INT on 1st play after Wes TD early in 3rd quarter; 3). Wes not converting on 4th and 1 at Tufts 6 (forgoing a game tying FG) in the 3rd Qtr.; 4). Wes failing to score from Tufts 5 early in the 4th (missing a chip shot game tying FG); 5.) Wes missing game tying 46 yd field goal with :40 seconds left on the clock (wide right, had the distance, despite what play by play says)….was an electric atmosphere…Tufts D played well and was in “bend but don’t break mode”…Tufts O, especially the running attack, looked a little challenged….McDonald is a very good player but, was for the most part, contained last Saturday….rest of O, not so much…this team will have a tough time against HS, LMs and TTUN…next up: UBates in Medford.

4. Wesleyan (1-1; LW: 1-tie): See the above comments…Wes needs to get back to basics in week 3…Stellar game plan by the Cards defensive coaching staff essentially shut down Tufts O and gave Wes O plenty of chances…Wes’ balanced attack worked well (145 rushing and 189 passing)….Wes’ 145 yards rushing compared to just 55 for Tufts (Wes is 7th in the country in rushing defense)…Wes will need to shake off this tough loss and bounce back next week…we think the Conts are just what the doctor ordered for Wes…next up: Hamilton in Middletown.

5. That Team Up North (aka Williams)(2-0; LW: 5-tie): Another convincing win as TTUN moves to 2-0, albeit against weak opponents…dominant win at home with 398 yards of total O for the Ephs including 288 yards rushing…won big despite only 25 mins of possession…penalties plagued TTUN (10 penalties for 73 yards)…QB Maimaron did not have his best day in the air (8-18, 110 yds, no TDs) but ran for 4 TDs….RB Dozier had 160 yards rushing and a TD…defense limited Colby to 13 first downs, 5 of 17 on 3rd down, and forced 9 punts…TTUN led 36-0 until midway in the 3rdth Q…WR Stola did not play…now the real games begin…next up: at Hartford State.

6. Middlebury (1-1; LW:4): We have no idea what is going on with the MID defense….this team had 7 starters back on D and Doug Mandigo still the D coordinator, yet they gave up 50 to Wes and 24 to a challenged Bowdoin squad…gave up 495 yards of offense including 289 on the ground to Bowdoin…actually was untypically balanced on O (540 yds of total O; 196 passing and 344 rushing)…QB Meservy threw 2 TDs but also had 3 more INTs that kept Bowdoin in the game…BOW actually led 24-23 with a minute left in the 3rd…All-NESCAC performers Banky and Cosolito were again held in check…TE Cosolito playing injured after significant knee injury during last hockey season (that’s another thing we love about the ‘CAC…two sport athletes, in this case football/hockey)…he is definitely not the same player that was 1st team all NESCAC last year…Big days for Bowdoin RB and Co-NESCAC O POTW Nate Richam (288 yards rushing, 2 TDs) and MID RB Peter Scibella (184 and 1 TD)…may be time for the Pants to give back-up QB Jernigan a shot…Meservy has thrown 6 INTs in two games…if D gives up anything next week against Colby, you know there is a major problem…next up: at Colby. 

7. Bowdoin (0-2; LW:8-tie): Glimmer of hope, at least offensively for the PBers…Offense had 21 first downs and 495 yards of total O, including 289 on the ground, they were 42% on 3rd down, and they ran 80 offensive plays…need to get better play from the QB position (only 50% passing and 3 INTs)…Defense gave up a ton of yards (540 to be exact) including 344 on the ground (BOW is 244th out of 247 nationally in run defense and 233rd in total defense)…gave up way too many 3rd down conversions (6 of 11) against the PANTs…next up: Amhurst in Brunswick. 

8. University of Bates (Lewiston Campus)(0-2; LW: 7): Despite the loss to HS, still the Team to beat in the C-B-B-H…played HS tough for about a quarter and a half…Bates O continues to struggle with only 102 yards of total O and 5 first downs all game…HS offense ran 88 plays to UBates 59 plays…UBates version of the “Air Raid” continues to be a work in progress…2 turnovers by UB did not help…on the bright side, QB Costa did not throw an INT…penalties killed Bates (11 for 99)…does not get any easier on offense nest week as they face a very tough D…next up: at Tufts.

9. Hamilton (0-2; LW: 8-tie): Good first half vs. LMs trailing only 14-7 at the half…Amhurst scored 23 unaswered points in the second half to jump out 37-7 before HAM scored late…Another tough day running the ball for the Conts…only 18 yards rushing needs to get better…played without starting RB Mitch Bierman…Amhurst sacked QB Gray 3x and the HAM O line has given up 9 sacks in 2 games…All NESCAC WR Schmidt had 7 catches for 93 yards and a TD…HAM defense could not contain LM running attack…Conts did a good job against the pass but need to improve against the run…Billy Wagner had another good game punting with a 39.7 average and 1 inside the 20…next up: at Wesleyan.

