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Man Arrested After Throwing Whoppers

CORALVILLE (AP) - Coralville police say an 18-year-old Burger King employee has been arrested after he and another employee threw Whoppers at each other and got in a fight.

Authorities say James Hillard Jr. was arrested Saturday night on a charge of assault causing bodily injury.

According to a police report, the victim in the altercation needed stitches to his upper lip.
Who knew a whopper could cause someone to get stiches...better think about this the next time you go into a burger king!!

They need to put a disclaimer about this on their "Whopper Virgins" commercials they have playing now.

What are people's thoughts about not having a position other than QB represented in the Heisman?  There were some fine QB performances this year... but not worthy of only have a 3-person Heisman ceremony IMO.


What athlete does Tebow have that is any better than Harrell's,  Micheal Crabtree ? And what record doesn't he hold?

I'll guess the first place voting will be 31% for Winner, 29% for second and 26% for 3rd place finisher. That leaves 8-10% for Harrell and 4-6% for everyone else.

Harrell doesn't hold any single-season records.  I'm talking moreso all-around cast of athletes.  Florida seems to be a better all-around offense, TT has Harrell and Crabtree.

Did anyone see the article on ESPN about how McCoy, Bradford, and Timmy T from Florida were only players invited to this years Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony?  I guess Mike Leech is fuming over this one.  I have a hard time understanding how Herrel puts up more yards than any QB in the NCAA and beats McCoy and is not invited to Downtown Athletic Club.  What a joke.  Its all about the politics.  Thank goodness our lowley ;D d3 teams do not have to deal with this type of politicking on a daily basis.  Maybe Rod B was running a pay to play senario for the Heisman Trophy finalists!

Leech's system is frowned upon - it is looked as a "system" that, no matter what, the QB can throw for 4k yards and 35 TDs - if you look in the past, it's true.  Cost Brannen (Hawaii) wasn't invited last year, and he had the best statistical season of the year.  If you take Harrell off the team, you could insert their backup, and they are probably still 9-3 at worst.  McCoy was Texas this year - led them in passing (of course) and rushing.  Harrell did beat Texas, but McCoy didnt lose the game - Crabtree won it.  If you take McCoy off his team, they suck.  He probably should have gone, but its tough when 2 players from teh same team are that high profile, they take votes away from eachother.  Personally, it doesnt matter who goes, because it's Tebow who is going to get it IMHO.
I hate the "system" excuse that the pundits put out there. Every school has a "system." Tebow is a "system" qb as well.
That is the media's excuse to vote for who they see as the best story to win the Heisman.

Thank you.  TME, nice points, but I have to agree with Hoover.  Tebow is a system QB and he will be frowned upon at the next level.  Throw to Percy Harvin first or Tebow run second.  He has done a great job in Urban Myers scheme, as did Alex Smith, but Tebow is not the next Johnny Unitis.  Graham Herrel can play at the next level and will.  I feel is as compitent of QB as Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco and look at the success they are having.  Colt McCoy should shine at the next level as well.  He is a winner and great athtlete to boot.  Tebow boasts one thing, insane speed around him to open the field up for a throw first/run with Tebow first system. 

Agreed... Tebow is just as much (if not more) of a system QB than Harrell.  If Harrell had the athletes Tebow does, he could've decimate all sorts of records.  In short, a 3-person invite list is boring for the Heisman celebration.  Invite Harrell and Shonn Green to the ceremony just to give them a taste of it.

Or, the classes you take at Cornell could also be tougher.  Leading to less football players on the All-Academic team. 

Or, none of the Ram football players are taking easy classes like most of us on here took.  No Southwest trip, outdoor rec, bicycle 101 and others of that type ;D

Please... some of the most intelligent guys I was in classes with at WB were football players.  Old #97 from your programs and #1 in your hearts took many-a Particle Physics, Differential Equations and Engineering class with me... and rocked those grades. 

OK... that might be looking at it through orange-tinted glasses, but in general, there are a lot of STUDENT athletes in the IIAC... while there are some doozies as well!!!

YES!!! 200+ posts... WH, you are getting smited forever!

Hey all...

I haven't read through the hundreds of pages on this board since the beginning of the playoffs.  Were there any conclusions drawn as to why the #4 ranked defending national champs got a #5 seed in the west?  UWW has proven to be everything of a #1 or #2 seed.  Obviously it doesn't matter now that they are in the semis and made it through their region... but I'm just curious.

In a nutshell we lost to Stevens Point and there were three undefeated teams.  They were ranked ahead of us and our loss to Point put them ahead of us.  As it turns out it's irrelevant.  The cream rises to the top. ;)

The only one I have a problem with was Monmouth.  There isn't a MWC champion that deserves being ranked above a WIAC co-champion imo.                                                     

Truth-be-told BWH, there isn't a MWC champ that deserves being ranked above an 8-2 IIAC champ either... but I guess we've proven that on the field several times before now :)  (It feels too good to get digs in at the MWC)

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: Midwest Conference
« on: December 10, 2008, 05:29:16 pm »
What does the Scots team look like next year?  Are we going to see a repeat performance, or are we going to see St. Norbert's back at the top after a season off?

Open request... if there is anyone on the board who can play a mean accordion, I have it on good knowledge that WH will dance circles around any of you. 

WH... Defend yourself.

Region 6 football (Midwest and West-ish) / Re: IIAC in game updates
« on: December 10, 2008, 05:26:50 pm »
Lance... where are you hiding at these days?

Region 6 football (Midwest and West-ish) / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: December 10, 2008, 05:25:00 pm »
Coco and others... what's the scoop on the Cats this year?  I'm used to hearing the proverbial roar from the northwest still around this time of year :)

Hey all...

I haven't read through the hundreds of pages on this board since the beginning of the playoffs.  Were there any conclusions drawn as to why the #4 ranked defending national champs got a #5 seed in the west?  UWW has proven to be everything of a #1 or #2 seed.  Obviously it doesn't matter now that they are in the semis and made it through their region... but I'm just curious.

No... Jim Miller called out people for being pussies???  That's not the wrestling coach we all know... wait a second, that is every wrestling coach!!!  Newest IIAC slogan:

IIAC: If there's a way to drink all this beer, we'll figure it out.

Any predictions for this years Stagg Bowl Champion?

Looks like Whitewater might have a tough time if scores are an indication.  The other three teams in the semifinals seem to have dominated their competition with a 56 point win out there and a 27 point win.

Well, two monkey stomps by Whitewater would make the Knights look good, but I don't see it happeneing. More likely Mount Union and MHB in the Stagg Bowl. I'll take MHB to be different.

I've got MHB and Mount in my bracket pickem with Mount winning.  So I say MU with another title over MHB... but I'd like to see WWW represent the West and prove me wrong.

Yesterday 5 inches of snow to deal with.  Today it is 5 degree temps.  I have been at work for a few hours now and my desktop weather bug has only gone up 1 degree.

Heys, you have any job openings where I can stay warm and away from snow?

Enter a few more hotdog eating contests, pack on a few pounds, and quit complaining.  Jeesh, I'd swear you were a mama's boy with that sort of complaining.

AEN... I'm waiting for comments OR pictures to surface on the board in response to that.

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