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Congrats to Union and Ithaca on getting to the second round. I really thought Union would have a good shot at Johns Hopkins, and they did hang in for the first half. As far as the Bombers, I was less optimistic since a freshman QB who just had a couple of games under his belt is an impossible ask. But I agree they were overmatched at the line of scrimmage and even if Wingfield was healthy it was not a winnable game. I think the league held its position in D3 football as a very good, competitive league but we are again short of the next level. I am totally cool with this as we have a great league that competes on a very even level and plays at a high level for D3 football. Our graduates will be better for competing on a team and hopefully keep in touch with their brothers in life. You can keep the world of NIL in D1 and the coaching and player carousels, I'm happy with the competition in our little league. Early decision recruitment is happening as we speak.....good luck to everyone.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 21, 2023, 12:32:22 pm »
One of my friends described that IC-Wesley games thusly:

"Bombers bow out with dignity against a better team"

It really sums that up well. The Bombers weren't blown out, but they didn't leave a winnable game on the field. They made some nice plays, hung with Wesley, but just didn't have the talent.

Agree there and we had two KORs inside the Wes 20 and left with maybe 3 points. That was our big struggle in those years final Welch years, we struggled to finish in the redzone because of what he wanted to run. We had an elite defense and some underrated playmakers on offense but our scheme offensively was too predictable and better suited for the late 90s and early 2000s. We also even almost had one last chance but the onside kick went right through the hand of one of our LBs.

This current Bomber team has a lot of similarities to that 2013 team.
Thanks for these remembrances, IC definitely hung in there with a great Wesley team led by Joe Callahan in 2013. Hobart ran into Wesley the following year with a 12-0 record and didn't fair as well. Probably one of Hobart's greatest teams with Ali Marpet and Tyre Coleman . Our QB Pat Conlan(son of Buffalo Bill LB Shane Conlan) was all heart but not a very strong arm and couldn't compete with a Joe Callahan offense. Good luck to Ithaca this week , I think your team needs to overachieve to move on, but I  think this team has the perseverance and focus to win.

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« on: November 20, 2023, 09:42:52 am »
Congrats to Union and Ithaca on their both did what it took to move on. Also congrats to RPI for trouncing Widener. Sorry my Statesmen couldn't make it a LL sweep, but having 3 turnovers to the Pioneers none made the difference in a hard-hitting defensive game. Congratulations to Utica on the win, you deserved it.
 As far as this week for Union and Ithaca, you will need to pick it up a notch for JHU and RM. Ithaca will have to let their QB open it up or Hopkins will key on the run. Union, you can't turn the ball over this week. That said, you both have a shot at making it to the next level that would set up a LL rematch. That would be totally cool, although I give it a 25% chance, but then one of you would make the final 4.
  Finally, although not a LL member, I think Cortland could make it to the Mount Union round,  and then  have a punchers chance against the Raiders, IMO.
    Good luck to all.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 17, 2023, 10:03:31 pm »
It is strange with the many Union and Ithaca fans and the NCAA games tomorrow. , no chatter.  I think  both Union and Ithaca  win tomorrow and possibly the next round, but first things first. It will be interesting to see how Ithaca's Frosh QB handles an away NCCA playoff game. I also think Hobart and RPI will win their ECAC games, but Hobart could be in a dogfight. Cortland, I think could be playing the Raiders in a couple of weeks. We'll see if my optimism becomes reality.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 16, 2023, 07:57:14 pm »
Hobart also had a stud in Tyre Coleman on the D Line! I had the pleasure of coaching him in HS! The kid was a monster on the field and all around great kid! And to think,  alongside him on the same HS D Line was a guy that went to play at UConn!
Wow , that must have been a pleasure to coach Tyre. He was incredible , no one person could block Tyre, although I heard Ali and Tyre had some good battles in practice. I went out to St .Thomas for the NCAA playoff game (final 8) and literally no one on the StThomas line could block him , I think he was actually double teamed on every play, and he still disrupted play. Thanks for remembering Tyre, he was also a great kid. Hobart was so lucky to have 2 of the all time great D3 linemen on the same team.