10. Colby (0-2; LW: 8-tie): Coach Cosgrove has his work cut out for him in rebuilding (building?) this program…just not a good football team right now…finally made the switch at QB after O’Brien started 1 for 8 for 3 yards…It appears FY Hersch will be the guy under center going forward…offense has one playmaker in Jake Schwern who went over 100 yards rushing for the 2nd straight week…TTUN was up 36-0 in the 4th before Colby scored 2 garbage TDs…Mules D not any better…they are 240th nationally out of 247 teams in Total D and 247th in rushing defense (that’s last folks)…combined record of C-B-B-H is up: Middlebury in Waterville.

East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by UfanBill on Today at 01:28:37 am »
Huh??? aenaitice? This must be a Machiavellian (lewdogg) move to deceive and confuse us loyal Dutchmen. Pumpkinattack you're the one that brought up 1997 and suggested we "watch the post game video" of some long forgotten alleged brawl. I think your pumpkin may have rotted while still on the vine. I'm just looking for some educated banter about this year's game. Bartman, where are you to add some clarity here?  :o
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by AndOne on Today at 01:13:48 am »
I didn’t take your language as being disparaging to any particular player, 4samuy. More of a natural reaction to the manner in which the roster is currently posted.
Rather, my sense is that Augie itself basically trivializes players opportunity when it lists a roster with a full complement of numbers already assigned instead of acknowledging some new player(s) might be able to gain a place on the roster through their hard work and subsequent achievement once formal practice begins.
Sure, most of the numbers are “gone” but there are a couple of guys, that evidently have already made the traveling team, who contributed little to last year’s overall high level of team performance and would would seem vulnerable to losing their spot. 🤔

Yes, Augie is intentionally trivializing players opportunities by how they are listed on the roster. (I'd insert a sarcastic emoji here, if I knew which one it was).

It's this one: ::)

Some people prefer an upside-down smiley face, but it's hard to top a good old-fashioned eyeroll.

Thanks, GS.  I would have used multiple eye-roll emoji's in my previous response.

Wouldn’t want to trivialize or minimize your choices Augie6 so here you go.......


Always glad to help.
No charge!
Go crazy.
General football / Re: D3 Top 25 Fan Poll
« Last post by FCGrizzliesGrad on Today at 01:01:43 am »
Full vote breakdown will come later today.
General football / Re: D3 Top 25 Fan Poll
« Last post by FCGrizzliesGrad on Today at 01:01:02 am »

Mount Union (9)
Mary Hardin-Baylor
St Thomas
North Central
Frostburg St
St John's
Wash & Jeff
John Carroll
Case Western Reserve
Illinois Wesleyan
UW-La Crosse
Franklin & Marshall
Delaware Valley

Dropped Out: none

Also Receiving Votes: Ithaca 9, Whitworth 8, Wartburg 7, Concordia-Moorhead 6, Muhlenberg 6, Salisbury 5, Wabash 5, Wash & Lee 5, Monmouth 3, Albion 2, Johns Hopkins 1, Ohio Northern 1, Thomas More 1

Voters: 02 Warhawk, bluestreak66, desertcat1, FCGG, MANDGSU, Mr. Ypsi, NCF, Oline79, and smedindy
North Region football / Re: North Region Fan Poll
« Last post by JCUStreaks70 on Today at 12:53:18 am »
Updated the table to account for USee's notes. 

I'm column 4 and the ballot with JCU at #2.  Exuberance?  Maybe.  This early in the season major results will cause bigger moves.  Last week I had JCU at #3, so this wasn't a giant leap for them on my ballot, but my reasoning for putting them at #2 right now is that I think they just did a thing against Mount Union that nobody else in the region can do- they stalled out that incredible offense and they held the ball late in the 4th quarter with a chance to win.  I really just don't see any other team being able to pull that off.  Now, over time I may come to learn that Mount Union isn't as good as I think they are OR this result with JCU was a one-off for the Streaks OR both.  Adjustments will be made accordingly, but if Mount Union and JCU both bulldoze their way through the rest of the schedule, I'm probably not going to be convinced that they aren't the best two in the region.  Somebody else is going to have to do something really, really special. 

As for the rest of my ballot, I'm not terribly comfortable with my ONU placement.  That 13-7 business against Otterbein isn't quite a full red flag, but not just a yellow flag either.  More of a burnt orange situation there.  Off the back end of my ballot I'm watching (in no particular order) Eureka, Denison, Baldwin-Wallace, and WashU.

Since you're column 4, your next beer is on me! :)
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Bluenote on Today at 12:34:35 am »
What a road trip.... Can't wait to see the Wildcats dominate!  :o
Come on----ruined my fun!  I can count on someone to take the bait!  ;D ;D ;D  I didn't get to compare the Little Brass Bell to the Super Bowl!

Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by sac on Today at 12:29:22 am »
The rest of Alma's schedule is stronger than Olivet's by a bit however. 

A few years ago I did a ratings formula for my blog, its been fairly accurate with the caveat that it relies on last years final massey rankings.  I usually go back at the end of the year an re-calculate for my own amusement.   So there can be some up and down.   Applying it to this year  I get:

On a scale of 100
Alma 99.1 to 95.5  (two tournaments with variable opponents)
Olivet  91.8

I consider anything above 80 pretty difficult.  Alma's schedule if they were to get WashU and River Falls in their tournaments is pretty insane.

These are both very very difficult schedules but I still think Alma's is slightly tougher on paper going in.  That might end up different at the end of 2019
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