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Congrats to Ithaca and Cortland for being invited to this venue for 2019. Maybe RPI-Union Shoes should be the warm-up game ;D

Region 2 football (New York and Pennsylvania-ish) / FB: New York State Bowl
« on: November 01, 2017, 01:24:58 pm »
All right, I have never started a topic I hope I am doing this right....Before the 11/4 weekend there are 4 teams from the Liberty League(Union, Ithaca,RPI and Hobart ) and 6 teams from the E8 (Brockport, Alfred,Cortland,Hartwick,Utica and St.John Fisher) that can finish in second place , or tied for second place in their respective leagues and represent themselves in the Inaugural New York State Bowl(not totally sure on tie breakers)....there are 2 very interesting scenarios in each league where I think it is possible if Union and Brockport win out, that second place could be a three way tie at 3-2 in the LL and a 5 way tie in the E8 at 4-3, and tie breaker hell unfolds ??? any event, my question is who do you think will be in the NYS Bowl, played at the LL participant's home field?

  My guess is Alfred(5-2 in E8) vs. Hobart(3-2 in LL) at the Boz ( I need Union to win out)

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