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« on: November 16, 2023, 04:49:08 pm »

The ceremony was last night.  This is the video introduction.
Thanks Garnet for posting this recognition for Ali Marpet to the Westchester County, NY Hall of Fame. I watched Ali play against my High School(Bronxville) and he was pancaking guys who ended up playing for Yale and Boston College. I couldn't believe he came to Hobart. He grew from a 245 pound Freshman to the best lineman (if not player ) in the history of D3Football. He ate everything that wasn't nailed down to get to 305 pounds.At the same time he was always working out in the weight room and playing basketball to keep his agility. He was a leader and NEVER gave up a sack but was an even better run blocker. I attended his PRO day held at the BOZ and the 10 scouts that showed up couldn't believe his speed and agility for a 300+ lineman. He could have lost 50 pounds and been a great TE, great hands, agility and would have been the best TE blocker in the league. Ali visited the team before the RPI game this year and provided his typical low key intensity telling them that focus and drive will get you to your goals and win in the game today and in life. He left the pro game because he accomplished everything he wanted to Super Bowl and ProBowl starter. Hobart was so lucky he chose the school and he is THE example of what D3 sports can produce a great student athlete that will keep contributing and giving back to all of the communities he is a part of. One of his communities is the Jewish community that I'm sure he will support in any way he can in these troubling times.Congratulations and Thumbs UP Ali.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 15, 2023, 03:11:51 pm »

Brockport.      14                 CMU.         21.       BPORT can't muster enough offense to win this one

USMMA.          14.                W&J.         31.       The Presidents leave the Mariners adrift

Widener          10.                RPI.          28.        The Sliderulers take the measure of the Pride and prevail

Utica.             20.                Hobart.      24.        Statesmen pullout a close one as the Moosemeat is tough

Union.            27.                DelVal.       17.        The Garnets have more than enough charge for this one

Cortland.        35.                Endicott.     17.        The RedDragon offense munches on  bird meat

Ithaca.           27.                Springfield.  10.        The Bombers defense is stout against The Prides Option

I really think the LL got some good quality matchups . Going 4-0 with a few more games will only help the ranking of the League. Good luck to everyone this weekend, and hopefully Ithaca and Union will have another Saturday or two  to put on the pads.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 14, 2023, 09:53:54 am »
Just happy to have a home post season game. That hasn't happened since 2016 when Mount Union traveled to Geneva for a first round game(yup, you read that right). Hobart had it tied 21-21 late in the third quarter until the Raiders pulled away winning by 38-21. That was our last NCAA appearance . Bowl games since then:

   2019 NY State Bowl.....Hobart 30.    Cortland  10
   2021 ECAC Bowl.         Hobart 21.    Westminster 3
   2022 ECAC Bowl.         W&J.   35.     Hobart 18

I would have loved to have another crack at W&J, a Carnegie Mellon challenge, or a Widener matchup, but hunting for Moose from the home platform will do just fine this year.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 13, 2023, 06:08:48 pm »

Total Winning Picks: Bartman(me ;D), edges out Ice Bear by one pick 42 out of 49(85.7%)

Highest Percentage(Minimum of 5 weeks) UFAN Bill goes 4-0 in last week to edge out Jersey 42 with 89.7% (26 for 29)

Participant                           Wins per week.                               Total.             Percentage

ICAlum(the instigator).      5/6/5/-/3/3/4/-/-/-/1                             27/33*.           .818
UnionPalooza.                   7/5/-/4/2/3/4/4/3/2/2                            36/42.             .857
Bartman.                          6/7/5/5/2/2/4/3/3/3/2                            42/49.             .857
Ice Bear.                          6/6/4/5/2/3/4/3/3/3/3                             41/49.           .837
Jersey 42.                        6/-/-/5 /-/-/-/4/3/2/3                               23/26            .885
Machiavelli                       -/5/6/5/3/2/4/3/3/2/3                              36/42.           .857
Oline.                              -/4/-/-/2/- /4/3/3/3/2                               21/28.            750
IC798891.                       -/-/5./-/-/0/-/-/- /-                                      5/7.            .714
UFAN.                              -/-/-/4/2/3/3/4/3/3/4                               26/29.            . 897    .
Tecmobowler                                                                                       3/4.           .75

