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Apparently, the game will be picked up tommorow (Sunday) at noon.

Guess I spoke to soon, huh?  :-X

As it turns out, the only game cancelled here at TU was a women's soccer game.  It's looking like everything else will happen on schedule here.

The TU SID today said that contingency plans were actively being discussed with the SCAC and DPU.  One previously unmentioned possibility was the AlamoDome...  wouldn't that be awesome?  Bonzo couldn't complain about the press box!

The Dome?  How the heck are we supposed to move the camera lift THERE?!?  ???  ;)

etg, where is the game going to be played?  I remember going to Trinity games at Alamo Stadium against such teams as Richmond and UTEP.

The TU-Depaw game was going to be played at E.M. Stevens Field, but with the threat of Rita, I have no earthly idea.  The game might be moved to Sunday.

Region 3 football (South Atlantic-ish) / Re: American Southwest Conference
« on: September 21, 2005, 03:59:23 pm »
I was at Matador Stadium for a JV game last Monday.  Matador Stadium is artificial turf.  I think the TU-Depaw game is more vulnerable.

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