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Justin Beaver...GAME MVP!

Congratulations to Justin and the Warhawks!

Reasons for poor attendance at UW-Whitewater playoff football games:

-costs money

-the dorms actually close during the Thanksgiving break (students cannot stay in their own room if they wanted to)

-colder weather

-weekend/Thanksgiving: many students live within three hours of UW-W and go home for the weekend/ over football...I cannot fault that priority

-hunting season

-lack of school spirit/loyalty: many students do not feel a loyalty to UW-W until at least their third year of school. Until they chose to go to Whitewater for academic reasons, their allegience was with the Badgers, pro teams, and their high school. It also helps to know someone on the team or involved with the athletic program...many do not.

-end of semester: homework, studying, and tests...lame excuses...but they're used

General football / Re: Pep Bands vs. Canned Music at Football Games
« on: December 11, 2006, 07:53:33 pm »
Spent my time at UW-Whitewater in the marching band, who's membership averages around 100+. The marching band performs at all regular season home games and the occasional Packers half-time show. During the playoffs, the marching band turns into a volunteer pep band. Here's some examples of the Warhawk Marching Band in action:

Great front page sports section story on the WW-LAX game in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel...

'Hawks need to capitalize in the red zone to keep this going!


Facepaint: check.
Layers: check.
Huge Purple UW-W Marching Band Coat: check.
Mellophone: check.
Secret mixture of valve oil and other "stuff" so valves don't freeze: check.

The band plays loud and yells even louder, breaking all the ice.  Beaver runs for 250 yds.  Warhawks by 17!


Let's go Hawks!

Good luck tomorrow!

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