* no selection for the first  Friday night  game was made

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 13, 2023, 03:08:04 pm »
Just gave +k to everyone today ....let's have a great week and go 4-0 in the post season this weekend. I'll also include Cortland and Brockport....but I gotta go against the Moose. I'll tally up the regular season pick records and report soon . Let's have a playoff picks weekend for any LL/E8 teams.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 13, 2023, 02:56:32 pm »
My thoughts on McCormack...The kid played a very solid game. In many ways he WAS the RPI offense because he got zero help from his running backs and not much help from his O-line. He was sacked 7 times and it could have been many more but for a physical ability to pull away from tackles and even got off some completions while "in the grasp." I kept waiting for WR Sterling Walker-Sutton to make a game changing play. He almost did just before halftime breaking free in the secondary but he fumbled when hit, ball back to Union. Huge missed points for RPI.  He also never got untracked on a punt return with only 2 for 4 total yards though that was a function of the Union punter never giving him a kick he could field in stride(mostly a fortunate accident by Union), punting by both sides was atrocious.
McCormack is fearless.elusive and fast. With Kazanosky only a junior and presumably back next year at QB I would look for the Engineers to find a spot on the field for McCormack.   

I can't really disagree on any of your points, and I'm certainly not at all trying to dismiss how well McCormack played over the 2 games. He played his a$$ off both weeks and definitely surprised a lot of people and has a ton of upside. But it was abundantly clear that something was off. Something was missing. And it's entirely possible that I've missed information along the way, but I'm not aware if Kazanowsky was injured or if it was a non-football/non-injury situation. I think, sometimes, it's easier for a team to rally around an injury than it is to rally around something else. I just don't know the situation at all, but whatever it is, it feels like it had a negative impact on RPI.

Kazanowsky also brought a little of that late game magic to the fold and that was sorely missed in both games. I don't know if it was confidence, experience, or an elevated level of trust. Even though RPI had a chance to win with a TD late against Union, I was never really confident that it was going to happen which is a way different feel than what we've experienced throughout this season and in recent years. The week before, once Hobart's physicality on offense took over, RPIs offense had no answers for it and they just had no sparks to speak of and Hobart just pulled away with very little resistance.
     It just feels that something is not right with the team . Is it Kazanowsky or something else...who knows? RPI is always ready and performs at a high level relative to their talent, that is why I've felt Isernia was the best coach over the last ten years. But even during the D3FB In The Huddle show , the RPI players did not seem excited about being named to the ECAC bowl. I know in the old days Hobart's Coach Cragg felt it's NCAA tournament or bust and wasn't a fan of the extra bowl games, it almost confirms you were a loser.....But Coach DeWall fought to get the funds for the discontinued NY State Bowl against Cortland back in 2019(Hobart crushed them) and feels it is great for the Seniors to go out with one more and to develop the Underclassmen. The potential extra game has been put in the budget ever since. I hope the RPI team figures it out and kicks butt against Widener .

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 13, 2023, 12:47:40 pm »
Ok, before the postseason officially starts, a few final thoughts from the RPI/Union game this past weekend:

1. Whoever is saying not having Kazanowsky wouldn't have mattered is crazy. McCormack was very good, but there were some VERY critical mistakes made at very critical times. Mistakes of a Freshman playing his second game. Those INTs were rough, bad throws, bad decisions, and the timing could not have been worse. I felt RPI did not have the same energy the last 2 weeks and got pushed around. My gut tells me missing their leader had something to do with that. But I know many will focus on the stats and a few big plays.

2. RPI gave Union every chance under the sun to run away with this game and they couldn't do it. Now I totally credit RPIs defense there, but I'll just say it out loud, I was not super impressed with Union, at least last week. They did what they needed to do, they won, they move on, but they will need to play a heck of a lot better than that and take advantage of those opportunities if they want to beat Delaware Valley.

3. Speaking of Delaware Valley, in theory, I think Union should mop the floor with them IF they execute better than last week. I liked their energy against RPI, but execution wasn't nearly as good as it needs to be.

4. I'll still go to my grave thinking RPI missed a huge opportunity this year. I think they were the better overall team than both Hobart and Union, but some spark was missing, and I think the QB situation, whatever it was, was a factor and it's a disappointing way to close out the year. Add in blowing the game against Ithaca when it was all but over...HUGE missed opportunity and a possible postseason run was lost.

Additional thoughts, postseason related:

1. The comment above that 'Cortland's going to roll Endicott'...I agree Cortland is pretty good, but I'd be very careful about writing off Endicott. They are no longer new to this level of competition and while I think Cortland will ultimately win, I think they are going to have to earn it and I wouldn't be surprised if Endicott wins either.

