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Who's going to get last?  Me or TheShow?  We probably ought to stick to picking football games, bud.

My vote is for me.  My wife has now successfully thumped me in the NCAA Tourny for the 4th year in a row.  I agree to sticking with football.

Off topic...

I'm almost approaching the ranks of doolittle!  My wife asked me if I would like to join her and my daughter for Sesame Street Live coming up sometime relatively soon in Des Moines.   :o

Anybody that picked Memphis this year, beware.  Going back to my first tourney bracket in 1986 I have NEVER picked the eventual champ.   

Good call doolittle.  My bracket is officially busted!  Not that I was even close before tonight anyway.  I guess I still have Pitt winning it, but it won't be Memphis joining them in the finals.

My bracket is horrible.  22/32 in the first round.  Looks like 11/16 in the second round. 

My wife started bad.  21/32 in the first round.  But, if Michigan St and Mizzou can hang on for wins, she will be 14/16 in the second round.  Not too bad for someone that NEVER watches basketball. 

Since we've graduated college, I've never won the bracket challenge vs my wife.  She is also sitting 14/16 right now for the Sweet 16...  >:(  And for what's it's worth, I think she's only watched 1/2 of an Iowa game so far this year for college BB.

My biggest 1st round upset pick is also Arizona over Utah.

I had Purdue picked, but was cheering for UNI.

I haven't watched enough D1 college basketball this year to have a clue on tournament MVP.  I'll go with the Pittsburgh's best player since I picked them to win it.  ???

In some non-Wartburg related news, congrats to the Beavers mens indoor track squad on placing 5th at Nationals.  WR Eric Bertelsen highlighted the meet with a national championship in the long jump and 6th place finish in the 55 meter dash.  For what it's worth,  Bertelsen would've also won the Big Ten's indoor long jump and placed in the top 10 at D1 Nationals.

At least Baruch proved their worth... ::)

Pat, even you thought BV was more deserving the day before the selection.

But as a wise man once told me, when the horse is dead, get off!  So I'm off.

DBQ1965 - I'm due to rebound from my disappointing Bowl Mania tourny!

Sorry oldNorse.  I was serious with BV, Cornell, Dubuque, Luther, and Wartburg.

I realize this is the football board, but can someone tell how BV's basketball team was left out of the NCAA tournament? Do they not have very many at-large births? They lost 3 games all year.

The Beavers got screwed!  :o

Word/Phrase Association:

BV - laptops/technology
Central - sunday school
Coe - first thought was with Klop, second thought was mud pit (but that is fixed), I'll go with urban
Cornell - one course at a time
Dubuque - aviation (older brother started out there with that)
Loras - all I can think of (or know of) is the Rock Bowl
Luther - music
Simpson - first thought was cheap turf, I'll go with May-Term
Wartburg - athletics

You sensed hostility in my post?

Yes, since up to that point your only two posts on this board have been about how terrible officiating handed Coe a win earlier in the year and now BV is arrogant because they got knocked off by Wartburg in the conference tourny.

Are you a former player at BV?

Yes, but not in hoops.  Although I did win an IM basketball championship one year...  8)

Because last years success seemed to be where both you and the current team were content at hanging your hats.

You've obviously never met or had a conversation with Coach VH.

Your crystal ball was better than mine Alf.  I thought after Loras and BV made a nice run last year, they might have made some people think the IIAC can play a little basketball.  I have a funny feeling the majority of the selection committee couldn't find Iowa on a map!  ;)  But that's why you have to take care of business and not leave it up to anyone else.

As for trey1919, I suppose a 1-18 record against the Beavers for the past 8 years would build up a little hostility.  Following a team that finishes dead last in scoring offense nearly every year will do that to you...

Good luck Rams!

Yes, Cornell lost by 14 to Lawrence, their 3rd game of the season.  Augustana beat them by 22 4 games later.  Both of Cornell's losses to BV were very close though (3 & 5).

D3 has very specific criteria for selection.  These criteria do NOT include poll rankings or what you did last year.

That's what the blah, blah, blah was for  ;)

Spend most of Saturday with the staff of Blue Valley HS. They've got a good thing going there.

Blue Valley NW?  My cousin was the QB for them this past year.  There are usually a couple D1 athletes on their roster every year.

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