2. I'm thinking and hoping Ithaca has their way with Springfield. I think Springfield is vastly overrated as is their SOS. They played 1 and a half good/decent teams this year(Union and WNE) and Union treated them like they are on par with St. Lawrence. Playing High School level teams that beat Pop Warner level teams makes their SOS an entire sham. And don't come in and say Salve Regina. Salve lost to Rochester, which also puts them on a similar level with St. Lawrence.

3. I already mentioned Union/Del Valley. Union SHOULD beat them by 2+ TDs. If they don't, it's a black eye on the LL. I don't like routing for Union, but will this week so the NCAA darlings can get exposed. Hopefully Union cleans it up, shows up to play, and puts the boots to them.

4. And lastly, my Ithaca/Cortland rematch prediciton looks a lot less likely with how the brackets shook out. I don't think it's entirely impossible to see an Ithaca/Union rematch, though I think there's a higher likelihood we'll see Ithaca vs. Johnny Hopkins.

Good luck to all the NY teams. This is the time when you gain or lose respect outside of the LL/E8. Hopefully all 3 get it done next weekend.

I don't think I'm crazy per se for feeling this way, or at least having this perspective,  but I will certainly take your word for it, especially in regard to your knowledge of the intricacies of football and the RPI team as a whole. Maybe what I should have said was that I was very impressed with McCormack as a freshman and think he is going to be a star for RPI behind center moving forward. Honestly, I really like Kazanowsky and the year he has had. It is absolutely fair to say that the game could have gone the other way if Jake was behind center. He showed that this season and deserves that nod.

Union's lack of passing game once again really bothered me. We had a few moments on Saturday, but not enough to create any separation. Listen, I love Pacatte, but Union's ability to really create separation on the score board when playing tough defenses is impacted by his inconsistent accuracy. He has shown he can throw some really accurate passes, and against Hobart brought a short passing game that was incredibly effective. Yet Saturday Union's O just couldn't get that passing game going enough to open up the game and relied heavily on its run game to kill clock and it's defense to hold off a hungry RPI time and again. Who knows, maybe its timing with his receivers, play calling, etc. and not all on Donavon. I'm curious which Union we'll get on Saturday. I hope the offensive game plan is balanced and these guys can execute. We can't afford to miss opportunities against the Aggies. If we do we'll be one and done.

I totally get it. The kid looks like he has a ton of potential and a bright future, but something just felt off overall from an energy and confidence standpoint plus the timing of the mistakes were all super critical. The fumble from Walker-Sutton before the half was an absolute backbreaker as well. Could have changed the feel of the game entirely, even if they settled for a field goal. There was a lot of QB pressure for sure, but there were a few Mac Jones like passes into windows that didn't exist and it bit RPI in the a$$. I'm just disappointed that RPI finished the way they did and how they did it. It wasn't RPI-like at all.
The big reason that RPI did not win the last two weeks was their total inability to run the ball AND turnovers:

HOBART: RPI 18 yards on 23 attempts with 3 turnovers(zero TOs for Hobart) and Total yards 368 v 230(RPI Defense?)

Union : RPI 29 yards on 28 attempts with 2 turnovers(zero TOs for Union)and Total yards 363 v 304(RPI Defense)

I had high expectations for RPI after the Ithaca game, which I think they should have won. But the last 2 weeks, it's amazing the games were even close with those numbers. MacCormack passed well but something was missing from the same offensive line...I think Kazanowsky could have made a leadership difference and he is more of a running threat. McCormack played extremely well for a Freshman, and he will be great going forward....but the RPI Oline is usually stout.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 13, 2023, 12:31:09 pm »
ECAC Bowls:

Utica vs Hobart at the BOZ 

Widener vs. RPI at Troy

Brockport vs Carnegie Mellon

Merchant Marine vs. Washington & Jefferson

LL gets two great games to defend the Conference. I think these 4 games might be better than some of the first round NCAA match ups.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Empire 8
« on: November 12, 2023, 05:38:22 pm »
I'm thinking Cortland deserved a home game, but hey what do I know. Good luck to the Red Dragons on Saturday. If Ithaca beat Endicott, I'm sure Cortland will.

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / Re: FB: Liberty League
« on: November 12, 2023, 05:20:10 pm »
Congratulations to Union for making the dance. Both Union and Ithaca have winnable first round games even if they are on the road. Surprised that Cortland did not get a home game. Good luck to everyone in the NCAA tournament .
Hoping Hobart and RPI get decent ECAC games when selections come out tomorrow.

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